Primavera Sound 2018

10 Records I Need To Buy After Primavera Sound 2018

Post-festival blues is a beast.

Primavera Sound happened in Barcelona last week, and for its 18th edition, the festival pushed genre (and gender) barriers further than ever. Three days of live music next to the Mediterranean sea, with a strong presence of labels and record stores in their renowned record fair. In their usual fashion, the line-up was endless but, as always, filled with taste and risk, featuring classics like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Björk, and Jane Birkin with adventurous new artists such as Vince Staples, Cigarettes After Sex, and Arca. And this is just to name a few.

It’s easy to get fooled by the majestic size of the festival nowadays, but let’s set the record straight: Primavera Sound is still all about the music. The festival feels more like a collective celebration of music than a playground of clueless Instagram-addicted festival-goers. The reverence and respect shown to acts that were not especially festival-friendly, like Björk‘s bold new live show, or Jane Birkin‘s homage to Serge Gainsbourg with an orchestra were solid evidence of this.

But since you’ve probably already read about this in one or more of the many media outlets covering the event from every corner of the world, at Discogs we want to focus on what we know best: records! I’m still unpacking my stuff and missing the Spanish sun, but first thing’s first – these are the records I’ll buy to get rid of my post-festival blues.

Records I Need Following Primavera Sound 2018:

  1. The National - Boxer (Live In Brussels)

    The National – Boxer (Live In Brussels)

    There are few bands of The National‘s generation (maybe none) with a discography as subtle and brilliant as theirs. Even while commanding a big festival field, they always manage to make the experience feel emotional and fragile. I’m ecstatic to discover that they recently recorded a live set in Brussels playing my favorite album of theirs, “Boxer“.

  2. Lorde - Melodrama

    Lorde – Melodrama

    It’s rare to see a 21-year-old with Lorde’s proficiency for putting on a show. Primavera Sound opened this year to arena pop and she delivered in every single way. And “Melodrama” is just such a beautiful, compelling album. I feel like I need this right now.

  3. Los Planetas - Una Semana En El Motor De Un Autobús

    Los Planetas – Una Semana En El Motor De Un Autobús

    One of Friday night’s main acts was Migos. The Primavera Sound organization announced late in the afternoon that Migos wouldn’t be able to make it to the festival, but what a surprise they managed to prepare instead. In a year where many were questioning about the personality of the event, the quintessential indie band from Spain, Los Planetas, played for more than an hour to an enthusiastic crowd. The nod to the 20th anniversary of this masterpiece, starting the set with ‘Segundo Premio’ was truly unforgettable.

  4. Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of

    Oneohtrix Point Never – Age Of

    Every new Oneohtrix Point Never is a whole new experience, and the recently released “Age Of” is no exception. Get ready for the weirdness. Also, am I the only one thinking this is by far the best album artwork of the year?

  5. Sparks - Kimono My House

    Sparks – Kimono My House

    Isn’t it refreshing when you go to a concert without being a huge fan and you leave convinced that you’ve found your new love? That’s exactly what happened to me with Sparks, and now I need to buy everything on vinyl!

  6. Beach House - 7

    Beach House – 7

    Beach House always manage to impress. On her latest album, they have abandoned the grandeur that runs through most of their albums in order to create something more toxic and poignant. Two in the morning on the last day of the festival and still pulled a huge crowd, “7” is an instant classic.

  7. Björk - Utopia

    Björk – Utopia

    I wasn’t sure about how the flute-heavy, idiosyncratic “Utopia” of Björk would work live. Well, now I know – she delivered one of the most astonishing and complex performances of the festival. With just a few nods to the past (‘Isobel’, ‘Human Behavior’, ‘Wanderlust’), she proved to be living in the present and ready to defend her latest work with feverish passion.

  8. Maria Arnal I Marcel Bagés - 45 Cerebros Y 1 Corazón

    Maria Arnal I Marcel Bagés – 45 Cerebros Y 1 Corazón

    Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés have been making waves over the past year within the Spanish alternative scene. Their powerful and political performance found the perfect stage at the auditorium on the opening day of the Fórum. I still can’t believe how hard the audience celebrated them at the end of every song.

  9. Spiritualized - Royal Albert Hall, October 10, 1997 Live

    Spiritualized – Royal Albert Hall, October 10, 1997 Live

    The opportunity to see Spiritualized with an orchestra and a choir in an auditorium was way too sweet to ignore. And the results were simply breathtaking and heartbreaking; a truly impressive reminder of how moving a live performance can be, especially in the hands of Jason Pierce.

  10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

    Nick Cave‘s set on Thursday was one for the ages. The strength and delicacy, the passion, the Bad Seeds… The Australian is a veteran, sure, but it takes more than experience to drive a concert the way he did. It’s also undeniable how tragic and powerful this record is, I felt truly lucky to be able to see him singing these songs.

Which records have found their way into your collection following an explosive festival set? Shop more records like this on Discogs!

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