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7 Most Collected Fleetwood Mac 7″s

Michael John Kells Fleetwood… welcome to 70, sir. In honor of Mick’s 7th decade on planet Earth, we’ve put together a Top 7 of Fleetwood Mac’s 7″ Singles. FUN FACT ALERT! Including the June 9 release of Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie from his Fleetwood Mac bandmates, Mick has tallied up almost 300 recording credits over the years. What’s surprising is that he’s also on Johnny Cash’s Unchained and Matthew Sweet’s Son Of Altered Beast. Mick’s a busy septuagenarian, no doubt! Bonus points for being in Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man, Mick. Happy Birthday, Mick. We hope you’re enjoying the benefits of that AARP card.

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk

1. Fleetwood Mac – Tusk

Released in 1979, complete with the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band, “Tusk” peaked at #8 in the US, reached #6 in the UK, #5 in Canada, and #3 in Australia. Also, it’s been widely mentioned that Mick may have spanked a leg of lamb with a spatula on this recording.

Fleetwood Mac Little Lies

2. Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies

The 12″ of “Little Lies” featured an extended dance/dub version of a non-album track called “Ricky” and was the first Fleetwood Mac single to be released on the cassette single. Also, Stevie Nicks’ hair.

Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way

3. Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

This was the first single from Rumors and written by Lindsey Buckingham… about Stevie Nicks. It’s also been noted that a lot of listeners found it hard to find beat one on “Go Your Own Way”…  Mick’s unorthodox drumming undoubtedly can be blamed, but it’s sooooooo good!

Fleetwood Mac Oh Well

4. Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well (Parts 1 & 2)

A throwback to the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac, “Oh Well” peaked at #2 on the UK Charts in 1969. It also landed on the Dutch Top 40 for 11 weeks… peaking at #1!

 Fleetwood Mac Albatross

5. Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love So Bad / Albatross)

It’s rumored (see what I did there?) that “Albatross” was a heavy influence on David Gilmore‘s (Pink Floyd) guitar playing, substantiated by Gilmore performing “Albatross” on Jools Holland’s BBC Radio 2 in late 2008. We’ll assume Mick didn’t have much influence over David for everyone’s peace of mind.

Fleetwood Mac Albatross

6. Fleetwood Mac – Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues)

Another “Albatross” single, but this time with “Jigsaw Puzzle Blues” on the flipside. Mick’s fashionable use of a cane on the cover of this one should be noted.

Fleetwood Mac Big Love

7. Fleetwood Mac – Big Love

Written, by Lindsey Buckingham, “Big Love” appeared on Tango In The Night. Lindsey left Fleetwood Mac shortly after the release of Tango In The Night causing the band to never perform “Big Love” until his return in 1997. Also of note, the female “ahs” aren’t Stevie Nicks, that’s Lindsey. If it were only Mick.

As a little bonus for making it this far… enjoy! Happy Birthday, Mick!

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