From The Counter from YAM Record, London with Miro SundayMusiq

5 Records 5 Stories: Miro SundayMusiq’s Most Prized Records

On the back of ‘From The Counter’, a travelling series of vinyl-spinning DJ sets from local record stores across Europe brought to you by Discogs and Boiler Room, we bring you ‘5 Records 5 Stories’. ‘5 Records 5 Stories’ gives the DJs the opportunity to showcase some of their favorite records from their collection that featured in their ‘From The Counter’ set. Often these records will have a special meaning or significance to the DJ which they share in this series. This is an intimate look behind the booth with some of our favorite DJs!

Our second edition of ‘From The Counter’ came from YAM Records in London, featuring Miro SundayMusiq on the decks. Rifle through his record collection and get to know him a little better while hearing the stories behind some of the tracks from his ‘From The Counter’ set.

Watch ‘5 Records 5 Stories’ and check out the full list below:

5 records 5 stories with Miro SundayMusiq - The Detroit Experiment self-titled record

1. The Detroit Experiment – The Detroit Experiment

This is a very special record to me because it’s produced by Carl Craig. It was kind of his task to define the feeling of a particular city – there was also The Philadelphia Experiment compilation. It has the perfect transition song if you want to go from the jazz side to something a little bit more dancey.

5 records 5 stories from Miro SundayMusiq: Chateau Flight - The Meal

2. Château Flight – The Meal

This is personally one of my favorite records ever. There are four tracks I can use in different kinds of sets, like there’s a little bit of R’n’B, dance music, then there’s the title track which we used for the [promo] video which is mind-blowing to me any time I hear it. Versatile record, it’s amazing stuff…and the cover is amazing.

5 records 5 stories wtith Miro SundayMusiq: G.B. Beckers - Walkman

3. G.B. Beckers – Walkman

I recently found this… There are very few records I have on my wishlist and this was one of them. Back when Jamie from Music From Memory came over they just handed a copy to me. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently they found a few copies in some library in Germany and they just gave it as a gift to friends, so now it’s in my collection. It’s beautiful, guitar and ambient.

5 records 5 stories with Miro SundayMusiq: Thomas Schumacher - Good Life

4. Thomas Schumacher – Good Life

You can feel the jazz feeling behind this. It’s a promo record. I think it’s so often in my bag, I’ve had it over 10 years now – it even looks like it. It’s always somewhere.

5 records 5 stories with Miro SundayMusiq: Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away

5. Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away

One of my all-time favorite Sylvia Striplin tracks. I think it’s one of my favorite soul songs ever and it’s often in my record bag.

Don’t let the party stop – add these to your collection!

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