Top 50 Best-Selling Records on Discogs in October 2021

best selling records october 2021

The latest monthly best-selling list is here, and it’s a great way to discover new music as you take a deeper look at what the Discogs Community is collecting. By determining how many purchases were made by Discogs users in the Marketplace, you’ll be able to see which genres, labels, and artists are taking the […]

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The Most Expensive Record Store Day Releases of All Time

most expensive record store day releases

Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 is fast approaching on November 26. The limited-edition nature of RSD events has been known to create an aftermarket of seismic proportions. The following ranking explores the most expensive Record Store Day releases of all time (or at least, since 2008 when RSD began). The list is determined by […]

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Discogs Announces Global Music Discovery Guide: Discogs Digs

Discogs Digs Main Page Header Image

Powered by Community and Data, Discogs Digs Shares Recommendations From Records Stores Around the World. PORTLAND, OR November 19, 2021 – Discogs, the world’s foremost Database, Marketplace, and Community for music, is announcing its first global recommendation and discovery platform empowered by Discogs’ worldwide community, influential record stores, and unique music data. Discogs Digs is […]

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How to Make the Most of Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 Online

Record Store Day is a celebration of the independent record store and its cultural impact, from hardcore collectors digging for rarities to vinyl newbies just starting their journey. Record Store Day Black Friday is the third and final event for 2021. When is Record Store Day Black Friday? Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 is scheduled […]

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The Most Coveted Record Store Day Releases of All Time

most wanted record store day releases

When Record Store Day rolls around each year, collectors prepare for a drop of limited-edition albums, exclusive vinyl, and impressive box sets. Discogs is the largest online music database in the world, so the Community can easily see which releases have the highest ratings and price tags, but what about the gems that are so elusive […]

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The Highest-Rated Record Store Day Releases of All Time

highest rated record store day releases

Every year, Record Store Day rolls around, and every year, collectors are hit with a massive drop of limited-edition albums and classic reissues. Sometimes we get an awesome release we never asked for (over 700 Discogs users have this 2016 7-inch picture disc of Old Dirty Bastard’s ID from Return to the 36 Chambers). Sometimes […]

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Everything Sellers Need to Know About International Shipping

shipping policies world map discogs

Receiving an order from a country you’ve only seen in postcards is a thrill that never gets old! However, as global taxation continues to evolve, so have the responsibilities of Discogs’ sellers who ship internationally. This includes providing evidence that import tax has been collected on applicable shipments. Learn more below about these responsibilities and […]

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Discogs’ New Quantity Field Automatically Relists Multiple Copies in Your Seller Inventory

discogs online shopping

We’re excited to share a long-awaited addition to Discogs’ listing process for sellers. The new Quantity field on the listing page now allows you to list multiple copies of the same release at once rather than repeating the listing process for each item. For sellers with several copies of a release to sell — such […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in September 2021

most expensive items sold discogs september 2021 header

The latest monthly roundup of the most expensive records, cassettes, and CDs sold in the Discogs Marketplace is here! The September 2021 list is full of unique entries that include some obscure releases from well-known artists, prog and psychedelic gems, and a CD version of an iconic video game soundtrack. One release that stands out […]

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Top 50 Best-Selling Records on Discogs in September 2021

best selling records september 2021

If you want to discover something new, taking a look at the monthly best-selling list is a great way to get recommendations and see what the Discogs Community is collecting. By determining how many purchases were made by Discogs users in the Marketplace, it becomes clear that certain releases, labels, and artists are inspiring music […]

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