21 April 2006 – About site speed, slow page loads

I’m sure everyone has been experiencing some slowness with the site recently. We’re aware of the problem and are working on it.

This week I ordered a second DB server which will be online in the first half of May. This will give us extra capacity and should really improve things. We’ll also be able to keep running in case something happens to the main database server or I need to do maintenance on it. (the new DB server is a dual AMD Opteron 246 with 4 GB RAM and 4x73GB SCSI, very similar to the current DB server).

In the meantime I am monitoring the database and looking for ways to squeeze more performance out of it. I’ll keep you updated and post here when I’ve made any improvements.

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  • Jun 9,2006 at 19:52

    Good news!

  • teo
    Jun 9,2006 at 07:08

    I spent a few hours last night optimizing the database. I’ve also started using [url=http://www.danga.com/memcached/]memcached[/url] to cache more data.

    The new server isn’t online yet but I’m working on it! :)

  • Jun 9,2006 at 05:44

    ^^noticed that too

  • Jun 9,2006 at 05:24

    it seems quicker now since late last night…..all fixed nik?

  • Jun 7,2006 at 10:15

    Yes, extremely slow…

  • Jun 7,2006 at 09:56

    Me neither! (mucho slownesso again today :-(

    *Patience, Jooles, patience!*

  • nik
    Jun 7,2006 at 09:02

    Thanks, can’t wait to get it online!

  • Jun 6,2006 at 16:09

    Ok, thanks for the update, nik. Good luck with sorting out the secondary server.

  • nik
    Jun 6,2006 at 09:17

    No you are not. The database server is under high load at the moment. We have the secondry server waiting to go online, but it has some issues that are being worked through regarding memory leaks.

  • Jun 6,2006 at 09:11

    Hate to be a whiner, but I’m sensing much slowness again. Especially within forums.

    Am I the only one?

  • May 19,2006 at 12:12

    I thought it was some hacker running a pr0n server on my box.

  • May 19,2006 at 11:25

    Is it just my Machine or has the server’s gone slow over the last 2 days? Thursday And Friday?

  • teo
    May 9,2006 at 12:25

    FYI, over the past two weeks I’ve been making numerous adjustments to the system. Thanks for your patience with this. It’s now noticeably faster during peak times but there’s still more to go!

    The second DB server has arrived but it’s not fully configured yet. I’ll update here again once it’s online.

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