Discogs Database 8 million releases

8 Million Releases In The Discogs Database!

Today is a milestone for Discogs! We’re celebrating the 8 millionth release being entered into the Discogs Database! That means that as of today, you’ll be able to find comprehensive information on 8,000,000+ vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, 8-tracks, cylinders and any other audio format you can think of in the Discogs’ Database. All this data has been painstakingly added to the database by vinyl junkies, tapeheads and music enthusiasts like you.

It’s mind blowing when you think about it: just over 16 years ago, it all started with 1 release: The Persuader – “Stockholm”. Since then, over 326,000 contributors have been adding information about releases, artists, images – together building the vast mountain of information that is the Discogs Database. It’s our mission to have every single music release in the world cataloged in the Discogs database, and the community is vital in helping us reach that goal. A big thanks to every Discogs community member who has contributed, and helped document music history! Please keep it up!

8 million stories

Here’s how the Discogs database has grown in the past 16 years:

As you can see from the data below, the rate of growth of the database has been picking up pace over the past couple of years. As many outlets have reported over 2016, sales of physical music media has been on the rise for some time and showing no signs of slowing. Sales of vinyl records eclipsed digital album download sales for the first time in the UK at the end of last year. It’s not totally clear what the reason for the vinyl renaissance is; perhaps a new audience coming of age, the rise of Record Store Day, increased retail space, the recent deaths of many music legends, or a combination of factors. It’s also unclear how long the hype will last, but it’s certain that as long as collectors are picking up choice finds, they’ll be looking for a place to catalog their gems.

Discogs Database Growth

There are stories behind every release in the Discogs Database, so to celebrate this big milestone, we’re looking for your best stories about music collecting. Tell us your tales about the time you stumbled upon your mother’s 45s in the basement, or that time you had to live in a basement because you spent all your money on records. We’ll be raffling off three Discogs goodie bags between all entries, and the best stories will be featured in the Collectors’ Tales series on the Discogs Blog. Share your story with us here!

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  • Jan 10,2017 at 09:11

    I remember that time I had to pay some junkie to set up a paypal account for me to use so that I could use this piece of xxxx site again for a few months and dump a few thousand records. That was fun.

    Hey have you guys ever wondered how so many sellers with 1000s of feedbacks can possibly have no negatives? Have you ever seen a site where sellers are encouraged to withhold their feedback until they receive positive so that all appears for the best in the best of all possible worlds. But wait a minute… the grading here sucks. Its simply not possible for so many large sellers to have perfect feedback.
    Well it is actually. The really massive stores it doesnt matter. They dont have to ask to make shady deals with the scum here at discogs. But the ones that pull in a few grand a month, who discogs hopes nobody notices, they have them removed every day. Or then there are cases when they are all simply removed at once – https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/718917#7140209 When they get called out for it they either ignore you or they give some bullshit answer about how they cant divulge private information. These xxxxxxx think they are the NSA.
    See you next year with a new store and a new name.
    Happy collecting!

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