24 Hours of Vinyl 2019

Discogs Presents 24 Hours of Vinyl Record Fair

Created in 2011 in Montreal by the good folks behind the Music Is My Sanctuary website, the 24 Hours of Vinyl event has since travelled to cities like London, San Francisco, Paris, and New York, where it brings DJs, record collectors and music lovers together. Discogs is proud to present the record fair portion of the event which takes on Sunday, March 3rd during 24 Hours Of Vinyl at 1435 de Bleury, Montreal, QC from 10am to 7pm.

For 24 consecutive hours, DJs of all styles and backgrounds relay for the love of vinyl! Since its creation, the event has also been streamed online to music heads across the world.

Created in 2011 in Montreal, the 19th edition of this musical marathon will take place this year at Agora de la danse and Tangente Danse at the Wilder Building. Consisting of top quality DJs, playing strictly vinyl records, attendees will be able to live the experience in person, but anyone anywhere can watch and listen live, since the event will be broadcast continuously on the Internet and on the social networks of Music Is My Sanctuary.

24HOV presents full day centered around sharing and musical discovery. Not limited to any style, DJs will play their best selections from Jazz to Hip-Hop, Disco to Electronic music. Music lovers will recognize the quality of the performances as well as the execution of this great celebration.

Having already taken place in some of the largest international cities, 24HOV continues to attract interest around the world.

– March 2nd and 3rd, 2019 from 7pm to 7pm
– 24 of the best DJs in Montreal
– 100% Vinyl
– Live stream online for 24 hours
– Visual projections will be provided by artist BOYCOTT
– Record Fair presented by Discogs on March 3rd from 10am to 7pm
– Free Entry

* Although the online broadcast is ensured during 24 consecutive hours, please note that the room will have to close for a cleaning service between 8am and 10am on Sunday

*** DJ Lineup ***

1900-2100 Saudade
2100-2200 Stephane Lavoie
2200-2300 Glowzi
2300-2400 Aram
0000-0200 Hell in Paradise
0200-0300 Gene Tellem
0300-0400 Mightykat
0400-0500 Mike Larry
0500-0600 Tazz
0600-0800 Lis Dalton b2b Frog
0800-0900 Nico Sé
0900-1000 Seb Fauteux
1000-1100 Phil Larochelle
1100-1200 dull
1200-1300 Huile Huile
1300-1400 Ruby Jane
1400-1500 Scott C
1500-1600 Walla P
1600-1700 Christian Pronovost
1700-1800 Lexis
1800-1900 Trevor Walker (Ottawa)

24 Hours of Vinyl 2018

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