2019 Year In Review

In a year dominated by news of global worldwide protests, deep political chasms and 30-50 feral hogs, Discogs has seen relatively quiet success that reflects steady growth. We began the year with some big news from 2018, a single by The Sex Pistols became the most expensive 7” ever sold on Discogs. Later that month, Discogs users hit a pretty impressive landmark: 300 million releases were added to Collections. We also surpassed another huge milestone this year: 11 million master releases added to the database!

The Work Continues

We’ve spent some time making improvements to allow users to discover new music through the connections available in the database. Those include recent changes to the logged-out homepage, Lists and Genre/Style pages. We’re also testing a new Master Release page template and other page types are soon to follow in 2020. With goals of making the site more user-friendly and efficient, the changes should bring Discogs’ now 20-year-old code base up to par with other websites.

Reaching Music Aficionados Around the World

Last year, we realized that the number of English releases left to add to the database was limited. We also noticed that releases from certain countries and languages were woefully underrepresented. With that in mind, we committed to an internationalization push in 2019. Discogs now officially supports 9(!) languages:

We’re still working on getting all of our help and support docs translated. If you have familiarity with any of the above languages other than English and want to help with our translation projects, visit the Discogs translation hub. We also have translated articles on the Discogs Blog. See what’s available in your preferred language here.

Huge Record Fairs Worldwide

We also hosted some big events across the world, highlighted by record fairs paired with concerts in NYC and Brighton. More to come on that front in 2020 as well!

Find some of the Discogs Community’s favorite 2019 releases, most trafficked blog articles and revisit the music icons we lost in this year to remember.

2019 Best of the Discogs Community

Are there ways to determine great or rare music outside of sorting by Most Collected or Most Wanted? Join us as we explore some other methods of looking at music releases from 2019.

2019’s Best Discogs Music Articles

In Memoriam

Mark Hollis

1955 – 2019

English musician. Lead singer and principal songwriter of the band Talk Talk.

Keith Flint

1969 – 2019

English singer, dancer, and motorcycle racer. The frontman of The Prodigy.

Daniel Johnston

1961 – 2019

American Outsider singer-songwriter and visual artist.

Kim Shattuck

1963 – 2019

American singer, musician, and songwriter. Frontwoman of The Muffs. Late in her career, she was part of The Pixies.

Ric Ocasek

1944 – 2019

American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and painter. Lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter for the rock band the Cars.

Roky Erickson

1947 – 2019

American musician and singer-songwriter. Founding member of the 13th Floor Elevators.

Scott Walker

1943 – 2019

American-born British singer-songwriter, composer, and record producer.

Dick Dale

1937 – 2019

American rock guitarist and surf rock pioneer. Forever remembered by the iconic Misirlou featured in Pulp Fiction.

Marie Fredriksson

1958 – 2019

Lead singer and keyboardist for Roxette.

Juice WRLD

1998 – 2019

Chicago rapper.

Ginger Baker

1939 – 2019

Influential drummer of Cream.

Dr. John

1941 – 2019

New Orleans funk legend who embodied the New Orleans voodo-creole sound.

João Gilberto

1931 – 2019

Pioneer of Bossa Nova sound in Brazil.

David Berman

1967 – 2019

Silver Jews lead singer with a groundbreaking solo album released in 2019.

Nipsey Hussle

1985 – 2019

LA rapper and social justice icon.

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  • Jan 6,2020 at 15:37

    Let’s also remember Neil Innes of the Bonzos who dies aged 75 on 29th December. A smart humorist and talented songwriter.

  • Jan 3,2020 at 11:22

    thx for this !

  • Dec 28,2019 at 01:21

    Johnny Clegg 1953-2019
    He made a difference musically, politically and socially as a member of Juluka and later his band Savuka.
    One of the best concert performers ever.

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