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10 Records To Celebrate National Pet Day

Today (April 11) is National Pet Day and we surely need to do something about it! If you follow any of our social media channels, you know that our love for kitties and pups knows no boundaries.

To commemorate how better pets make our lives, we have compiled ten records that come to mind whenever we think of animals. And no worries, we’ve skipped “Who Let The Dogs Out” so that we keep our troll levels under control. We hope you enjoy it and if you’re feeling extra generous today, here is a list of all the animal welfare groups on Earth that will gladly accept a donation from you.

Pink Floyd - Animals

Pink Floyd – Animals

This is a pretty obvious one, isn’t it?

Pixies - Here Comes Your Man

Pixies – Here Comes Your Man

Iconic and powerful image of a canine friend for a timeless hit.

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love

Among your hounds of love
And feel your arms surround me
I’ve always been a coward
And never know what’s good for me

Bop - Songs About My Dog

Bop – Songs About My Dog

Taken from the artist’s website:

Dedicated to his pug named Booyaka, the beautiful ‘Song About My Dog’ introduces itself with deep resonating keys evoking the feeling of vast spaciousness, until crisp 808 beats caress the music forward, underpinned by warm bass and soothing pads.

Dexter Wansel - Time Is Slipping Away

Dexter Wansel – Time Is Slipping Away

Looks who’s taking the spotlight in this cover!

Friendly Fires - Pala

Friendly Fires – Pala

Because parrots are pets too!

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Panda Bear – Person Pitch

Not sure if llamas, koalas, tigers, seals or gorillas would qualify as pets. But this is a beautiful cover full of wildlife. Oh! And there’s actually a cat somewhere in there!

The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief

The Radio Dept. – Pet Grief

Sad yet beautiful album by the Swedish band.

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Probably the most famous record ever including a reference to pets, God (only) knows.

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