Jim James: Aretha Franklin Filled My Heart With ‘God’

Aretha Franklin Dead at 76

By Jim James To say the world has lost an icon with the passing of Aretha Franklin would be an understatement. While she may be gone, we still have the legacy she left, the memories she inspired, and the emotions she spurred. With that sentiment in mind, we asked Jim James of My Morning Jacket […]

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Madonna At 60: From “Madonna” To “Rebel Heart”


If, like me, you grew up in the 80s, Madonna will more than likely have a special place in your heart. An unstoppable trailblazer since the first decade of her career, she brought the underground overground, and she’s the reason concepts such as Vogue are known worldwide. While many 80’s artists were old-fashioned by the […]

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Discogs Mix 74 – Philogresz

Istanbul native Ilker Soylu, better known as Philogresz, is a Turkish-Dutch Electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Amsterdam. With a decade-plus career spanning genres from Electronica to Techno to jazzy stripped down micro-cuts, Philogresz has released tracks on respected labels such as Echocord, !K7, and Electric Deluxe. He also heads up Team Records and Phil, […]

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Music Sales in 2018: Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis & Database Highlights

We’re somehow already past the halfway point of 2018, which means one thing for you vinyl trend watchers: It’s time for us to crack open our books and reveal the data we’ve collected from the Discogs Database and Marketplace for a better look at music sales in 2018 and Discogs’ growth. And, once again, we’re […]

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Crate Minds: Forever Young Records

Forever Young Records

As most of our readers know, Crate Minds is a recurring series where we highlight Sellers from all over the world with a spotless trajectory at Discogs. Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Forever Young Records. Tavia Muzzi, the Office Manager of the Dallas institution, will give our audience a chance to get […]

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Oh My Gawd: The Flaming Lips’ Weirdest Releases

This year has been good for Flaming Lips fans who run deep. In April, Rhino released Scratching the Door, a collection of the band’s very first recordings — well before putting Oklahoma City on the college rock map. Things got even better when the label remastered The Flaming Lips’ Restless Records catalog. Yanked straight from […]

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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of June 2018

Best Selling Records of June 2018

We have a new number one for the month of June! Pap Emeritus and his playfully demonic Swedish provocateurs Ghost unseated Dark Side… with their fourth LP, which hit at the beginning of June. This is the first time since October 2017 that a Pink Floyd record wasn’t at number one! German DJ Skee Mask […]

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Fidelity High: Where Your Favorite Artists Discuss Their Favorite Artists

“We’re all in this together.” This sentence applies to whenever you did one of those group essays back in high-school – you should be annoyed by those memories already if you were the one who always did everything – or when speaking about the shared passion of the Discogs community in building the largest physical-music […]

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Crate Diggers Portland: 10 Underappreciated Oregon Releases with Brandon Lieberman

Crate Diggers Record Fair, sponsored by Discogs, returns to its home turf of Portland, OR, for its fifth year on August 25th, 2018! Taking place once again at White Owl Social Club, you’ll find 30+ tables of vinyl for sale by some of the Pacific Northwest’s heaviest record dealers, some of the finest local DJs […]

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How To Clean And Care For Your Turntable Stylus

close up image of a turntable stylus after being cleaned

Your stylus works hard. Really hard. It’s tracing the grooves, encountering dust and micro-debris each time you play a record. While stylus wear and the need to replace your stylus over time is inevitable, there are a few things you can do to help prolong the life of your stylus, protect your records from needless […]

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