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A Visit to Trance and Underground Electronic Music Seller 430AM Studio

A couple of years ago, we visited Discogs seller Roy Gielen of 430AM Studio in his warehouse near The Hague in the Netherlands, from where he was shipping trance and underground electronic records around the world. Recently, he moved to the south of the Netherlands. His new house was selected for having adequate storage space for the nearly 47,000 records he has listed on Discogs. A good reason for a trip down south to meet up!

Roy treats us to coffee and a slice of the local specialty “rijstevlaai” before we head down to see his new workplace. Every shelf in the storage room is coded and numbered so Roy can easily find where his records are stored. A fan of statistics, he has a flag counter on his 430AM Studio Discogs page and it amazes him to see the countries around the world his records are traveling to.

People who have ordered records from Roy might remember finding candy in their packages. We find little packets of candy on the packing table, right next to the cardboard packaging material, and under a pair of scissors. “I like to throw in some candy with the records. Just something extra to brighten up the day.”

Where does the name of your shop, 430AM Studio, originate from?

It’s from one of my favorite records by 3-man UK trance group Above & Beyond, their track ‘Can’t Sleep’ starts with the lyrics: “4:30 AM, I’m awake again”. This single was released in 2006. 

How long have you been selling on Discogs?

So that single was released in 2006, and I signed up for Discogs in May 2007. I had my first order in January 2008.

How did you get into selling records?

I was what you would call a ‘bedroom DJ’, playing records in the region where I lived, the north of Limburg. To make a little extra money I started selling my own collection. I turned out to be quite successful at this and was selling more and more.

What does your own record collection look like?

I don’t have a large collection, maybe a 100, 150 records. My own record collection consists out of (almost) everything that has been released by Anjunabeats, the record label owned by Above & Beyond.

Roy Gielen, owner of 430AM Studio

What is your favorite record store?

33|45 Vinyl Records in Leiden is my favorite. I go there to buy new records for my store, but also to trade collections. 

What is your favorite record of all-time?

Above & Beyond’s ‘Group Therapy’

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What has been your best record find?

My best find ever must have been Discogs itself. Other than that, I once bought a 12” single by Groove Theory for € 0,35. I saw on Discogs that something was up with this item, so I decided to list it for sale and to allow offers on it. In the end, I sold it for € 500! It turned out that this particular Dutch pressing featured a mix of this song that wasn’t on any other release by this group. 

What is your best story about record selling?

Last year I had an order with an Italian trance collector who had just signed up for Discogs and placed an order for 500 records with me. Just last month, a year later, he came back and ordered another 900 records. I had to send out 8 packages of 25 kilos each to Italy. That has got to be my biggest order yet!

What is your number one tip for buyers and/or sellers on Discogs?

Always be courteous and polite, and try to be one step ahead of any problems.

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