Favorite Tracks 2017: Kamasi Washington - Truth

2017 Discogs Staff Picks: The Best Tracks

I don’t know about you, but two thousand and seventeen is giving us the green light to start sharing with you our staff picks. Truth is, this task has given us hard times trying to decide. It’s in our DNA to show some love to those artists we listen to, no matter if they’re fresh out of the oven or big fish in the music industry. Thinking of a place? No matter if those artists come from New York or Tokyo, we have love galore for them all! Sharing with our community those artists that got us screaming on top of our lungs is not a liability, maybe un desafío (oops, sorry, a challenge). I’ll move aside from the frontline now and stop with the pure comedy.

We recommend you to stay humble and don’t ask Santa for a Chanel T-Shirt, records are better and last longer. One more year, thanks for the loyalty, boys (and girls).

Favorite Track 2017: Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit - Cumberland Gap

I’m an album person first and foremost, so I don’t tend to collect singles so much. If a track catches my attention, I listen to the album to see if the rest of it holds up. One great example of that for me this year was “Cumberland Gap,” off of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit‘s “The Nashville Sound“. I often like Isbell’s more melancholy tracks better – but this one exploded off the record and grabbed me by the throat.

– Josh, Community Success Manager

Favorite Tracks 2017: House Of Feelings - Last Chance

This year, I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel for Discogs in support of our Crate Diggers series. This means long days of record hunting followed by non-stop dance party action. Okay, it’s a dream come true! Still, the non-stop pace and jet lag can get to even the most seasoned partiers. That’s why I relied on the House Of Feelings track, “It’ll Cost You” from their 2017 EP, Last Chance. When you are feeling exhausted, listen to this track. You will magically get a second wind. Trust me!

– Tasha, Community Success Manager

Favorite Tracks 2017: Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen

Not that I have listened to this song repeatedly (I actually did), but the melody of Four Tet‘s “Two Thousand and Seventeen” is so beautiful! This song reflects the whole idea of the album: show some love to life and today’s world because it is needed in these dark times. While this song might feel somehow sentimental, it is still wonderful and delightful.

– Esther, Community Success Coordinator

Favorite Tracks 2017: Daphni - Face To Face

Might be because I am going to see him in a few days but “Face To Face” from Daphni is pretty good.

– Claire, Managing Director of Operations

Favorite Tracks 2017: Alvvays - In Undertow

Leaving aside how incredibly perfect Alvvays‘ “In Undertow” is melodically, the lyrics feel outstandingly addictive with many narrative turns that always (alvvays? lol) get to the same sad conclusion: our relationship is dead. But they express it graciously with lines like ‘What’s left for you and me? I ask that question rhetorically’ that just makes heartbreak feel (a little bit) less devastating.

– Javi, Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Favorite Tracks 2017: Flat Worms - Red Hot Sand

Everytime I heard this song on the radio was a WTF-is-this moment (in a good way), and i’d check the title and it was always ‘Red Hot Sand‘ by Flat Worms. So much power and energy and totally WTF-worthy.

– Jess, Search Engine Marketeer

Favorite Tracks 2017: King Woman - Hierophant

King Woman‘s “Hierophant” is so beautiful! For almost a solid week this summer, I listened to nothing but this song on repeat, all day. Still do, sometimes.

– Jason, Developer

Favorite Tracks 2017: St. Vincent - New York

Funny, I just realize that the two songs on my shortlist for this are about New York. Maybe I should go there once after all… One is The Magnetic Fields‘ ‘You Can Never Go Back To New York‘, the other one is this: St. VincentNew York

– Yoram, Customer Success Coordinator

Favorite Tracks 2017: LCD Soundsystem - How Do You Sleep?

So I took some time and wrote something here about Kendrick Lamar’s “FEEL.”, one of my favourite tracks off “DAMN.“, and was feeling pretty good about my choice for track of the year. Then a few hours later, I put on LCD Soundsystem’s “American Dream” and halfway into the album, I realized I was going to have to do a total rewrite. Even having listened to the album a dozen times now, “How Do You Sleep?” still gives me chills. Only James Murphy really knows the true significance of the song, but taking the title from John Lennon’s musical attack on Paul McCartney is already a bold statement, along with so many of the cutting lyrics in this track. At nearly 10 minutes long, Murphy takes the time to get his message across, and the track itself is an epic slow-builder. I’m a sucker for songs that start quiet and end big, and this one goes all out on both ends. Even without knowing much behind his feud with Tim Goldsworthy, the explosive and raw emotions of Murphy shine through this track and leave me both in awe and rocking out every time. Sorry Kendrick, but “How Do You Sleep?” is undoubtedly my top track of 2017.

– David, Community Success Lead

Favorite Tracks 2017: Ásgeir - New Day

When the flowers grow

They lift their heads up to the glow

And find a way to make things okay

Talking about flowers in your songs? Yes, that is definitely how you can win my heart (and ears). Add a good tune to it and you have me! I am going for “New Day” from Ásgeir‘s album ‘Afterglow‘ here – still waiting for this to come out in Icelandinc, something like þegar blómin vaxa, right? ;-)

– Barbara, Community Success Coordinator

Favorite Tracks 2017: Masego - Tadow

Masego & FKJ / Tadow

This is a amazing jam session by the 2 young talented artists! I listened this without any info at first and didn’t know that this was a jam session recording. Then, when I checked the MV of this jam session, it blew my mind! I really like how they improvise and enjoy their music. This official release is a different edit from the original jam session take but still great!

– Hiro, Regional Community Marketing Lead

Favorite Tracks 2017: Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin

I’ll pick a single from Gary Numan‘s “Savage: Songs From A Broken World“: ‘My Name Is Ruin‘. That whole album got me hooked from the first second. It sounds powerful and fragile, gloomy and uplifting, hopeless and hopeful at the same time: an intruiging combination.

– Lilian, Regional Community Marketing Lead

Favorite Tracks 2017: Soen - Jinn

SoenJinn. When I listened to this release for the first time, I couldn’t stop restarting the stream of this song. I found it (and still find it) very captivating.

– Luca, Community Success Coordinator

Favorite Tracks 2017: Dimitri From Paris & Cotonete - Paribbean Disco

My favorite track of the year has been going around for the whole summer before seeing a vinyl release : it is a collaboration between Dimitri From Paris, who acted as Chef d’orchestre and Cotonete, french jazz funk band with an island touch. The song is called ‘Paribbean Disco‘ and builds up for 9 minutes with crazy arrangements.

– Clim, Customer Success Coordinator

Favorite Tracks 2017: Chelsea Wolfe - Particle Flux

I’ve been a fan of Chelsea Wolfe since ‘Abyss‘ where she started incorporating heavy elements into her dark folk. Her last two records have some great production and I think her voice really compliments the style. Her latest release, ‘Hiss Spun‘, has a track called “Particle Flux” on it that hits the spot. A driving beat with a simple melody that softly moans like a cold wind through a dark forest. The band put on a great live show when they came through, but she had stiff competition this year.

– Jon S, Systems Engineer

Favorite Tracks 2017: Kamasi Washington - Truth

Truth” by Kamasi Washington. A spiritual jazz epic that takes you on a journey. Heroic sax solo. Explosive double drumming during the climax of the tune. This track also had an amazing music video.

– Mark M, Community Success Coordinator

Favorite Tracks 2017: Chef'Special - Into The Future

Chef’Special – “Into the Future” is my most favorite track of the year. I really like all the songs on ‘Amigo‘. I listen to this song when going to a beach, biking or riding on a train in Tokyo. Just reminiscing all the memories from my favorite city Amsterdam where I lived until the early spring this year. I like Chef’Special especially listening at gigs. This song may give the catchy song impression, but I hope people listen to the whole tracks on the album. They are talented and one of the kind. It will change your first impression for sure.

– Miki, Community Success Lead

Favorite Tracks 2017: Cheer-Accident - Wishful Breathing

Cheer-Accident – “Wishful Breathing” I spent alot of time this year driving around the back roads of the Pacific Northwest totally wired on too much caffeine. This track reminds me of driving down winding forest roads in the early morning mist. I really like Thymme Jones’s approach to rhythm and layers, reminds me of Can‘s ‘Future Days‘ set in the 21st century.

– Andy, Developer

Favorite Tracks 2017: Walker & Royce - Role Models

Walker & Royce - Role Models. It's spacey, dancy and emotional all at once.

– Stacey, Developer


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