5 Record 5 Stories with Marc Schneider: Artificial Intelligence Vol 2

5 Records 5 Stories: Marc Schneider Sorts His 8000+ Record Collection

Discogs is teaming up with Boiler Room to bring you 5 Records 5 Stories – the follow up to From The Counter which sees a vinyl-spinning DJs take the decks at independent record stores across Europe. While From The Counter gets crowds dancing and hanging out in their local record stores, 5 Records 5 Stories takes us on a personal level with the DJs sharing some of their favorite tunes and their significance.

Berlin’s Space Hall record store set the scene for a recent edition of From The Counter, fronted by Marc Schneider. He and his extensive record collection recently moved to Berlin, and he was kind enough to let us join him as he attempted to sort his 8000+ collection, pulling out a few gems along the way. “I’ve been DJing for over 20 years now and for me vinyl was always the way to get my music on because it wasn’t available somewhere else. At some point CDs came, but a lot of music you could only DJ from vinyl.”

Watch Marc Schneider sort through his record collection:

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5 Record 5 Stories with Marc Schneider: Doug Lazy's Doug Lazy Gettin' Crazy

Doug Lazy – Doug Lazy Gettin’ Crazy

That’s actually how I got into House music, because my collection is basically mostly House, Techno, some Electro. Before I listened only to Hip hop, then I slowly got into house through a friend. I think the first things he showed me, or played me were Hip-house basically, and Doug Lazy was pretty much – at that time, ’89/’90 – one of the acts that did hip-house tracks and Mr Lee as well, a lot of Chicago, and ‘Let It Roll’ is probably his most famous song. Basically when it came out it was the crossover between hip hop and house. I was a hip hop kid and it had a house beat. It was so refreshing.

5 Record 5 Stories with Marc Schneider: Speedy J Evolution

Speedy J – Evolution

Speedy J, still a very active producer, and he was already back then, in 1991. This was basically the first record which blew me away in a techno club I went to. I’m from Hamburg originally, the club I went to was called Front and there was another club called Unit. Both I visited at this time and both played that record. There weren’t so many styles at this time, there was techno and house, some people call it only house. It wasn’t different genres like you have now. DJs were playing basically a lot of the same tracks because those were like, the club hits. It was just new music, and some tracks were very amazing, groundbreaking. Yeah, I had to get this record.

5 Record 5 Stories with Marc Schneider: AFX Analogue Bubblebath

AFX – Analogue Bubblebath 1

When i bought it i didn’t know much about Aphex Twin. Nobody knew much about him, he wasn’t such a famous person as he is now. The amazing thing about this record, which really caught my eye was the paper bag you got it in. It was like the record shelves immediately jumped in your face and you thought “What is that?”. The whole record, at that time, sounded amazingly new and it was very experimental. He played this and put the needle on the slipmat, and he played the noise from the slipmat and he mixed it together with his record, and everybody was kind of looking at each other, they couldn’t believe it.

5 Record 5 Stories with Marc Schneider: Robert Hood's Sleep Cycle off Minimal Nation

Robert Hood – Sleep Cycle

This originally came out on Jeff MillsAxis Records as a faulty pressing, it was just a promo, never really got a release and everybody was really hunting that track because it was a flipside of the Jeff Mills’ track, and it was really in demand at this time. I never could get hold of it, I always heard it at a few DJ sets when i was going out out and heard other DJs that had it, luckily. And then Robert Hood decided finally to release that track on his Minimal Nation album as a bonus track, so I was in heaven when I found out that he put that on there. Minimal Nation, anyway, is a groundbreaking album for minimal techno music, it’s probably the best, I would say.

5 Record 5 Stories with Marc Schneider: Artificial Intelligence Vol 2

Artificial Intelligence – Vol 2

Probably one of the best electronic compilations ever made. I think it’s probably a very important record for the time in the genre. It was called IDM, some people even called it intelligent techno at some point, maybe also because of the title of the compilation. And it has a lot of important artists on there, you have Aphex Twin, B12 – those were – and maybe still are – artists on Warp Records. It was very exciting electronic music, and it blew me away when it first came out. It opened me up for more stuff from all these artists. I think we’ll just start with the first one (track) which is Mark Franklin‘s Release To The System (Beaumont Hannant Remix).

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  • Jul 21,2017 at 4:35 am

    I own both The Artificial Intelligence Albums on CD and I personally fell in love with the Volume 1. Though now I like them both equally. I got into this 90’s genre of electronic music as a natural progression from listening to earlier experimentations by the pioneers of Ambient & electronic music with the likes of Amon Duul,Brian Eno, Michael Brook among others but my first taste of electronica was with 3 very distinct LP’s Tonto’s Expanding Head Band’s first Album ‘Zero Time’ which I bought on vinyl in 1972 soon after it’s release, ‘An Electric Storm’ by White Noise from 1969 which was basically the BBC’s Radiophonic workshop with Delia Derybyshire and ‘Sonic Seasonings’ by Walter Carlos on the Red Seal Label. These 3 LP’s held me in captivity in terms of a deeper desire for such amazing sound and I grew into the 90’s Techno with a lot of underrated music that came out of the Warp Records label along with Black Dog and others like William Orbit’s ‘Strange Cargo’ All this music somehow grew around the house music scene in the UK in the early 90’s and I was amazed that it was like a rebirth of wonderful fresh intelligent Electronic music as with B12’s Electric Soma. To end I would like to know why so much of this music is now highly sought after by those who want a taste of it but so much is deleted very quickly. I have Pete Namlook’s Air 2 which is a fantastic CD and since his death his material is almost unattainable and he had a great body of work.

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