The Different Types Of Turntable Styli (And Which Is Right For You)

out of focus photo of a turntable playing a vinyl record, with the cartridge and stylus in focus

If you thought a stylus was a stylus was a stylus, think again. There are several different types of turntable styli. We’ve already talked over the finer points (no pun intended) of stylus cleaning and care, as well as knowing when it’s time to change your stylus and how often you should be replacing it. […]

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Data Dig: History Of Recorded Music (According To Discogs)

History of Music

The Discogs database grows by about 25,000 Releases per week. Although it can be hard to see the overall effect of any one contributor, piece by piece, Release by Release, images of the history of recorded music begin to emerge. As custodians of the world’s largest public archive of recorded music it’s important to us […]

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The Spiritual Forefathers of Spiritualized: J. Spaceman’s Early Influences

Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce, aka J Spaceman

Back in 2016, Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce suggested his next album might be his last. There’s been no formal announcement, but Pierce, a.k.a. J. Spaceman, recently echoed that sentiment. That seems to be partly because he might not have gas left in the tank and partly because the process of making the record, titled And […]

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Crate Diggers Portland: Allen “The Ambassador” Thayer’s Top 10 Brazilian “Compactos”

Crate Diggers Record Fair, sponsored by Discogs, returns to its home turf of Portland, OR, for its fifth year on August 25th, 2018! Taking place once again at White Owl Social Club, you’ll find 30+ tables of vinyl for sale by some of the Pacific Northwest’s heaviest record dealers, some of the finest local DJs […]

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Discogs iOS App – Buy From Sellers Around The World!

You can now buy from Discogs Sellers directly from the Official Discogs iOS App! We first released the official Discogs app as a tool for Collection and Wantlist management, but immediately heard from Discogs users that they wanted a full Marketplace integration. Well, we’ve been hard at work and we are excited to finally release the […]

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How To Convert Vinyl Records To Digital Formats Easily

One of the benefits of vinyl records is the superior sound quality compared to streaming. However, there’s a downside; portability. Let’s admit it, bringing records to a beach, though possible, is cumbersome. There are many other reasons you might want to convert vinyl to digital as well. Posterity is a significant one. No one wants […]

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The Emancipation of Prince: A Guide to the NPG Era, 1995-2010

By Sean Cannon and Mike Duquette Modern superstars like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, and Future release albums when they want and how they want. Back in the ’90s that wasn’t the case. For decades, musicians at the top of the food chain all operated pretty much the same way. Labels meticulously crafted an album cycle […]

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Jim James: Aretha Franklin Filled My Heart With ‘God’

Aretha Franklin Dead at 76

By Jim James To say the world has lost an icon with the passing of Aretha Franklin would be an understatement. While she may be gone, we still have the legacy she left, the memories she inspired, and the emotions she spurred. With that sentiment in mind, we asked Jim James of My Morning Jacket […]

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Madonna At 60: From “Madonna” To “Rebel Heart”


If, like me, you grew up in the 80s, Madonna will more than likely have a special place in your heart. An unstoppable trailblazer since the first decade of her career, she brought the underground overground, and she’s the reason concepts such as Vogue are known worldwide. While many 80’s artists were old-fashioned by the […]

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Discogs Mix 74 – Philogresz

Istanbul native Ilker Soylu, better known as Philogresz, is a Turkish-Dutch Electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Amsterdam. With a decade-plus career spanning genres from Electronica to Techno to jazzy stripped down micro-cuts, Philogresz has released tracks on respected labels such as Echocord, !K7, and Electric Deluxe. He also heads up Team Records and Phil, […]

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