2012 WFMU Record Fair

Calling all Discogs sellers, users, and record geeks in the New York City area! We are going to have a booth at the WFMU Record Fair this year!

Four of the team members will be there all three days: Friday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 4th 2012. If you can make it out to visit us, we would love to meet you and have a chat! We’ll be doing demonstrations, having giveaways, answering questions, and meeting with some of you. Keep an eye out for more details as we get closer!

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  • Oct 30,2012 at 10:02

    so is this thing delayed cancelled or what because NYC is underwater tunnels bridges closed as of today etc?

  • Oct 11,2012 at 17:03

    Awesome! Glad for your physical presence. You folks are a force to reckon with, and do an awesome job managing a fantastic site. I am working to turn everyone I know into a Discogs fan!

  • Sep 24,2012 at 17:42

    Question ?? I would like to know if you can rent a booth & if so how much ?? Bless ,,,

  • Sep 20,2012 at 05:26

    if you wish to fund my airfair from london i,ll be there !!!!

  • Sep 19,2012 at 03:26


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