Discogs Users’ Music Reviews Are Key To Music Discovery

Reviews are one of the unspoken keys to success for music discovery on Discogs. Other people are more likely to check out a release if you’ve taken the time to share your thoughts and write about it.

The reviews feature allows you to post reviews or comments on the releases, artists and labels you love and spread the word so more users can discover them – or warn them off if you’re less than impressed. You can find the review section at the bottom of any release, artist, or label page.

Be sure to check the box “My comment is a review” before posting. You can also receive a notification when someone comments on your review by checking “Notify me”.

There are a few points you should be aware of when writing reviews:

The first thing to keep in mind is that your review should stay on the subject of the music itself. Commenting on the current price of the release or attempting to gain support for a reissue isn’t really suitable in the context of a review and will be removed via community reporting.

Ensure you’ve got a decent amount of information about the release in your review. Useful reviews should be more than a few words or a single sentence. Take some time to flesh out ideas to guarantee that the review will be interesting, informative and useful to other users and have staying power. Accuracy is key.

Above all, it should be your voice. Copyrighted material such as lyrics, liner notes or reviews taken from other sources are problematic and will be removed. This is your time to shine in the community and let your voice be heard about the records, CDs, tapes, or whatever it is that fills your world.

Take a moment to consult the guidelines for more information, or start writing a review on your favorite releases now!

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