That Dark Box Set Of Desire: 15 Box Sets The Discogs Community Dream About

As a website, Discogs is designed to cover the needs of many different kinds of users. For some of you, just checking the website now and then while looking for information is enough. For others, being able to track your Collection is what makes Discogs a valuable asset. Some of you are Sellers, and a whole bunch of you are Buyers. And some of you even contribute to our Database often (thank you for that). Whatever you do on Discogs, we appreciate having all of you around and we want to make sure that we cover subjects that interest you on the Discogs Blog.

During the last few months, we’ve been exploring different subjects that seemed interesting with the Discogs Community. Expensive video games soundtracks? Got it. Weird record store names around the globe? Sure! The albums our community (and ourselves) would love to see reissued? Yes, yes, and yes. And of course, a stroll through some of the most expensive items you can find in our Marketplace.

While trying to brainstorm new ideas that could potentially appeal to our audience, we realized how little we’ve covered in the realm of box sets. We’ve seen each year how box sets have become increasingly popular and how plenty of labels focus their activity in creating massive releases addressed to hardcore record collectors. So, with this in mind, we asked ourselves the question: What are the most popular box sets among the Discogs Community? To narrow down the results, we have researched a bit more about box sets on Discogs with a significant amount of “wants” over “haves”. Just to spice it up a bit, you know us.

Here are 15 box sets that the Discogs Community would love to grace their shelves and turntables with:

Philadelphia International Classics: The Tom Moulton Remixes - Special Vinyl Edition album cover

Tom Moulton ‎– Philadelphia International Classics: The Tom Moulton Remixes – Special Vinyl Edition

Want/Have Ratio: 3.21

You might not be the only one to not be familiar with the work of Tom Moulton but if I introduce it with these lines, your jaw will probably drop: Tom Moulton is the inventor of the extended mix and, on the way, the 12” had to be created as well in order to accommodate those mixes. It seems like a lot of our users are well aware of this fact since this box set is an object of desire to so many of you. Released in 2013, it includes eight 12” records with some of his best material. There are cheaper and less exclusive versions available as well, so everybody’s happy.

Current Availability

There are eight copies available for sale for prices ranging from $305 to $552.

The Disintegration Loops album cover

William Basinski ‎– The Disintegration Loops

Want/Have Ratio: 2.72

To many, The Disintegration Loops is the most important electronic oeuvre of the 21st century. Sometimes it feels like words can do no justice for such fantastic music. The Disintegration Loops, indeed, trespasses with ease the realm of what we thought music was and pushed the listener to reach high levels of emotion and transcendence. In 2012, Temporary Residence Limited released all the albums together including a live recording that took place on September 11, 2011, at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Current Availability

Copies on Discogs are available for sale for prices between $550 and $1,155.

The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago (...From The Very Beginning...) album cover

Various ‎– The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago (…From The Very Beginning…)

Want/Have Ratio: 1.83

This anthology box set with 12 vinyl records covering the history of House music is among the most highly-sought on Discogs. That doesn’t mean that it’s very exclusive, prices indicate that it was successful back in the day and at least 919 Discogs users own a copy. What I’m trying to say is that this piece of history could be yours for less than you think.

Current Availability

Depending on the condition you’d like to buy, you can get this box set in VG+ condition starting at $61.

Fuse Ten Years Techno Music album cover

Various ‎– Fuse Ten Years Techno Music

Want/Have Ratio: 1.93

Everybody was invited to this party. Inside of this box set, you’ll find iconic tracks by Laurent Garnier, Vitalic, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Surgeon… I can see the value for DJs with this box set of eight fantastic records.

Current Availability

If you would like to get this specific limited version (only 500 copies were released), you’ll have to pay somewhere between $100 and $555 (oops!). If you’d prefer to go for cheaper versions, there are plenty as well.

Eccentric Soul: Omnibus, Vol. 1 album cover

Various ‎– Eccentric Soul: Omnibus, Vol. 1

Want/Have Ratio: 2.40

Wow. Just wow. This box set released in 2012 by Numero Group is my definition of stunning (and massive). A total of 45 7-inch records by 45 different artists. As it happens sometimes, our community can tell you better about it than I can:

Limited to 1500 copies

Housed in a custom 45-box vinyl-wrapped carry case that comes in one of 19 color combinations, the collection includes 45 7” records all with replica labels and a 108-page cloth-bound hardcover book complete with liner notes, rare photographs, various indexes that allow a search by artist, club, label or studio and a digital download.

Am I the only one thinking about buying this right away?

Current Availability

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but obviously you won’t be able to cop one of these box sets for less than $411.

The Loft (Volume One) album cover

David Mancuso ‎– The Loft (Volume One)

Want/Have Ratio: 2.44

Released in 1999, The Loft (Volume One) revisited the golden days at the iconic The Loft. A pioneer in many aspects, Mancuso is a DJ well-known both inside and outside of the dance music realm. That’s probably a good explanation about why this box set is the object of desire of so many collectors around the globe. 4LPs filled with Leftfield, Reggae, Disco, House, Abstract, Soul, Reggae-Pop, Deep House, Experimental, Gospel, Garage House, Downtempo, Dub, and Funk selected by one of the greatest curators of music sounds like a treat, right?

Current Availability

Copies in our Marketplace range from $95 to $385 depending on the condition of the box set.

The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V (Original Music, Score And Soundtrack) album cover

Various ‎– The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V (Original Music, Score And Soundtrack)

Want/Have Ratio: 1.84

If you play videogames, you know some videogame soundtracks are simply incredible (and, at times, incredibly expensive). Within the videogame soundtrack genre, Grand Theft Auto is one of the most compelling of all of them. Besides creating an original soundtrack for the game, which in this case is a collaboration between Tangerine DreamWoody JacksonThe Alchemist* and Oh No, this saga has several radio stations that players can listen to while driving. Just in case the concept doesn’t seem mindblowing enough for you, a lot of contemporary artists wrote music exclusively for this soundtrack. In this volume, you’ll find original music by Flying Lotus, Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky, and Nite Jewel, just to name a few. Now you understand why so many people want a copy, huh?

Current Availability

Prices are not too crazy, you can land a copy starting at $149.99.

Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81 album cover

Various ‎– Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81

Want/Have Ratio: 1.90

I just wrote a huge paragraph and removed it. No need for such a long explanation about why this box set is so desired among our community of vinyl lovers. 5 LPs full of Ghanan music, absolutely stunning artwork, limited edition, 12-page booklet insert with extensive liner notes, credits, scans, and rare pictures. If you enjoy African music as much as we do, this box set will be love at first sight.

Current Availability

For such an incredible box set, the prices are honestly tight in our Marketplace.

Tapes 81-89 album cover

Absolute Body Control ‎– Tapes 81-89

Want/Have Ratio: 3.17

Oh, the magic of the Discogs Marketplace. It’s possible that this compilation of synth-pop and minimal tapes of Absolute Body Control isn’t huge out there, but numbers indicate that a lot of our users would die to own a copy of Tapes 81 – 89. More specifically, this numbered limited edition amounts more than three times the amount of “wants” than “haves”. To make it a bit more complicated, 370 out of the 600 copies pressed included a bonus 7”, which makes that batch more valuable. If you ask me, this box set sounds absolutely like something we would play at the Discogs HQ any day.

Current Availability

There are three copies available on Discogs for a price between $190 and $224.50 (no bonus 7” in any of those copies though, sorry).

The Beatles Collection album cover

The Beatles ‎– The Beatles Collection

Want/Have Ratio: 4.12

What? This is already number 10? After writing this whole piece, I realized how we’ve departed quite far away from any popular options or artists. So here you go, yes, of course, there are many box sets by The Beatles which are the object of desire for record collectors worldwide. But after some quick research, it seems like this Japanese limited edition numbered box set released in 1979 is the real deal.

Current Availability

No copy in NM condition goes for less than $400 (you probably saw this one coming).

Coil Live Box Set album cover

Coil ‎– Live Box

Want/Have Ratio: 8.48

Alright, I’m cheating a bit on this one. It’s not that a million users are currently chasing down a copy of this very unique box set. And yes, we’re now venturing into the CDr box set territory. But make no mistake, few artists have kept it as real and visceral as Coil since the early eighties. There are only 23 copies available worldwide, all of them are different from each other. And as usual, our users explain it with plenty of details on the notes of this release.

Current Availability

The cheapest one of these box sets sells currently is for $5,500 on Discogs 🤯(and, surprisingly, 3/23 are currently available).

Pet Shop Boys Yes album cover

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Yes

Want/Have Ratio: 6.45

If you follow our Top 30s, you have seen this box set plenty of times. And the reason is that even though it was released only 10 years ago, this edition by The Vinyl Factory looks simply stunning (and if you ask me, Yes is my favorite Pet Shop Boys record of the last two decades). But you don’t need to listen to me, with a median price of $1,999.50 and a good bunch of sales over the last nine years, this edition is a bona fide object of desire for record collectors and PSB fans alike.

Current Availability

There is only one copy available for sale. And buckle up because it won’t be yours unless you have almost $6,000 to spare (ouch!).

The Weeknd Trilogy album cover

The Weeknd ‎– Trilogy

Want/Have Ratio: 6.30

Repeat with me, everybody! I – CO – NIC. You’re right, The Weeknd is nowadays a very recognizable figure within the worldwide pop landscape. But let’s travel back to 2011, when not even his identity was known to the public. Abel Tesfaye released three mixtapes that year: House Of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes Of Silence. All of them only available digitally at the beginning and containing some of the most influential music of the decade (yes, blame him for all the alternative R&B that followed). I guess it was as obvious to music industry executives as to myself that there was a lot of potential in creating this box set. For the fans, it’s a bit sad that prices skyrocketed that fast for the two vinyl editions but the song goes like this: ‘Cause we’re liiiiiiiiving in a neo-liberal world, and that’s just pure free-market logic.’

Current Availability

Versions including the signed lithography and the 7” single Belong To The World aren’t going for less than $4,000.

Björk Biophilia album cover

Björk ‎– Biophilia

Want/Have Ratio: 4.68

This box set is a thing of beauty. This level of detail and care put into it is unreal:

Lacquered and engraved oak hinged-lid case, containing Biophilia The Manual Edition and 10 custom-made chrome-plated tuning forks, silkscreened on one face in 10 different colours, stamped at the back, and presented in a flocked tray. Each case comes with an individual numbered certificate detailing the use of tuning forks.
Each fork is adjusted to a root note of a Biophilia track:

Moon — E — 329.6 HZ
Thunderbolt — B — 246.9 HZ
Crystalline — G — 392 HZ
Cosmogony — Gb 370 HZ
Dark Matter — − — ATONAL
Hollow — C — 261.6 HZ
Virus — Db — 277.2 HZ
Sacrifice — A — 440 HZ
Mutual Core — Eb — 311.1 HZ
Solstice — A — 220 HZ

Mindblowing, right?

Current Availability

Copies starting at almost $1,000.

Pearl Jam Oct. 22, 2003 - Benaroya Hall album cover

Pearl Jam ‎– Oct. 22, 2003 – Benaroya Hall

Want/Have Ratio: 2.44

I don’t know how familiar are you with the output of Pearl Jam in the last few decades, but I’m assuming a lot of you know about the insane amount of live albums they have released. Then…what makes this one so special and a desired collector item? As always, the release notes come to the rescue:

Recorded live on the 22 October 2003, for the benefit of Youthcare. Limited to 2000 numbered copies, available through TenClub only. Includes a poster.

If you’re more on the side of “I’m not gonna spend that money on a Pearl Jam live album”, you can explore plenty of other options.

Current Availability

This one is gonna hurt: three copies are available for sale, and the cheapest one costs $2,999. Sorry.

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