10 Top Records with DJ Justin Strauss

Discogs is excited to once again partner with Mobile Mondays! for an event: Discogs x Mobile Mondays! Present Gray & Justin Strauss, taking place on August 6th, 2018 at the Bowery Electric in New York City. This special edition of NYC’s premiere weekly 45-centric DJ night will feature performances by downtown legends Gray, which was founded by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman (on this night Gray will be led by Holman and Nick Taylor), and the provider of this Top 10 list, Justin Strauss. And of course, spinning 45s all night will be the MM! crew: Operator Emz, Joseph Carvello, Natasha Diggs, Just Blaze, DJ Misbehaviour, and $MoneyMike$ along with your host Rebecca Lynn.

Very few DJs could represent the last three decades of New York nightclub history or have the iconic credentials of Justin Strauss. Beginning the age of 17, when Island Records signed his first band, Justin’s career has read like a who’s who of the music scene, on to DJing at nearly every dance club that you’d ever want travel back in time to experience. Starting at NYC’s legendary Mudd Club, he DJ’d his way through The Ritz, Limelight, Area, Tunnel, M.K., Life, Centro Fly and more, cultivating his own unique sound, and then becoming one of the most sought-after remixers and producers not just in New York, but in the world. He has worked with the a wide spectrum of artists – Depeche Mode, Sergio Mendes, Tina Turner, Jimmy Cliff, The B-52s, Luther Vandross, Malcolm McClaren, Skinny Puppy, and Goldfrapp, to name a few – and on over 200 records. Peep the list below for some of his favorites!

I really don’t have a top ten. There are way too many records that have influenced me and are important to me. But here’s a few.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: The Beatles ‎– Meet The Beatles!

The Beatles ‎– Meet The Beatles!

This was the first album I ever bought. It changed my life forever. All of their records could have been on this list.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: David Bowie ‎– The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

David Bowie ‎– The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

Again, pretty much all of Bowie’s albums had a huge effect on me. Like the Beatles, always evolving with every release. They still inspire me.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: Sly & The Family Stone ‎– There's A Riot Goin' On

Sly & The Family Stone ‎– There’s A Riot Goin’ On

Sly’s musical output was amazing before this album was released, but this sounded like nothing I had heard before. His early use of rhythm boxes was revolutionary. This album, and Fresh and Shuggie Otis’s Inspiration Information were light years ahead of their time and still sound like nothing else.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: Kraftwerk ‎– Computer World

Kraftwerk ‎– Computer World

Again, their body of work is astounding and I was into them since I first heard Autobahn on a trip to Europe. As I started to DJ at the Mudd Club and The Ritz when Computer World was released, it holds a special place for me. They were a massive influence when I was starting to remix and produce records.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: Massive Attack ‎– Blue Lines

Massive Attack ‎– Blue Lines

One of those albums that changed everything, Period. Unfinished Sympathy is one of the greatest songs ever and this album along with Protection and Mezzanine are masterpieces.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: T. Rex ‎– Electric Warrior

T. Rex ‎– Electric Warrior

This album and their next one, The Slider, never left my turntable. The production by Tony Visconti was stunning. He was a huge influence in many ways.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: James Brown ‎– The Payback

James Brown ‎– The Payback

There are so many incredible James Brown records and productions it’s hard to pick one. But if I had to, Payback would be it. I became obsessed with James Brown and pretty much collected any record he had anything to do with. Which is a lot. His recorded output is pretty astounding.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: Talk Talk ‎– The Colour Of Spring

Talk Talk ‎– The Colour Of Spring

The previous three Talk Talk albums, this one and Spirit Of Eden and Laughing Stock are all favorites, as well as the Mark Hollis solo album. A big departure from what they were doing before and commercial suicide for their career. Haunting minimal, wonderfully beautiful records that I still play often.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: DJ Shadow ‎– Endtroducing.....

DJ Shadow ‎– Endtroducing…..

This record was a major inspiration when, after years of working on records in big studios, I put together a home studio and was making music with samples. When I first heard the track Midnight In A Perfect World it had a huge impact on me.

Top 10 Records with Justin Strauss: Milk 'N' Cookies ‎– Milk 'N' Cookies

Milk ‘N’ Cookies ‎– Milk ‘N’ Cookies

The one and only album I recorded with my band. It’s been reissued a few times, most recently and amazing is the 3xLP Box Set on Captured Tracks. It changed my life forever and I have been doing music professionally ever since. Super proud of it and the adventures it’s lead me on in my life.


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Discogs x Mobile Mondays! present Gray & Justin Strauss takes place on August 6, 2018 downstairs at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan: 27 Bowery at 2nd Street in the heart of NYC’s East Village!

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