5 Ways To Delight Your Buyers

Actively working on delighting your Buyers is the difference between an OK Seller and a Superhero Seller. We mean it!

At Discogs, many sales are driven by enthusiastic Buyers who recommend a specific Seller to fellow record collectors. Delighting your customers is more simple than it might seem and it will help to increase your customer satisfaction and sales at Discogs. Below we present five tips that will make your customers feel great.

1. Communicate. Always communicate.

Our support team gets a really high amount of Buyers talking about the communication with the Seller being flawless and very complete. WAIT, it’s more like we have never seen absolutely one single customer talking about this. IT’S ACTUALLY ALL THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Joking aside, if your delivery company tells you it’s busier than usual and the delivery will be probably delayed, it’s time to let your Buyer know. If you happen to not be able to find the record you just sold, it’s time to let your Buyer know. If there’s a tornado in your area, it’s time to let your Buyer know. Keeping the Buyer informed during the order process is always key to his/her satisfaction and will reduce potential conflict later.

2. Grade correctly.

We know this might sound obvious, but actually, incorrect grading is the very root of many issues at Discogs. We recommend you read our article about record grading and, whenever you’re unsure about the exact grading of a record: it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and undergrading is the best way to stay safe and put a smile on your Buyers’ face.

3. Engage in music banter!

Who doesn’t like to talk about music? One of the biggest strengths of our community is our shared love for music so it won’t hurt to tell your customer that the record they got is fantastic or that you just saw that band live in a venue of your city and they rocked!

4. Recommend music, become a curator!

It happens often in physical record stores and it sure can happen at Discogs. Whenever you can advise your Buyers on other records they might be interested in, let them know! It’s beneficial for both since that helps to cut the shipping costs. Who knows, maybe you helped a Buyer discover a new favorite artist – and who doesn’t love that?

5. Make it personal.

We all have a different vision of how to be a good Seller. So here’s a little list of ideas that can help you personalize the order and show your Buyer that you care about them.

  1. A personal note thanking your customer for his/her purchase is always a cool idea.
  2. Have any stickers or other freebies? Toss them in!
  3. Even including dollar bin records related to the order can be a nice idea (and it also helps as a stiffener for the parcel).

It’s really up to you, but differentiating yourself as a Seller is always the best way to engage your customers.

That’s it from us, now it’s time to get out there and prove your Buyers that you are a Superhero Seller!

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