A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Shipping Policies (With Video)

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting November 1, 2020 (Please note, the timeline for this requirement was recently adjusted. Read more about this update here).

We’re taking a closer look at how to make sure you’re set up in time. If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the benefits of having your Shipping Policies correctly set up. One of the best things about Shipping Policies is the convenience and time you’ll save on adding shipping prices to every order. One seller we spoke to was delighted to wake up to find orders having come in overnight, already completed and paid for without him having to lift a finger.

As with all admin, setting up Shipping Policies probably isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll do today, but it also doesn’t have to be a struggle. Once you understand your postage rates for domestic and international shipping, all you have to do is put those rates into your Shipping Policies

Gather information on shipping providers available in your country and the costs

As a seller on Discogs, you’re probably already pretty aware of shipping costs and may have your rates listed in your Seller Terms already. If not, we recommend starting by looking up your local postal service’s website for their rates, tariffs, and zones. 

It’s also worth looking into which courier services are available to you and their pricing. Sometimes their rates can be even cheaper, or they might offer more robust insurance options.

Shipping Rates Per Country
Check out our suggested shipping prices for several countries in North and South America, Europe (incl. UK), and Asia, with more countries to come.

Have your shipping rates read and follow along step-by-step as we set up a “complete” domestic Shipping Policy for the Netherlands using rates from the national postal service, PostNL using a weight-based method.

Hit ‘Save Changes’ at the top-right of the Shipping Policy editor at any time during your set up process to ensure you don’t lose any work.

Getting Started

1. Head over to your Shipping Policy editor.

2. Select the region you want to create a new Shipping Policy for

Your Shipping Policies will be preset into three categories: Your country (a domestic Shipping Policy), your continent, then Rest of World.

In this example I’m creating a new Shipping Policy for my domestic region, The Netherlands.




Please note, these presets do not contain any shipping methods or shipping rates. You will still need to input your preferred shipping rates in each region.

3. If you’d like to offer Local Pickup or Free Delivery, check these boxes and enter the amount for Free Shipping to apply

4. Select the Service Type and give your method a Service Name

For Service Type you can choose from Economy, Standard, or Express. Choose the one most applicable to the service type you’re using. In Service Name, you can call your method whatever you like with the free text field. In this example, I’m simply using the name of the postal service I’m using; PostNL.

5. For a “Complete” Shipping Method, ensure ‘Order subtotal is 0.00. Adjust business days to deliver as necessary.

6. Select format/item types under ‘Method applies to’  

In this example, I’m using the recommended ‘All my items’ to ensure this meets the requirements for a ‘complete’ policy. If you’ve already got a ‘complete’ method in your Shipping Policy for this region and you’d like to set up an additional method for a specific format, first select ‘Specific items only’, then the item type you’d like your method to apply to.

7. Set Shipping Policies combining Format with Weight or Quantity

You have two choices when you set up your Shipping Policies for how you want shipping to be measured and applied – by weight (in grams) or by the quantity (number) of items. This all comes down to personal preference. Personally, I like weight as this is how most postal services set their tariffs. 

(Switching between the weight and quantity here to demonstrate, but continue to set up with the default and recommended option, weight).

8. Now it’s time to enter your shipping weight ranges and costs

Here I’ve used weight ranges and pricing according to PostNL’s tariffs. Note that the final range covers all orders 2000 grams and up with a ‘Flat rate’ of €15.00. An ‘and up’ price for the final line is essential for the method to be considered “complete”. You can also use the ‘Per Each Additional’ option instead of a ‘flat rate’ to charge an incremental amount per additional weight range or quantity of items added to an order.


Save your policy. Save your policy. Save your policy! It bears repeating; this is super important. Save your policy.

The save button is at the top-right – no matter how far down your scroll down or up it will stay there. After you hit save you’ll get a confirmation on the left ‘Your policy has been saved’. You can save any time during the setup process.

As you can see after I saved, my Shipping Policy for the Netherlands says ‘This policy is complete’ meaning it is set up to apply to all potential orders coming through my shop, covering all values, items in my shop, up to an indefinite amount.

10. Add additional shipping methods to give buyers more choice.

Now that your ‘Complete’ Shipping Policy is set up, if you choose to, you can set up additional shipping methods in your policy to give buyers in this region more choice. You could set up methods for different formats, shipping with different carriers, or shipping items without cases (e.g. CDs without jewel cases). 

In this example, we’re offering insured rates through PostNL for domestic shipping. We’re setting a minimum order subtotal of €50.00 so this method will only be available to buyers whose orders meet or exceed this amount. Buyers whose orders this applies to will be able to choose from a menu of shipping at checkout.

11. View your Shipping Policies as Buyers see them

To see what your Shipping Policies look like to buyers and browsers on the marketplace, click ‘My Store’ at the top-right of the Shipping Policy editor page. This will take you to your storefront, where you can see your shipping rates applied to your listings. You can see the full list of your Shipping Policies by clicking ‘Ships From’ at the top of the page. This will show you shipping rates to your country. To see shipping rates to any other country, click the dropdown menu at the top of this pop-over and select the country you wish to view. As long as you have a valid Shipping Policy set up for that country, you’ll see all the rates here.

Things to consider when settings up your shipping policies:

Where you ship to

Your listings will only be shown to shoppers in countries you select in your Shipping Policies, so set them up wisely. Obviously the more countries you ship to, the bigger the pool of buyers.

Each Policy needs to have at least one complete method

Within the Policy for each country or region you ship to, you must have at least one method to cover all potential orders. That means  ‘All my items’ is selected under ‘Method applies to’,  Order subtotal is $0.00, and the final line of the method uses ‘and up’ with either a ‘Flat rate’ or amount ‘Per Each Addtional’ item(s) or weight range. The example in this post is for a ‘complete’ method. This is really crucial to keep in mind as your Shipping Policy will be invalid without this one all-encompassing method, meaning your listings may show to some or all buyers as unavailable in the marketplace.

Factor in the cost of packaging materials

If you want to pass the costs of packaging materials onto your buyer, include these in your shipping costs. To do this, you could average how much you spend on packaging for a typical order and add it to your shipping costs (for example, if you’re setting up your methods by weight, add a few extra dollars to each weight range).

Start small

If you’re new to Shipping Policies and trying out the editor for the first time, try setting up a domestic shipping policy first. Chances are there will be a smaller variance in prices for local(-ish) shipping and it’s lower risk in case anything goes wrong with your set up.

This post was updated on October 15 to reflect updates to the Shipping Policy editor. 

Looking for more Shipping Policy info? Find everything you need, from set-up guides, shipping rate templates, webinar recordings, FAQs, and more here.

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  • Jan 10,2021 at 02:07

    What is “preflight response is not successful”???
    I just want to sell a record! I don’t have 4 years spare to study a ‘Bachelor of Fine Packing and Postage’, just to get rid of that extra copy of DSOTM… Sorry, but, I have a life. Maybe the guy who “got out of bed to find he’d sold a record and didn’t have to do anything” loves the new system. But, the rest of us find it time consuming, overly complicated and decidedly unnecessary.

    A classic case of fixing something that isn’t broken and ruining it in the process. Why does this constantly happen?? It seems you have too many employees with too little to do? So they “work” on the setup of elaborate and unnecessary systems. Or perhaps you are interested in helping the pro record seller, only? It seems rather obvious that the ‘collector buyer/seller’ is not wanted here.

  • Jan 10,2021 at 00:24

    INSANITY! This is the worst thing Discogs has ever done. Easier to use eBay.

  • Jan 8,2021 at 13:46

    This shipping system and automatic invoice truly sucks. Nothing but problems. Discogs, you shit the bed big time.

  • Nov 23,2020 at 10:19

    perhaps the owners want Discogs to go under…sell it off.
    kill it by making mind numblingly confusing shipping policies

  • Nov 23,2020 at 07:45

    I’ve removed all my stuff I had for sale as it all seems too farcical. I’ve put it all on Ebay for quicker and easier sales.

  • Nov 17,2020 at 03:54

    What a nightmare. SO how do I do to anticipate the few very large orders I get from various locations? One time 30 records, another time 80 records etc. Shall I weight all options to all locations ad infinitum up to 100 records? THIS IS A JOKE
    Really hope a new user friendly community/platform emerges and sends Discogs to oblivion.

  • Nov 16,2020 at 06:20


    (I don’t like it either by the way!)

    The key thing is to do it by ‘weight’ with ‘all formats'(YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST)).. Work out the cost in your country for the weight ranges below (packed weights)… then apply the correct postage cost for each ‘range’

    So for me in the UK….there are World regions with different postage rates ..UK, Europe and WORLD (I USE AN AVERAGE PRICE FOR ‘WORLD’ because there are 2 different zones, just take the average between zone 1 and zone 2 – do a similar thing in your country)
    1 -150 gram covers 7″ singles/CD (packed)
    151-450 gram covers 12″/LP discs(packed)
    451 ‘and up’.. set it as ‘x’ amount per ‘each additional’250 grams up to 2kg (2000 grams). 2000 grams is the post weight limit before courier rates kick in in the uk

    So first off just add ONE postage method for 3 world post regions using ‘all formats’ and ‘weight’ (YOUR STANDARD UNTRACKED/NON RECORDED POST RATE). You could name it ‘UNTRACKED STANDARD POST’. Keep adding the weight ranges within them and add the prices as above. You should now have ‘ONE’ ‘STANDARD’ shipping method for each world region

    TRACKED/RECORDED – Add another ‘postage method’ for ‘express’ rates and call it ‘RECORDED’ OR ‘TRACKED’ in 2nd box. Do the same pricing as above but just add the tracked/recorded cost amount to each price. For ‘each additional’ keep it the same ‘adder’ price (DONT add the tracking/recorded cost to this)


    CHECK IN ‘MY STORE’ (YOUR STORE!)..look at your listings and see if the postage rates given are correct. You will see the rate for your own country then click on ‘shipping’ next to it and it will bring up all the rates for different countries


    If you want to add a ‘shipping method’ for ‘ITEM SPECIFICS’, MAKE SURE YOU CREATE ONE FOR ‘ALL FORMATS’ FIRST ! using the weight range (SEE TOP OF THIS MESSAGE)
    I added another ‘shipping method’ for CDs/7″ singles (USING ITEM SPECIFICS) because the price was the same for 1 to 4 quantity 7″/CDs/CASSETTES

    So ‘add shipping method’. Select ‘specific items only ‘ on the left. Set shipping price by ‘quantity’ and enter your shipping price for the 1-4 items. Repeat for different world regions. IN the uk there is 3 (UK, EUrope and Rest of the World)

  • Nov 16,2020 at 04:06

    Thank you so much, but do you realize it’s hemorrhoids?

  • Nov 15,2020 at 18:08

    We all need to stop selling on Discogs right now. This shipping policies are ridiculous to set up. Is a mess.

  • Nov 12,2020 at 13:42

    These mandatory shipping policies are a complete joke – none of the tutorials or videos are worth a damn for these incoherent/flawed policies that simply don’t work. Who’s making these decisions? Dropping this nonsense when smaller sellers and independent shops are struggling through a pandemic? Unbelievable. Great way to bring the ‘community’ together LOL. What a joke – thanks for ruining a perfectly good thing. Can’t believe this is how you treat the community that did all the work and built the database for you. This is ridiculous – won’t sell another record or pay any more fees until this is fixed. R.I.P. Discogs

  • Nov 12,2020 at 11:18

    Well even though I have set up policies, an Invoice has been sent out to Russia (2 albums) with Free Shipping and now i’m in an argument MANY THANKS DISCOGS

  • Nov 12,2020 at 07:56

    September 2020 – No ASP – 46 orders – 4000 EUR
    October 2020 – No ASP – 51 orders – 3000 EUR
    Mid November 2020 – Setting ASP – 2 orders – 30 EUR
    Thank you Discogs for destroying our business !!!

  • Nov 11,2020 at 01:13

    Are you robot or a human sorry?
    And it’s a bad joke to roll down to leave a reply.

  • Nov 11,2020 at 00:37

    I didn’t find any positive feedback. It’s really killed all sellers. Standardization in Soviet manner is the end of the free market. Goodbye Discogs! We had a good time together but now it’s bureaucracy!!!

  • Nov 11,2020 at 00:15

    Dear all.
    This new system is too hard; totaly crazy….

  • Nov 10,2020 at 17:03

    What an absolute clusterfuck you’ve created here Discogs

  • Nov 10,2020 at 12:29

    Have you noticed that all the negative comments have been removed from their Facebook page ? It’s another proof that Discogs is now ruled by bad people. I just wish they will bite the dust with these ridiculous new rules. We should stay on this s****y place as they have a nearly monopolistic position, but time roll, and things will probably change one day.

  • Nov 10,2020 at 08:07

    This is a truly awful system and way too complicated. I’m now in a position where I can’t sell my records and I have to try and find the time to work this out. This isn’t my day job. I feel very badly treated.

  • Nov 9,2020 at 08:06

    Failed to fetch
    Failed to fetch
    Failed to fetch
    Failed to fetch
    … this is an impossible goal…

  • Nov 9,2020 at 06:28

    Dreadful idea!! It wasn’t broke so why fix it? A protracted and tedious process to fill out that actually now makes postage costs less accurate to individual orders than before. The old system worked perfectly well and I could tailor individual postage costs to an order depending on their location. This is just too confusing and time consuming and will just drive away users to EBay instead.
    Bad idea, poorly implemented. Not a good way to treat your customers!

  • Nov 9,2020 at 04:23

    This is completely incomprehensible – sorry. I am not a businessman – I’m just an amateur collector. I think I’ll just take all my vinyl to my second-hand record store and sell it to them.

    You need a default option, folks – a one-tick box that says “whole world – standard airmail rate” or something similar.

  • Nov 9,2020 at 03:51

    I’ve got to say, this is an absolute nightmare. From someone who has been selling online as a part time but full time job for 20 YEARS, this is very badly thought out. Why not listen to your user database and sort the problem out? It was PERFECT the way it used to be…

  • Nov 8,2020 at 23:31

    …just do not pay the actual invoice…

  • Nov 8,2020 at 17:31

    NOPE. Not gonna do it.

  • Nov 8,2020 at 05:45

    Wow, that is way too complicated/time consuming. Just an occasional seller on here. Off to Ebay.

  • Nov 8,2020 at 03:56

    Really disappointed with Discogs over this. I only sell an occasional item or two from my collection and these shipping policy settings are ridiculously complicated. I’ve attempted to figure it out a few times and get nowhere. The ‘video instructions’ are impossible to follow. I can’t even see what’s going on.

    Why on earth would Discogs change a system that was working perfectly well? I have no issue with figuring out postage costs and can calculate them for any potential buyer quickly.
    Discogs tells us that a lot of buyers are benefiting from the new system, but I don’t see any benefit for me – just a lot of frustrating work so far that amounts to nothing.
    So why does it have to be compulsory? Come on Discogs. Make it optional instead, so that members have a choice.

  • Nov 8,2020 at 02:22

    I put this off and put this off. What used to be a great platform for selling music (been with Disclogs for 11 years) is now just a relatively handy database for my own collection. Way too complicated people! Even the little gif at the outset of your explanation runs too fast. Who’s running things there? Bad business model people. Piss off the people who have loyally provided you with the commodity you profit off. Genius. I’m not alone.

  • Nov 7,2020 at 03:35

    Wow not just me then.. it is a ******* nightmare !!!! What the **** is going on ?

  • Nov 7,2020 at 02:16


    (I don’t like it either by the way!)

    The key thing is to do it by ‘weight’ with ‘all formats'(YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST)).. Work out the cost in your country for the weight ranges below (packed weights)… then apply the correct postage cost for each ‘range’

    So for me in the UK….there are World regions with different postage rates ..UK, Europe and WORLD (I USE AN AVERAGE PRICE FOR ‘WORLD’ because there are 2 different zones, just take the average between zone 1 and zone 2 – do a similar thing in your country)
    1 -150 gram covers 7″ singles/CD (packed)
    151-450 gram covers 12″/LP discs(packed)
    451 ‘and up’.. set it as ‘x’ amount per ‘each additional’250 grams up to 2kg (2000 grams). 2000 grams is the post weight limit before courier rates kick in in the uk

    So first off just add ONE postage method for 3 world post regions using ‘all formats’ and ‘weight’ (YOUR STANDARD UNTRACKED/NON RECORDED POST RATE). You could name it ‘UNTRACKED STANDARD POST’. Keep adding the weight ranges within them and add the prices as above. You should now have ‘ONE’ ‘STANDARD’ shipping method for each world region

    TRACKED/RECORDED – Add another ‘postage method’ for ‘express’ rates and call it ‘RECORDED’ OR ‘TRACKED’ in 2nd box. Do the same pricing as above but just add the tracked/recorded cost amount to each price. For ‘each additional’ keep it the same ‘adder’ price (DONT add the tracking/recorded cost to this)


    CHECK IN ‘MY STORE’ (YOUR STORE!)..look at your listings and see if the postage rates given are correct. You will see the rate for your own country then click on ‘shipping’ next to it and it will bring up all the rates for different countries


    If you want to add a ‘shipping method’ for ‘ITEM SPECIFICS’, MAKE SURE YOU CREATE ONE FOR ‘ALL FORMATS’ FIRST ! using the weight range (SEE TOP OF THIS MESSAGE)
    I added another ‘shipping method’ for CDs/7″ singles (USING ITEM SPECIFICS) because the price was the same for 1 to 4 quantity 7″/CDs/CASSETTES

    So ‘add shipping method’. Select ‘specific items only ‘ on the left. Set shipping price by ‘quantity’ and enter your shipping price for the 1-4 items. Repeat for different world regions. IN the uk there is 3 (UK, EUrope and Rest of the World)

  • Nov 7,2020 at 01:13

    always get this : JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

    Setting up this ,shows only a flat rate ? : https://p17.zdusercontent.com/attachment/2023303/XX6qs5z2j63LpSIczSg4RpFnR?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..2IUVl6KzqtQlH5Ir3jPS1g.OnuhxSwK8ZBik2vGGM9AIMroDutm2Cvy3apAHbITaGYKON85UXyh94JE7IKII4XPhE_ClobfIBeTuU0vVNb5FyngxQ9UBOOOUWBFx9t21p62AMn-Bdto_eoLj6M568xZeRwdBZzTjjU7BvSoxt7cvOgckoh_6kHLfphUxlXMzlDuSdYybwQZxVcPXZgV0JWN-PW-Q5h9yBaNhAt_DyFA9E3zKiJGD2Q46m9eTjXHmJWmDqYXaOY2TTVltcIGkDUBM76s0PJmluSD1QRdBqT4n-4s1pBvJ0jiJBE7IVmRY9k.V2ozIk_kfqd4Qfd9SQcwbg

    No Sales over 7 days now.

  • Nov 6,2020 at 22:13

    Just adding my voice to the universal chorus of “Why, God? Why?”

    Totally unworkable and useable. I guess my days of selling on Discogs are over.

  • Nov 6,2020 at 16:44

    this new system sucks so hard lmao. who let this happen?

  • Nov 6,2020 at 15:43

    I dont why this complicate situation I wasted 2 days trying to fix the policies shiping this really not working.
    DISCOGS with this, will lost alot money and selers. I think now is time we have recomend to chines do new site for sale music will be do more nice if do more easy.

  • Nov 6,2020 at 02:12

    I think the possible Paypal/Discogs “marriage” is not the point, because even at eBay sellers may propose other payment options such as bank transfer, as I do myself.

    The real and big question is : why impose such a complicated user-unfriendly badly conceived ASP tool ? And especially why such a stubbornness to impose that, despite of all these negative reactions from sellers (small & big, professional or not) ??

    There are no less than 13 (THIRTEEN !!) shipping policy guides from Discogs, which, well, could make a book, and all that to explain their ASP system : boggles the mind, no ?

    So good luck to new freshly registered sellers who will discover this incredible ASP editor !! Bet they will think twice and finally go elsewhere… that’s what I would have done 5 years ago if this ASP editor had not been an option…

    So this Discogs attitude remains a mystery to me, knowing that the Paypal/Discogs connection is not sufficient enough an explanation.

    Meanwhile I think the best thing to do for unhappy sellers is to let their inventory but not to set up shipping policies, so as buyers may see thousands of unavailable items… knowing that seller terms are visible all the same.

  • Nov 5,2020 at 23:42

    PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SYSTEM, I loved the interaction – I am a small private seller with circ 5,000 items and was selling on average 40+ items a month (I have done a lot of work on the policies to no apparent avail) AND now in the last week sold 1 (ONE) item and then I had to re-submit the invoice (with P&P) to the buyer COINCIDENCE ???
    I am sure it is indicative (to what was a great community) but a friend of mine (who has a shop) was doing really well on Discogs and was a major part of his income (over 40,000 inventory) is now quitting discogs and doing ‘Buy It Now’ on Ebay


  • Nov 5,2020 at 20:36

    I am a seller and contributor for 8 years. From a sellers point of view, this policy has not made it easier to do business on Discogs. Very complicated and not user friendly. By everyone’s comments, this is not an improvement to this site. I liked the fact that I could customize shipping for each buyer. I will wait a very short while and see if Discogs addresses this issue. If not, I will have to find another alternative. Please give us the choice to use this policy or stay with the original way. I am very disappointed in Discogs!

  • Nov 5,2020 at 17:27

    and wow! In their newest blog concerning the ASP which is called „Dispelling Common Myths About Discogs Shipping Policies“ they initially (a couple of days ago) tried to counter the „myth“ that they have been bought by PayPal or that PayPal is forcing them to implement the ASP. Thats why I related to this blog in my previous comment. Meanwhile though, Discogs has obviously edited the „Dispelling Common Myths About Discogs Shipping Policies“-blog and has completly deleted their fruitless effort to deny that the implementaion of the ASP is only for the sake of the new collaboration between Discogs and Paypal. So telling! The explanations Discogs initially cited in order to dispel this alleged myth were incredibly phony and out of context anyway so Discogs obviously realized and decided its better to remain silent about this thing.

  • Nov 5,2020 at 16:57

    It is really very important to voice our frustration and discontent about the mandatory ASP also publicly on their facebook page. Discogs has decided to autocratically force its dictates upon us and here in these blogs its very easy for Discogs too ignore/silence all the criticism or to censor it away.

    On their facebook page they cannot censor the comments and they will be pressured to finally answer and take into consideration our rightful demands and our criticism. Their image as fancy and hip, laid back and community friendly and community cherishing company is at risk for them once the autocratic ways of the new DiscPal get known to the world.

    So please put your frustration and protest also on the Discogs facebook page. Thank you all!

  • Nov 5,2020 at 16:47

    Its unberable to watch how Discogs is lying, lying and continuing to lie, driving itself ever-deeper in its ugly lies.

    The newest blog: „Dispelling Common Myths About Discogs Shipping Policies“ is full of blatant lies again. They really think the Discogs community is stupid.

    They claim they were not bought by paypal and were not forced by paypal to introduce the Automated Shipping Shit. Who cares if Discogs has been bought by Paypal or if both only have arranged a love marriage in order to suck dry Discogs sellers and buyers??? The outcome is 100% the same.

    Discogs has already casually announced in several blogs that they will force all sellers into PayPal as the only allowed payment option in early 2021. Everyone who still doesnt see the truth what this is all about will have his second nightmare awakening once Discogs will „invite“ or shall I say blackmail you again to accept paypal as the one and only allowed payment option in 2-3 months latest.

    And in order to being able to blackmail every seller into the paypal only payment option thing they have introduced the compulsory automated and fully corrupt shipping shit where paypal will soon collect all discogs fees directly from each individual automatically processed payment. Thats all this whole ugly thing is about, guys and girls. But Discogs will keep on lying and lying about it.

    Moreover, on every recent blog concerning the corrupt autmated shipping calculator Discogs has turned of the comment function. Like an authoritarian tyrant or dictator they censor and try to silence and gag their subjects. Did you see it? On their recent blog „Thank you for 20 Years of Discogs“ countless fucked up sellers immediately left plenty of bitter wishes and criticism over the corrupt ASP and discogs marriage to the paypal shark. DiscPal was very fast to delete all those comments in order to appear as the beloved peoples champion. Criticism is not anymore allowed here, only brainless ovations are appreciated and tolerated – the rest is either fully ignored or censored away. Discogs, the community built site that still brags about its allegedly „cherished“ community, has turned into an authoritarian and soulless megabusiness shithole. Shame on you, Kevin and your fellow DiscPal tyrants. You have ruined Discogs to a 100% – hope you will realize it the hard way soon.







  • Nov 5,2020 at 15:47

    Apparently I can’t sell anything until I work through your INCREDIBLY CONFUSING new postage price system. You def screwed the pooch on this update. You should undo this update until you figure out how to do it right.

  • Nov 5,2020 at 15:04

    This is so annoying. I am setting up and setting up and every time it’s incomplete. Why are you doing this ? It’s so complicate .It’s so incredibly complicated and nobody can see through it! Now all of my items are blocked from the marketplace. I’m just a private seller. I am selling maximum 4 items PER MONTH!! I was very happy to be part of this community. Now I’m just disappointed. And the way this totally idiotic shipping policy works, I will probably never sell anything here again. I hope you simplify this process. Otherwise you will piss off a lot of people who built this website.

  • Nov 5,2020 at 14:21


  • Nov 5,2020 at 14:14

    I want to have the option providing shipping rates by myself, BRING IT BACK! STOP WASTING EVERYBODYS TIME!!!! Use your policies by yourselves!!! Let people use whatever is more convenient for them, Discogs is made by people, database belongs to people and you guys are monetizing our love for the music, you are awful…

  • Nov 5,2020 at 09:56

    I don’t get how to set this up, i was doing fine with domestic and international before???

  • Nov 5,2020 at 09:33

    Sold on discos for 13 years, this new system is awful.
    WHY so complicated ?????

  • Nov 5,2020 at 07:36

    What a load of shite. Sold on Discogs for 5+ years without incidence / you pricks already take a massive wedge out of people’s money and now you’ve given everyone a bunch of homework and headache. NICE ONE DISCOGS FUCKING GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nov 5,2020 at 02:23

    discogs actually made a nice chunk of cash out of me this year when i listed a load of records thorughout lockdown. I was about to list a whole load more which would mean more money for discogs but I wasted 2 hours trying to set this policy up and ultimately failed becasue it just doesn’t work. well that’s income lost for me and discogs. Why do this?! It’s the worst designed UI i’ve ever used. It is rediculously complex for something that should be straight forward.

  • Nov 5,2020 at 02:09

    what a complete joke this new system is. Have tried following the guide but it does not make sense or work.

    Never seen such a cumbersome method just to add something as simple as a shipping cost. Shot yourselves in the foot with this one discogs

  • Nov 4,2020 at 20:57

    No One is saying this is a good set up. Listen to your loyal sellers and bring back the old method.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 20:55

    Loved Discogs for its ease but this system is so cumbersome. Bring back the old way. I need to be selling to make money and this os not working. Why force people to do this.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 20:52

    Discogs. I moved away from ebay due to the ease of your platform. This is ridiculous that you are forcing sellers to do this, especially during these trying time. I depended on my store sales to survive and I don’t have hours upon hours to waste with setting up these policies. Please bring back the old way. There were no issues with that. Very easy for all. You are hurting the people that got you to 20 years. Now I am pissed off and broke.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 20:17

    What a pile of bullshit this is. I’m not going to spend three hours setting up my shipping policies that overcharge customers for domestic shipping. I refuse to sell on discogs until they do away with this bullshit.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 17:21

    Please bring back the old shipping system. It worked perfectly well and was easy.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 15:35

    All I want to do is ship within my own country and offer free shipping, and I can’t even seem to do that. So confusing/frustrating. I’m probably done here unless it goes back to the way it was.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 13:33

    I’m sorry, but you ruined all the good service at Discogs by implementing this system.
    The Discogs employee who came up with this idea should be summarily fired from the group.
    please go back to the old system.
    This situation is unbearable.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 10:47

    shit shit shit

  • Nov 4,2020 at 10:44

    what a pile of shit ,,cannot be bothered with this …please reinstate old method now!!!!!!!

  • Nov 4,2020 at 10:15

    This whole thing really stinks…what a nightmare. I’m having many problems with this new system. Why is this such a beating? Why are you doing this to us? You need to establish a policy with much more simplicity to set up…I’m thinking about pulling out of this website because of all this trouble the new system has created which is unfortunate. This site was just fine before all this complicated shipping got thrown at us…boo hoo!

  • Nov 4,2020 at 09:37

    Worst user experience ever. Really, I’ve never experienced such a mess. Even my D

  • Nov 4,2020 at 08:07

    I think to go back on EBay

  • Nov 4,2020 at 08:03

    It’s really fully madness !!!!, throw this stupid calculation system overboard. What’s a reason to make troubles for lot of people(((( something like that. is it really impossible without it ???

  • Nov 4,2020 at 03:19

    Dear Discogs,

    Which boffin / buffoon had the insane brain wave to FORCE every single seller to waste time / energy to input a BLANKET of shipping costs on your incomprehensible spreadsheet? Most of us are private sellers, we are NOT Tower Records. So we don’t need automatic invoicing / shipping. We all have our own shipping costs available to view by customers before they order. It’s NEVER been a problem before?

    I’ve been using Discogs effortlessly for 10 years now, never had a problem with shipping (until now)!!

    This year I’ve had 5 weeks paid work due to COVID, so (like MANY of us), selling records is keeping me afloat, paying my bills / food. I rely on my sales!!

    This new system will end up costing me ORDERS in confusion / putting off buyers. I will end up wasting time refunding incorrect payments on PayPal and then re-invoicing the CORRECT amount per order.

    There’s also a personal touch, and what the buyer wants to pay in shipping which we can agree on (not via automatic). Each order is individual for me and communication is the key.

    Just look at how many NEGATIVE comments on forums and your own website. Go back to the system you had. There was NOTHING wrong with it. It’s not broken. Don’t fix it.

    We all have better things to do!

  • Nov 3,2020 at 15:29

    I’m definitely giving up, I don’t know how to do it. I am not prepared for this. At the beginning of the year, Correos raises the shipping rates, so what do you have to do to do the same again?
    I never thought that for this reason I could not sell on Discogs.
    It’s a big mistake, they should have thought about it before.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 13:29

    terrible new system. read all these comments and then sort this out!

  • Nov 3,2020 at 11:46

    Have been a fan of Discogs, so far!!!
    I moved here from eBay, which was good when it started, and then as it got bigger it got worse.
    Guess, have to go back because it does not make sense and
    not just the idea, but the implementation is a complete disaster for most of the sellers!!!

  • Nov 3,2020 at 11:17

    discogs please, throw this stupid calculation system overboard. we’re not all traders here to deal with something like that. if i want to do something complicated i go to work, solve a riddle or do my tax return.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 10:58

    This is pure BS!!!! The system was totally fine the way it was. It’s time to move to EBAY

  • Nov 3,2020 at 07:55

    I raise my hands … it is practically impossible to complete the shipping policies. I give up! Enri57

  • Nov 3,2020 at 06:50

    The old system worked fine. I am not going to waste any more time trying to work out this bullshit. YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER SELLER.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 06:44

    Seriously Discogs – I’ve been buying and selling on here for over 10 years without any shipping issues. Part of the appeal was how easy transactions were. Now this. And in the middle of a pandemic when these sales are helping folks get by. Really poorly thought out and executed.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 06:13

    Just wanted to add my disappointment about the new mandatory shipping policy. I lost hours trying to fullfill the shipping policy, there is no way for me to set fixed price for all the items I have in the marketplace. I am not a record shop, just a collector who love to sell and buy records, so I’ll pass, it was fun, now it’s a nightmare.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 05:56

    I only joined Discogs a couple of months ago to sell my record collection . I`m 65 years old . Trying to do this has raised my BLOOD PRESSURE ,AND I FELL LIKE SMASHING MY PC .
    WHICH ARSEHOLE THROUGHT OF THIS METHORD / SYSTEM . i CAN`T BE bOTHERED . i`M IN THE UK if anyone wants to buy my Records ( over a 1000 LPs + 2000 singles get in touch ) Loads of PROG / REGGAE / WOULD FILL A SHOP + MAGAZINES + MEMROBILLA .

  • Nov 3,2020 at 05:39

    The system WAS GREAT, now its a frickin nightmare.. why would you add a shipping policy system that you can’t fuckin edit???? ..if you make a mistake or miss something out, you can’t open the policy up to edit, you gotta reset and write the whole lot out again …useless pricks!… i have been a member since 2002, like so many other members spent literally years of my life helping to make this site what it is today… this is a no brainer, you MUST re-instate the original open shipping format or you will lose literally millions of members not to mention, dollars!

  • Nov 3,2020 at 04:54

    No Thank you Discogs for celebrating 20 years by making shipping policies a complete nightmare taking my business out of the market when I need it most. You do not seem to allow for certain things such as insuring orders of value correctly. I used to shop around for quotes from various sources to keep my customers and you have chucked it out the window. Undo these fascist rules now or loose a lot of custom.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 01:37

    A joke, a nightmare, why????

  • Nov 3,2020 at 01:01

    What an absolute joke. I’ve spent the last 6 hours racking my brain, trying to set up this new policy and each time i do so… Says incomplete. Total waste of time. Put it back to the way it was and let everyone, get on with selling again. If it’s going to stay like this, i’ll be closing my account and taking my business elsewhere

  • Nov 2,2020 at 21:32

    This new shipping policy is a complete nightmare. Please listen to your community and bring back the previous policy.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 17:50

    This is an absolute shitshow! I’ve wasted two hours already trying to figure this out and am no better than when I started. You guys initiated this and the ones getting hurt the most are small time sellers like me who depend on this supplemental income. Why on Earth would you roll this out right before the most profitable time for sellers of the calendar year, instead of the down time of the Summer? Simply atrocious!

  • Nov 2,2020 at 17:13

    Well, I’ve tried 3 different times to complete my policy and it keeps coming up “policy incomplete”. I’ve wasted more than 3 hours trying to do this with no success. I am not stupid, I can rationalise most things quite easily. I just want one price for local and one price for the rest of the World. It is very frustrating, why did you have to make it so hard? I give up!

  • Nov 2,2020 at 17:10

    What an absolute insulting disaster. Adios.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 16:15

    Your new system totally ignores the “creative” options to shipping. FYI I can send up to 3 CDs with their graphics outside the US (where I am based) for the same price as 1 CD if I don’t include the jewel boxes. Many of my customers really appreciate this option.

    It’s the subjective things like this that your automated system totally does not take into account. I’ve never had any of my 900 customers complain about shipping. If it ain’t broke … don’t try to fix or complicate it.

    I can understand the desire to automate the postage. But the reality of the situation is it’s SHEER STUPIDITY on Discogs behalf. And you are totally insensitive to your diehard sellers needs who have helped build this massive database.

    PLEASE rethink this ill-fated concept ASAP and give us the option to continue doing business like we did in the past. I’ve been a huge supporter of Discogs but this new bureaucratic fiasco has totally turned me off on your site.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 15:56

    You have made a mountain out of a molehill. Worldwide shipping is difficult to automate which is constantly changing with postal rates ever changing. I spent two hours doing my best at creating templates and it’s excessively complicated and not at all user-friendly. Plus I ultimately did not succeed which is very frustrating.

    Whoever decided this new shipping system at Discogs should be fired. All has previously worked fine and I’ve had no complaints with 900 past orders. Please go back to your old system, or at least give your sellers the option to use the new one and the old one.

    You have really turned me off with this new shipping system. And I am not alone in my disgust.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 14:05

    Discogs. are you not happy enough with the millions and millions of dollars that you are earning thanks to us sellers and buyers constantly updating your data base with ZERO financial reward, Now you have to insult us with a useless protocol that does not function correctly? It is impossible to list small records and large records in the specific item category, The only thing that your miserable system accepts is applies to all items. So why even have it listed as an option? Just tell us we can no longer list the specific items.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 13:22

    I have a question regarding insurance on more expensive items. Some lps are listed in the hundreds of US dollars. The greater the value the more expensive the insurance.
    Also. what about box sets? How do estimate the costs?

  • Nov 2,2020 at 11:13

    all these shipping settings are too complicated

  • Nov 2,2020 at 10:57

    How many F’n times do I have to update each policy before they stick?

    No matter how many boxes I click and fill in all I get after saving is “policy is incomplete”

    This is the third time I’ve sat down and tried to sort out this disaster, you’re basically forcing me to sell on eBay. Even the videos show the cursor continually trying to update a policy and it comes up as being “policy is incomplete” I can only imagine trying to edit with the change in postage every time that happens – how many sales can I expect to lose because someone is adamant about not paying the going rate? Because that’s happened.

    Some people, like me, charge more because of the use of better packaging materials. You guys are really screwing up a good thing, I’m not happy with the time suck this has already taken up, it’s just going to be way easier to go back to eBay for the time being, maybe it’ll sort itself out in a month or two when if try again.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 09:42

    So I setup my postage policy. However, someone ordered and the weight calculated did not take into account the packaging. So I have to tell the buyer. How do I get the weight of the boxes I use taken into account properly?

  • Nov 2,2020 at 07:13

    Easier than thought – took 45 minutes to complete

  • Nov 1,2020 at 08:27

    Well, I’ve tried 3 different times to complete my policy and it keeps coming up “policy incomplete”. I’ve wasted more than 3 hours trying to do this with no success. It is very frustrating, why did you have to make it so hard?

  • Nov 1,2020 at 07:58

    The theory of this I can see some sense in. But the implementation is just so ill thought out. Just like the implementation of most of the discogs ‘service’ it’s missing the human piece… so sad.

  • Nov 1,2020 at 05:30

    Just started selling, and things are going good. I knew this was coming, and was dreading it. I see things happening. I will make a mistake and take a hit on several orders until I correct it. And, I see losing sales because I then overestimate the cost, driving customers away. This is a part time gig for me, and investing time to figure this out is not something I look forward to. I might just not sell to international buyers (where shipping mistakes can be big) just to avoid the headache.

  • Oct 31,2020 at 16:22

    The new ASP=such a travesty

  • Oct 31,2020 at 16:14

    Tomorrow morning should be interesting….just when i was starting to get more orders on here they come up with the most god-awful shipping policy known to man……

  • Oct 31,2020 at 11:29

    I think Discogs is going to lose a LOT of sellers.

  • Oct 31,2020 at 04:01

    Finally, the real price, thank you.

  • Oct 31,2020 at 02:51

    If I were the boss, I would make these stupid policies and fire employees who get paid.
    It is a really foolish evil law that does not take into account the differences of various countries and the situation of the corona at all!

  • Oct 31,2020 at 01:31

    Well again, like others I have left it to the last minute AND Phew what a nightmare. I looks like that both Discogs and I will be the losers, I really don’t have the time or inclination to go through this process AND when Royal Mail put their prices up (Quite often) I have to go through the whole process AGAIN – Even Ebay don’t do this complicated PROCESS (Process ????) HELP PLEASE

  • Oct 31,2020 at 01:13

    It might just be me but I have just tried to set up my first policy, for the Netherlands. When it’s a low number of low priced records, I can see the benefit of having it automated. However, I have looked at adding in shipments that are above a certain value that I want tracked, traced and signed for and can find no button for that. It is also feasible that a customer wants the tracking/signature shipping option on a record that costs less than my threshold. How can I add in customer wishes to my shipment policy? This is, basically, a good idea that has not been thought through, has been poorly designed and is neither seller nor buyer friendly. I am not going to waste my valuable time on something as useless as this policy of Discogs. eBay and Facebook here I come. As others have posted in this discussion, I have a 100% rating, both as a buyer and as a seller. The old system works/ Why change it?

  • Oct 31,2020 at 00:33

    Well, I waited till today with no idea what’s it all about, but I only needed to read the comments above to realise I’m not even going to go further. Forget it. Bye discogs.

  • Oct 30,2020 at 20:20

    Figured I’d voice my opinion somewhere. This shipping policy stuff is absurd. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Leave us small sellers to accurately calculate shipping by order. Not all of us have inventories with upwards of 50,000 items. We don’t have the time to deal with such arduous calculations (certainly doesn’t help that the interface is completely dysfunctional).

  • Oct 30,2020 at 17:20

    Come on Discogs, there is still time to cancel this feature, it clearly doesn’t work and isn’t wanted. It might have worked if you had a decent UI. As a software engineer, I never seen such an atrocious UI.

  • Oct 30,2020 at 14:15

    You’ve lost another seller. I’ve a bunch of rare vinyl I haven’t had time to list in the past. And with covid, I don’t plan on getting low-balled on them. So I’ll just continue to sit on those albums and not list them.

    I certainly don’t have time to go though this exercise, when what’s worked in the past has worked just fine. I’d rather list on eBay when I feel it’s worthwhile.

  • Oct 30,2020 at 13:53

    Hi Discogs:

    This new policy doesn’t make sense and is really difficult to configure.

  • Oct 30,2020 at 12:11

    I’ve been selling on Discogs for 7 years now and have done pretty well with how things have ran for those past 7 years. Now this is so difficult that I will be more than likely forced to leave and sell elsewhere. it’s been so easy to sell here and deal with customers in the US and Internationally up until now. If Discogs continues with this I’ll have to go to another selling format like eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Musicstack. you really need to reconsider this Discogs.

  • Oct 30,2020 at 10:43

    Like others, I’m a private seller, not a business. I much prefer a dialogue with the buyer so that I can charge EXACT shipping, not some blanket number that I am going to inflate because the policies are too general. If you add a policy option where I can simply communicate with the buyer, I would be happy. So far, NONE of my buyers have objected to the one e-mail back-and-forth to agree on shipping costs. This new system will absolutely reduce what and where I sell on Discogs. I realize that doesn’t hurt anyone but me. Thanks, Discogs.

  • Oct 29,2020 at 12:08

    Well back to ebay then *shrug* Really don’t have the time & nerv to get thru all this crap.I don’t think this is a good idea discogs. :(

  • Oct 28,2020 at 14:27

    To me it was so easy to list all the shipping costs per region, format and quantity in the seller terms and to update them, when shipping costs have been adjusted by the service provider. The new shipping policies editor seems to me so complicated and I have the impression, that it will take hours for me to set up the policies for all countries. For a private and non-commercial seller like me this effort in time will never be re-gained by having the shipping costs filled in automatically. In addition to that I have also difficulties in understanding how to set up the policies. Unfortunately I have to think about leaving Discogs under these circumstances. The use of the shipping policies editor should be voluntary and might be very heplful for commercial sellers having a lot of orders per week.

  • Oct 28,2020 at 13:35

    Well I waited to the last minute to look at these new shipping policies because I feared they would be a problem. I was right. It is a nightmare. We have a 100% approval rating from buyers. We have fun selling to many foreign countries. We are not trying to make a lot of money. “If it ain’t broke dont’ fix it.”
    I think I will just remove all our items for sale and hope that Discogs comes to their senses soon. I don’t have time to read and decipher all these complex policies.

  • Oct 28,2020 at 04:56

    Why do i need an ‘All my items’ shipping policy? naturally some items are going to cost more to ship than others! Maybe you mean ‘add a shipping method’?
    i don’t understand !! I wonder how much the genius who thought this up gets paid!

  • Oct 27,2020 at 16:30

    To force sellers to set shipping policies may be a good thing, but user interface and user experience are just horrible. In particular it is just impossible to figure out which starting price the “for each” rate will take into account, and the flat rate makes no sense. At the end I setup the correct prices up to 16 records, then an insane flat rate of e.g. 1000€ for the “17 and up” line. Seriously Discogs, with all the millions you make with your 10% fee, hire a UI/UX designer !!!

  • Oct 27,2020 at 11:06

    System was ok before this new ‘Policy is not complete’ madness. Why do I need to set up a policy for every last Pacific island? Maybe I’ll put inventory on hold till someone at Discogs comes to their senses and puts in place a system that can at least be understood.

  • Oct 26,2020 at 19:33

    This is idiotic, I guess I will just stop selling to international buyers.

  • Oct 25,2020 at 02:20

    I wonder , who is this guy who came up with such a stupid idea to set automated costs ??? System is running just fine like it was , why chance it ? I’m not going to spend a whole day trying to figure out all sub-categories , that’s crazy ! Judging from the comments , E-bay is going to host quite a few of the displeased sellers like me …..

  • Oct 23,2020 at 11:58

    What Discogs has invented is a MONSTER, complicated, full of mistakes. What was easy before with a lot of communication between buyer & seller causes so much trouble now. Oh, man…

  • Oct 22,2020 at 20:00

    Discogs you are about to lose me as a seller of music and also as a buyer. I am not a full time dealer, I sell when my shelves get full and I need to make room for new music additions to my collection.
    Looking at your (Discogs) new rules for sellers you have to be a Philadelphia Lawyer to understand them. You expect me to find the cost of shipping for every edition of LP, CD or Box Set that I may sell in the future. All of these things come in many different sizes. How am I supposed to get all this information from the Royal Mail and the dozens of Courier Services in the UK. You also list a box set containing 6 CDs/LPs as 6 different items how the hell is that going to work.
    Discogs you can do one.


  • Oct 20,2020 at 10:12

    This shipping price nonsense is such a PAIN! Looks like I’ll be moving sales to ebay in the future. This takes any personal approach or flexibility out of the sitution. I’ve had buyers place large orders in the past and offer to negotiate on shipping prices for a number of reasons. This makes it impossible to do business!

  • Oct 20,2020 at 09:35

    Absolutely hate this! I am not a professional seller, but do buy and sell and ask (and get asked) how much shipping is for specific items at the current time. It works. This doesn’t work and I don’t have time to address it as with COVID-19 I am busier than ever and having to work out policies for the world in my spare time has killed the whole fun of Discogs for me. Great, great shame :(

  • Oct 18,2020 at 22:59

    Glad to see others speaking out on this mandated policy that is not very convenient at all – things were fine all this time. What kind of educated idiot thought this up? In the article, it even makes light of how this isn’t fun to set up. They really sucked out the fun and ease of seller music; now it’s very sorted and rigid.

  • Oct 18,2020 at 12:33

    What a nonsense..I just deleted my inventory and moving to ebay. Waste of time. You think you are that big to force idiotic changes ? Forget it.

  • Oct 17,2020 at 13:55

    This is a colossal waste of time and makes the selling experience cumbersome and un personal.
    Scrap this idea Discogs or I will scrap you.
    As a small independent seller that is not a business I was happy and successful using this platform.
    Looks like those days are gone.
    I like to deal with each sale individually not one price or weight for everything.
    Leave it to the purchaser to figure out what method of shipping they prefer. Its not your decision to make or to force us to do something we dont want to do.
    Pay attention and read the comments people dont want this!

  • Oct 16,2020 at 18:53

    Not getting any responses from Discogs about how to set up shipping policies to account for insurance on order total. Also, I just sold a box set that was set to count as multiple items. But, when setting up these new shipping policies, the system forces you to add a charge for “each additional item.” The default is to charge a “flat rate” for additional items instead of what I guess I should have selected: “per each.” SO, instead of charging extra dollars for shipping this larger item, this new shipping system just charged the customer $1 total for shipping. $1 was supposed to be my per additional item fee. This is a major flaw in the setup & it was tough to figure out what went wrong. The “videos” on the shipping setup are actually just gifs that are too small to see, so they aren’t helpful.

  • Oct 16,2020 at 10:39

    “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining” Discogs!!!
    We’re over Discogs, we are not compatible any longer. Don’t call, don’t write, I’m guna leave my balls intact and walk away. It was good while it lasted but you sold us out homie. “Baaaaaaaa Raaaam ewe”
    Well said “disc-zone”, couldn’t of put it better myself. Never a truer word spoken. Well and truly worth a copy and paste.
    Sing it again sister……

    Life is complicated and busy enough without having a needless one-size-must-fit-all policy imposed upon us, and with a deadline attached, no less. As a casual seller who is simply looking to sell a few items from his own collection, this shipping policy is a make-work project that I do not need. Discogs was fun to use before this. And, it was equally fun to correspond with other music fans to determine shipping rates when they were interested in placing an order. That kind of direct contact was not cumbersome, nor was it time consuming. It was easy, enjoyable, quick, and… it felt personal. Conversations were started. Connections (albeit brief) were made between humans. Replace that type of friendly interaction with less person-to-person contact, and we all might as well be clicking through our purchases at any other faceless corporate megastore.

  • Oct 16,2020 at 08:38

    Life is complicated and busy enough without having a needless one-size-must-fit-all policy imposed upon us, and with a deadline attached, no less. As a casual seller who is simply looking to sell a few items from his own collection, this shipping policy is a make-work project that I do not need. Discogs was fun to use before this. And, it was equally fun to correspond with other music fans to determine shipping rates when they were interested in placing an order. That kind of direct contact was not cumbersome, nor was it time consuming. It was easy, enjoyable, quick, and… it felt personal. Conversations were started. Connections (albeit brief) were made between humans. Replace that type of friendly interaction with less person-to-person contact, and we all might as well be clicking through our purchases at any other faceless corporate megastore.

  • Oct 15,2020 at 13:00

    I am a private seller, not a small business, with a limited number of items for sale. I am extremely sensitive to cost, and expect buyers to pay for postage and materials. I use a specific shipping container that holds up to a certain number of items. The container for each format (CD, vinyl, etc) has a different cost and weight. I would like to specify the weight, cost, and number of items that fit in each container, and combine this information with the shipping cost by weight to determine a more accurate shipping cost. Several of my items sell for $1, which is why I have avoided using shipping policies. After I deduct Discogs fee, PayPal fee, and actual shipping costs, I end up paying to sell these items. I would much rather calculate actual shipping costs after an order is placed. As a small, private seller who is not operating a business, I am more interested in maximizing my income than making a sale.

  • Oct 15,2020 at 11:22

    Such a dumb policy, to force people to choose a method for ALL FORMATS completely ignores the intricacies many countries have with their sizes. For example, CDs here usually fit lettermail so I don’t need to do it by weight, I can do it by per item. But records cannot fit through the lettermail slot, so they have to go by weight. If I try and put CDs by weight, my customer will get ripped off as I’ll be shipping by item.

  • Oct 14,2020 at 11:31

    This totally sucks. I’m having a inventory of 20 records so I don’t want to set up shipping policies for the whole world. It’s fine that you like to automate it but keep the option to manually add shipping costs open, why is that so hard?

  • Oct 14,2020 at 07:58

    Ditto – I am a collector looking to sell my extras and this system just keeps bouncing me back with out saving my policies. What a mess for no benefit.

  • Oct 14,2020 at 05:33

    Funny, there is really no positive comment about the new update.. I spend many time to figure out the things- and it leaves me always “Its not complete” back. and no, i dont have the time to sit years of time here to configure the shipping options out.

    never change a running system.

  • Oct 13,2020 at 23:57

    …another thing, isn’t that what the “save shipping rate for future orders to this country” option is all about? This is process is extremely ambiguous. Again, nothing’s broken here.

  • Oct 13,2020 at 23:51

    I’d really rather calculate shipping outside the U.S. upon each order receipt as I’ve been doing….appreciate the “fine tuning” approach, but nothing’s broken here. L

  • Oct 13,2020 at 15:02

    Good News.. The people that actually complain make up a very small percentage of users.. I assure you this change is not about protecting buyers and sellers.. It’s about money and profits. I’m also sure DISCOGS will get along just fine without those who disagree with this policy. The Majority of folks will just leave silently and sell their music elsewhere. There’s always Craigslist right.

  • Oct 13,2020 at 09:37

    This policy change shows that discogs wants to get rid off its collectors selling the occasionally vinyl or CD.

    I mostly buy stuff from collectors and do not mind asking for a shipping quote. That way someone from South Korea can sell stuff to Switzerland (not part of the EU) without making lengthy calculations and updates in advance.

    Having to set up shipping cost for 250+ countries in advance is a nightmare. Many around here are small collectors buying and selling a few times a month. Not everybody does this for a living.

    And the policy conveniently forgets to mention that shipping rates do change. If I forgot to update the rate, it is my loss with an order.

  • Oct 13,2020 at 00:47

    This is possibly the worse decision by Discogs. I spend ages setting up pricing for all “specific formats” only to have it tell me it’s incomplete, and when I select the “all formats” option, it over-rides the “specific format” pricing I previously set up. Also, since setting these shipping policies up, there has been a noticeable drop in sales. Nice work Discogs for throwing a spanner into your own works. Too complicated, flawed and unnecessary!

  • Oct 12,2020 at 21:26

    Hey Discogs – NO ONE seems to like your new Shipping Policies requirement. Is anyone listening on your end??

  • Oct 12,2020 at 21:23

    Glad I’m not the only one who finds this new “Shipping Policies” requirement cumbersome, unnecessary & ridiculous.
    1st, it’s nearly impossible to understand or figure out.
    2nd, It is impossible to set up a “1 sized fits all” shipping policy when shipping costs vary according to quantity & weight of the order
    3rd, why would I go to the trouble of taking all the time to set up a “Shipping Policy” for Mozambique or Bangladesh or where ever, when I only get 1 order from that country ever year or two anyway? But, why should I NOT people able to get orders from those countries as well? Why can’t I just manually figure out the shipping charges & invoice orders from non-US countries AS NEEDED/AS REQUESTED like it’s been all along.
    Please eliminate this stupid requirement & keep it the way it was.

  • Oct 12,2020 at 20:38

    and reading more and more comments here i fully agree with the disdain. the world has come retarded enough already this year and as im selling my collection i very annoyed that what was working perfectly for the last several months (and tons of discogs fees) now turns into yet another totally unnecessary annoyance of 2020.
    Why doing this when everybody is complaining about it and why chase away your source of funding the whole operation?

  • Oct 12,2020 at 20:30

    The only thing that is ‘incomplete’ in my shipping settings is that you changed the input value from ‘to’ to ‘up to’
    but in order to make it compliant with the new regulation i have to remove what is there and do everything the same again except the little name in the drop down menu changed. why should this be helping me in any way? or any buyer? and i can’t believe i’m the first one having this problem so why not fix it instead of extending the time to change what you should have not programmed in there?

  • Oct 12,2020 at 14:02

    bad idea, leaving Discogs in 3,2,1….

  • Oct 12,2020 at 13:28

    It was fun while it lasted, time to head back over to eBay.

  • Oct 12,2020 at 02:35

    does ANYBODY think this good? everyone [including me] think this new shipping policy is an annoying nuisance. I suggest discogs drops this weird change & let us sellers continue with previous text method.

  • Oct 11,2020 at 17:09

    I love discogs, its one of my favorite formats to sell on, but this idea is just crazy, why change the old format? It was working pretty good

  • Oct 11,2020 at 15:21

    I am glad to see I’m not the only one who cant get on with these shipping settings. It seems to me I have to charge the same for 7″ as 12″. How do you do it, my heads going to explode

  • Oct 11,2020 at 13:56

    DAMN SYSTEM SO ANNOYED! Time to change ebay, grailed or esty.

    PCE OUT!

  • Oct 11,2020 at 13:52

    Time to move on to Ebay. Farewell Discogs!

  • Oct 11,2020 at 08:13

    Absolutely terrible. I cannot adjust shipping by Canadian province (it makes a big difference), and it does not easily allow you to have different rates for different formats. My sales have tanked, and at this point I may just sell elsewhere unless you fix this.

  • Oct 11,2020 at 08:10

    I totally agree with everything I’ve read in the above comments. Why do you have to change policies that are working perfectly fine? I work closely with my customers and give them shipping discounts on large orders and make other adjustments because I appreciate their business. I also ship CDs (with or without cases), 45s and LPs together. How can I possibly do that now using your “enhanced” policies? This is a complete mess, and I’m begging you to scrap this crap. I don’t want to stop using Discogs, but it appears I no longer have a choice. Sooooooo disappointed that Discogs has so little appreciation for their sellers.

  • Oct 11,2020 at 07:41

    Since October 3rd, although I don’t have clicked on free shipping for orders, I received payments by people who have ordered from me and who receive automatically invoices with free shippings. I have stopped and deleted temporalily (?)my account as I was obliged to refund money to these buyers and I have contacted Discogs by using French as I did before. I asked them to remove these automatic sending invoices with free shippings. I have discovered on Discogs site an answer that I don’t have received by mail who don’t answer to my request. Meanwhile, I have sent a new request (thinking they have forgotten to my previous mail) asking to remove automatic free shippings with orders. NO answer till today. I am mad about this situation, why to change shipping policies without no talkings with users, why putting automatic free shippings, why no help by phone, why always answering to look at their new shippings policies, why this lack of respect to sellers ?????? For myself, it was helping to sell my collection and being retired, to improve my financial situation. It is made to increase profits of Discogs owners ? and cancelling small sellers ?

  • Oct 10,2020 at 16:39

    I suggest to all angry seller to leave here a statement that mean
    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references

  • Oct 10,2020 at 02:24

    This system sucks. Dehumanization, once more ! Let customers and sellers the opportunity to choose which kind of shipping method is the best. Waste of time on each order because it’s never the right shipping price…

  • Oct 9,2020 at 07:18

    This is the dumbest decision by Discogs. I will delist my whole collection if I have to.

  • Oct 9,2020 at 02:15

    Will not do this! It kills the spirit of discogs. Well I am going to back to ebay.

  • Oct 8,2020 at 02:04

    This new system is a waste of time. I’ve never had any problem before with shipping. I’m a collector, not a professional seller, and I stopped selling items. Best 2020’s stupid idea…

  • Oct 5,2020 at 12:15

    after so many years of perfect cooperation, you seem you want all of us who don’t have a store, just sell our private collection’s stuff to say goodbye. your flexibility made you famous and gathered every music seller from ebay. now you want us back? if that’s what you want then what else to say ….good job!

  • Oct 5,2020 at 03:55

    I have never had a problem in the past with any of my sales. I will leave everything as it is. If the new policy stops me selling then its bye bye DISCOGS.

  • Oct 4,2020 at 03:48

    As an individual seller & not a business, I’m selling my collection, this is the end for me. I enjoy the personal interaction with the Buyer. Tailoring their order to include insurance when needed & shipping method to suit their individual requirements.
    I’m all for listing shipping costs so that Buyers are aware of costs before purchasing,I do this already.What is ridiculous is the blanket cost for every format & the ridiculous price increments which completely ignore the value of the items in relation to insurance costs.

  • Oct 4,2020 at 01:50

    It looks like everyone’s having the same issues as me. This system is a mess and it will put sellers off using Discogs. Particularly sellers like me who sell little. The requirement for “All Formats” is ridiculous.
    I have used discogs for years, and no one has ever complained regards my shipping calculation at point of order. This option should stay available or your going to lose custom!

  • Oct 3,2020 at 08:09

    The Shipping Policy change is a complete mess. I have tried multiple times to use this convoluted system and cannot get it to go. Why have an option to “specify formats” if you can’t set a policy in this manner and it is forcing me to select “all formats”. I can’t possibly ship a vinyl LP for the same rate as a CD. I have spent countless hours trying to fix something that was not broken in the first place and working absolutely fine. I tried to get support from Help Desk weeks ago and received no reply.

  • Oct 3,2020 at 07:55

    I am really disappointed with this move too.
    Just tried setting my policies up and there are so many issues and uncertainties … its no fun and i can smell the problems coming from this miles ahead.
    There is no individuality, many details missing in how calculating individual shipping rates. What this move will end in is higher shipping rates because every seller has to take the safe road to avoid getting paid too little for any mistake that might arise in this rigid structure.
    One thing that definitly is missing is taking the buyers rating into account when calculating for safe or cheap shipping.
    There are many parts where i take higher shipping with the new systems as i have to think about several possible orders that fit into the predefined sets than when i add shipping the regular way and can make it fit the individual requirements.

    I suspect both sellers and buyers will have many problems and this will lead to many conflicts between buyers and sellers who never asked for this… definitly not a good idea the way its done now.

    Also… i was always a big fan of the discogs system. But the shipping policies editor is not only convoluted and hard to work with. I encountered so many bugs it got really annoying to set it up. Am i the only user who has to enter values of more than 10 in “order subtotal must be…” and “takes business days to deliver” by clicking the arrows and incrementally adding 0.01 to 9 until i reach e.g. 20?? I cant type in a number higher than 9. This is insanity and i checked several browsers and operating systems… this bug was in all of them.

    I know this problem from Ebay but at least their system is not buggy when forcing sellers into a corsage that leaves little room for breathing.

    Its tiresome that all platforms exert so much control over their users nowadays and then even deliver faulty and inconsistend frontends that leave the user with all the problems that arise from them.

    I Would never have expected a move like this from Discogs.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 23:38

    Some countries like Canada, do not have a set price across the country. Something I can send within my own province can vary wildly between $9 and $20. That same item can be $30 to ship to another city in a different province. I also don’t use Canada Post so I get a cheaper rate to different cities in different provinces. Not sure how high and how drunk the masterminds were behind this change was…they have made it so hard to figure out EVERY possibility to every place in the world.
    Ebay has forced their own payment system on us and now this change is forced on us. I wonder if there are any other places like things were (until recently) out there

  • Oct 1,2020 at 15:21

    This is a crazy idea, i’ve already had to cancel one order cos the shipping policy is so hard to set up that I hadn’t realised that i was selling my vinyl without any added postage.

    If you don’t scrap this idea I’m going to stop selling via your site.

  • UGF
    Sep 30,2020 at 21:17

    So DISCOGS extended the deadline to November it seems. I Read most of the comments and consensus is very NEGATIVE.

    I run a small operation, and if I decide to continue with ADDING POLICIES, I will probably just sell in the USA (domestically) to keep things simple.

    Maybe I’ll add a country or a region down the road. DAMN DISCOGS…listen to your community.
    I don’t think the majority of professional sellers like this idea at all.

    SORRY WORLD…guess you wont be buying from me for a very long time, if ever.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 16:24

    Why can’t Discogs have a shipping policy similar to Ebay-add shipping cost when you list the item-so simple. Discogs shipping seems so alien,like from another world-I wonder if Albert Einstein could even set it up??

  • Sep 30,2020 at 09:25

    are of every consequences (sorry for the cut in two post) ;)

  • Sep 30,2020 at 09:24

    After reading all comments, it seems a good thing will be to make those Shipping Policy optional, maybe some sellers would like to use this system, but for a lot of us (small sellers, shop with a lot of various formats…) contact with buyer is still the better way to ensure a realistic and suitable solution for shipping (depending on options and value of item). Hope it was only a “false move”, trying to do something good but without taking c

  • Sep 30,2020 at 02:26

    I weigh each package and compare costs on several carrier websites in order to find the best price depending on the country I send it to. Basically impossible to standardize this for your new rule! I will be losing money if I put a shipping cost that is too low or people won’t buy my discs if I set a cost that is higher.
    Or are you suggesting that I weigh each of my discs in my inventory, make cost simulations online, in direction of every country in the world and then set my shipping policy???
    This idea of yours is ridiculous!! And too bad for you, I will sell my discs elsewhere until it comes back to a smarter way of selling.
    There are so many things to enhance on Discogs that I am shocked that you chose the worst and useless point to change!!

  • Sep 30,2020 at 01:46

    Besides all this: YOU (discogs!!!!!!) should work on YOUR site. A Site where you can even not search like everywhere else (example: you use just ONE wrong capital – group/ title – and you will find nothing at all. This is not even WEB 2.0.
    You just like to earn money.
    And on the other side you are doing nothing for making the site more comfortable.
    Blame on you.
    IN the middle of c19 and then this absolute stupid idea.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 01:38

    what the F***?
    First of all: If you like to change things like this you should translate it in some other languages too. not just in english.
    Then: It looks so complicated!
    I never had trouble – i am a seller here on discogs sionce 9 years – why these stupid changes which makes no sense at all?
    I am not a professional seller; i do not have a store. It means, my records which i am selling here are sometimes gone after alle these years. When i offer a record in 2017, it might be happen, that this record was sold on other ways some 3 years later.
    this can happens.
    Also: somtimes the weight of a record might be more heavier as you think at first sight or a record condition was not graded perfectly – this can also happen. i actually can not understand all this.

  • Sep 29,2020 at 22:12

    which i think is a really stupid idea.
    in particular, it is a policy that has no idea of the specificity of Coronavirus.
    Discogs should allow old settings to be used.
    therefore unacceptable!!

  • Sep 29,2020 at 14:38

    Yeah this is nuts. It needs simplifying. I am closing shop for a week to stand back and watch the mayhem unfold .. Discogs you only had one job to do … lol

  • Sep 29,2020 at 11:39

    This is plain crazy and unnecessary
    I lossing money already
    I live in USA and l cannot sell in the USA due to my inhability to set my rates pr
    I wish there was a new web site to sell records without so many hassles
    Please help🙏🏽

  • Sep 29,2020 at 09:09

    This new policy is one of the reasons I left ebay…when they tried to dictate how much I should charge for shipping and taking out any variables I work out with my customers.
    Completely pointless policy to a system that doesn’t need to change.
    I don’t charge by weight or quantity. For Canada Post, shipping can either be sent as a letter or a parcel. The difference is the thickness of the package. So charging for a single cd vs. a cd with a thick package is a completely different shipping method and amount.
    I hate to leave here, but if this policy forces me to, so be it.

  • Sep 29,2020 at 07:09

    It’s actually relatively intuitive once you get going with it. If anyone needs a hand setting it up let me know and I’ll take you through it.

  • Sep 28,2020 at 13:37

    Way too convoluted. Who thought this was a good idea?

  • Sep 28,2020 at 07:05

    Hey! I am setting up this thing, and found out that you put Mexico in “Central America”. Did you miss your geography class in PRIMARY SCHOOL??

  • Sep 27,2020 at 21:34

    Time is running out for Discogs to bail on what is obviously NOT a popular idea….well ?????

  • Sep 27,2020 at 19:32

    I have to agree with every comment on this – automatic shipping quoting, especially international is completely impossible to be accurate, and takes away any kind of personal interaction that can be a positive of selling here. I often work with international customers to create a package that is an ideal weight and we’ll sometimes add or subtract things from the order to make weight. Also sometimes do shipping discounts to repeat customers. This is not Amazon – please abandon this effort. Ugh.

  • Sep 27,2020 at 08:33

    I think I will also be leaving this site and moving my goods elsewhere far too time-consuming to go through all that…

  • Sep 27,2020 at 07:13

    Why is “grams” the only weight option on the shipping policies? The United States postal system is based on ounces and pounds – does this mean I need to convert all weights from ounces/pounds to grams?

    Honestly – I don’t know what was wrong with the old way. State your terms/prices in “Shipping Policy”. That worked fine.

  • Sep 27,2020 at 04:23

    I cannot work this out at all..it’s far too complicated for this state educated simpleton. :(

  • Sep 27,2020 at 02:44

    I have only been selling on Discogs for a couple of years & have found the whole experience a real breeze. When you compare experiences with Amazon & EBay where there is no real, personal interaction with customers & tooooo much politics, buying & selling on Discogs is great. So why introduce a selling system that will alienate so many sellers ?
    I spent all waking hours on Saturday trying to change to the new system to receive inquiries this morning that were possibly from Mars – such was their idiotic content.
    So what now Discogs….

  • Sep 26,2020 at 07:59

    I was thinking i must be a complete idiot that i cannot figure this out, but luckily i see i am not the only one having problems. This is ridiculous, i had my shipping setup and working now everything is free shipping after setting every format possible up!!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THIS NOW!

  • Sep 25,2020 at 05:14

    It’s impossible for me to set up my shipping policies because of all the variables involved. Such as shame this is new is a new requirement. I’m not a professional seller, so probably stop selling here and move on to another platform.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 02:39

    I just sent to the DISCOGS support this email.
    If I follow the French Post I must create my shipping policy by WEIGHT. Let’s take for example :
    A seven 7″ inch weight is 60 g + packing 70 g = 130 g
    Rates are from 0 to 100 G = 2.80 euros
    and from 101 to 250 g = 7.00 euros
    Could you tell me what DISCOGS will automatically calculate for the shipping ? 2.80 or 7.00 euros
    All the weights included in your database is only the weight of the VINYL/CD/TAPE/DVD….
    I would not like to change ONE BY ONE the weight of the 5000 items of my inventory.
    Thanks for your clarification

    Does anybody in this forum agree with me as DISCOGS will calculate 2.80 euros as per the as weigh in their data base?

  • Sep 25,2020 at 01:36

    I have been using the current ‘seller terms’ system for 7 years and have had no problem apart from a few unpaid orders.
    I cannot get my head round this new system it seems unnecessary and complicated and very time (which I don’t have) consuming to set up.
    Because of this I will no longer use Discogs and will transfer everything to ‘Buy it now’ on E Bay. The commission is the same so I have nothing to lose.
    None of these changes were needed. Bye, bye Discogs.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 09:02

    The new ‘compulsory’ shipping policies are a time-consuming and unnecessarily complex ruling, and a right old spoiler of fun. I’ve been selling on Discogs for 6 years, I have a 100% Seller rating, so I can’t have been getting much wrong thus far, right? I sometimes get asked to quote a shipping rate for a potential customer, but it’s no hassle, and up until now have been able offer a comprehensive range of shipping price options in answer to the enquiry. Many customers really appreciate that, and say so, because that approach to selling has a far more bespoke and individual feel about it. I’m not selling from a huge inventory – selling vinyl is, for me, something at hobby level, I do it for the enjoyment as well as the small additional income it generates. Up until now it’s been an enjoyable thing to do; Discogs, you’re about to kill that enjoyment for many of your sellers – they’ll go elsewhere, do you want that? What are you trying to do, go big business corporate? Bugger that! Whose idea was the new Shipping Policy anyway? Some new exec broom who ain’t got a clue and doesn’t understand “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”? You don’t really know what a good thing you’ve got, do you? Anyway, if you must pursue this new imposition on all your sellers, just know that on Oct 1st you’re about to ruin everyone’s enjoyment of using this selling platform.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 05:32

    I agree with all those guys saying that this what they call “new shipping policy” is a complete rubbish and nuisance!

  • Sep 22,2020 at 22:12

    I have the same issue, please advise. Thanks.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 22:11

    This is absolutely ridiculous. My shipping policies consider every possible option. That’s why the “and up” option is there. Not all of my items have weights. What’s going to happen then? How do I even filter my items to determine which don’t have weights? This is asinine. I understand requiring shipping policies but why is it based on weight? I want it based on items!

    • Sep 23,2020 at 06:51

      Hi FreakBoutiqueVintage,
      You’re certainly welcome to continue to set up your Shipping Policies based on Quantity, I used Weight in the above example as I find it more straight-forward with postal rates, but it’s personal preference. For adding or editing weights, please note you can do this in your Inventory.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 12:29

    Madness, nonsense…bye Discogs

  • Sep 22,2020 at 12:15

    As Discogs guys seems to ignore our discontent, we have to cut massively their revenue in October. The more messy it will be, the more powerful our collective protest will be visible.
    I suggest to all angry seller to leave here a statement that mean
    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.
    Copy and paste this text or write it in your words, but react by a massive manifestation here and before the deadline of October 1st.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 10:54

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    The problem as I see it, so far, is that there are just far too many variables here– no way to account for the weight of the box, lots of different formats, if you have a huge inventory now you have to go back and get weights for EVERYTHING.

    A lot of us are trying to stay above water in these tough times and this is adding a nightmarish slog through unknowns, and for what? Were buyers complaining about how they wanted discogs to be more like ebay or amazon?

    I think I know the real answer here.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 04:26

    This is all such a headache in so many ways.

    Sold 8,000+ on here and now feeling very unsure about the future, what a shame and at this particular time too.

    In 8 years I do not recall EVER having shipping issues or complaints, it just worked. 100% LOVED Discogs up to now.

    Can someone maybe develop a tool to convert a sellers Discogs inventory to one of the other music sales sites, migrate item format, title, grading, price and comments etc. Mind you, the alternatives are not ideal. Go back to having my own website? maybe. I’d REALLY prefer not too though.

    Such minimal support for this change as far as I can see, truly baffling.

    Sat down and decided to try and get my head round all this today, 2 hours on and I give up, wrote this instead, now pondering whether to even attempt this update, had a look on several occasions now and got confused and annoyed. May actually sit back, see what happens post October 1st and no doubt lose some needed income.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 02:53

    Hello, Can someone please help, this is an total and absolute minefield and one I am now feeling stupid and cant understand why its so very, very difficult!

    On trying to change my shipping, I find I can’t get the policy to go green (its always saying incomplete)without clicking the ”All Formats box’ to get the policy to be accepted! All this does is makes all my listings the same price, £3.50, for a Large Vinyl?

    Why does it do this, I’ve messaged Help Centre, days ago, they are being shy because of the Virus, expect delays. I need help! Then on the a bog they say that its an update and will not affect people’s income, it will here because, this is wrong, i’ve got all the correct postage in but it still says one shipping cost and one price.

    Can anybody help, please, at this rate Discogs will have no one listing, so no income to me or to Discogs, why, why why!!!

  • Sep 21,2020 at 21:29

    I would like to talk to someone in person (no emails back and forth) at Discogs to help me set this up. How do I do that?

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:23

    Why being bothered and wasting time reading all those settings, policies, etc. Is Discogs only interested in the bigger fish and currency?

    Luckily there are more online and offline places one can sell and trade music. Too bad though, Discogs used to be fun using…

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:19

    Tried but systems fails to list the products correctly. Don’t understand the ‘up to’ or all formats function at all. I am stressed out at the moment and thinking of quieting Discogs to. SHAME on you !

  • Sep 20,2020 at 21:13

    tried to set this up
    set up a policy for cds
    policy for vinyl
    policy for dvds and vhs
    says i’m good to go!

    first order goes through, customer is charged $0 shipping, they are invoiced and have paid already
    asked for help from discogs — now wait several days for a reply telling me, i’m sure, we’re sorry
    there is NO explanation on this blog or anywhere i can find for how this actually works

  • Sep 19,2020 at 23:27

    I’m sorry his whole postage restructure is absolute bullshit… It’s totally impossible to understand…. I live in Germany, I set up a postage range for ‘all formats’, then I set up another for 45s & CDs at a slightly cheaper starting rate… this does NOT show on the selected items. I try to change ‘all formats’ to ‘vinyl large’… now the whole thing is rejected! Really? you’re going to loose so many sellers over this… and how the hell do you add ‘tracking’ if it’s an expensive record?….. :-(

  • Sep 19,2020 at 22:53

    Discogs just shot itself in the foot. Good luck with your revenue streams, Discogs.Your shipping policies form just proved you couldnt organise a pissup in a brewery. i’ll just sell on Ebay or CDandLP.
    Your sales tax charges was already offensive, you just added salt to the wound!

  • Sep 19,2020 at 15:51

    I have been trading since 2014. Only CDs on sale. The new system presents several difficulties at once. 1) Some customers choose delivery without plastic jewel boxes to save on delivery. How is it now? Unclear. 2) Some CDs are not in stock (although they are offered for sale). It’s easy to settle when the order is made and yet not paid. What now when it’s already paid for but the CD is missing? I have to make a refund and lose the Discogos and PayPal fees I paid. This is VERY bad. 3) Many new customers do not know how to combine the order and just buy some CDs separately (as on EBay), and then ask combine shipping and make a refund of the overpayment for delivery. Again, when a refund is made, either the seller or the buyer loses PayPal fees for the returned shipping amount. These are the main disadvantages for me. I suggest leaving the possibility of issuing an invoice by the seller as it was previously.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 13:21


  • Sep 19,2020 at 09:31

    I will stop on the first of October.
    To complicated.
    Will switch to e-bay.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 07:32

    I am really sad. This is far too complicated. I would need several days to fill in everything, and then there would remain several exceptions. For example: the regions at Discogs do not correspond with the regions of the Dutch postal service (for Russia there are different postal rates, compared to the rest of Europe). I never had any problem as a seller, always good communication with my customers, everyone satisfied. But now I have to decide to stop using Discogs as a consequence of this ridiculous decision of Discogs.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 01:24

    With over 7 years selling and thousands of sales it is the end of the road for me come 1st October

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:36

    why dont you do something useful like banning all these persistent non payers . 3 strikes and your’e gone

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:35

    Too complicated, due too Corona changing shipping rates.It has to be fun and have some nice talks with customers, this will stop, etc etc So I will stop

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:29

    If you were unable to attend this week’s webinars, please utilize the replay to set up your shipping policies:
    US | https://youtu.be/LHY41pillVE?t=536
    EU | https://youtu.be/4zxe6x0t4uo

    This is demo is meant to help you understand the new editor. Discogs by no means dictates what world regions you are required to ship, that is up to each individual seller. However, you ARE required to have a complete policy for regions you choose to sell to by Oct. 1 otherwise your items will show as “unavailable for sale” in incomplete regions.

    If you are having trouble or need assistance, please email your seller rep:
    North/South American Seller Lead, Christopher | cmasagatani@discogsinc.com
    European Seller Lead, Russ | rryan@discogsinc.com

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:23

    This is ridiculous, because it depends on so many factors…with or without jewelcase, offers, buyers you might not want to sell to. This should be optional and it is impossible to set up something coherent like this. Leave things as they are in the description of each seller.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:02

    absolutely ridiculous idea how can i predict an order of say 15 and 30 items at a time ,,,how the hell can i set up for that ,my time is too precious,,,the commission from me will go elsewhere

  • Sep 18,2020 at 10:44

    Who designed this shipping upgrade? Helen Keller?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 10:23

    Case in point! Just had an order for 15 x cassettes + 1 x CD How the hell do you work postage out on that order…..?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 08:51

    This has to be the craziest idea to pursue ever! Discogs please wake up, you have done so many things right – why spoil it? I will be shifting all sales to Ebay from 1/10, in the middle of a global pandemic you need all the help you can get, not crazy half baked schemes – do the right thing Discogs before it is too late.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 07:50

    this is a complete waste of time why alter something that works fine . i dont know if i can be bothered

  • Sep 18,2020 at 07:35

    This is the stupidest idea. Discogs is such a great site because it is so flexible. Expecting everyone to set this up is an idea that could only have come from someone who doesn’t have to use it. Why would someone selling a few items from their collection go to all this trouble ? They won’t be bothered. Plus of course postal rates change all the time. How are people supposed to keep on top of that ?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 06:52

    Why not just leave it as it is, it works and has done for many years, there is no need whatsoever for this change. Leave it to the sellers to add shipping costs which are already set out in the seller terms. WHY DO THIS?? IT IS RIDICULOUS.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 06:41

    You need to realise the difficulty that sellers are having working out how to create the new shipping policies that you are implementing on October 1st. Many many people having difficulty including myself. You are in danger of losing many sellers as the process is not an easy one and is not made clear when trying to do it.
    This is a post on Facebook from a very eminent seller on your platform (name kept private)
    I have a feeling Discogs are going to lose a lot of money over this. Aside from being confusing to set up there are various issues to consider – how do you give a preferential buyer cheap or free postage on an order, how do you block an order from someone you would rather not sell to, how do you combine postage costs for multiple orders. I’m sure there are other issues that will arise. I pay Discogs around £5000 to £6000 a year in commission, I’m going to have a go at setting up the shipping policy, but if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll close my store. I guess many others will think the same.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 06:16

    Confusing as hell! ‘Not confident Shipping Policies are excluding or covering me. Surely there has to be a better way? I’m going to give it a go, but am now looking for alternative selling platforms.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 06:05

    At least we have got one response from staff! Sorry but been on here since 2006 sold over 16000 orders, Added thousands of items & photos, Got nearly 10000 items listed, 5710 feedbacks (mostly positive)& Discogs thinks this idea is a good thing..? Sorry but I don’t need the stress I can sell my good stuff on ebay & run of the mill on selling sites such as facebook & musicstacks!
    I would like to thank Discogs for the great service up to now! but on the last day of this month I will be pulling my stock down!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 05:14

    This is far too complicated for me to follow. I can’t seem to find all the options I will need. Can anyone suggest another site to sell on?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 04:09

    Things that SHOULD have been considered:

    The right to only offer signed-for postage to people with no/bad feedback.
    Some same category items weigh more than others.
    That people were happy to manually provide shipping costs (after all, the buyer has a right not to continue with the sale if they wish). I would like to know why this idea is considered so good that it is a must for all sellers.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 03:50

    What will happen if I don’t set up this new shipping policies ?
    And to be honest, I don’t see any reason to do this. All went well til now. So why this complicated change now ???

  • Sep 18,2020 at 03:01

    Not one positive message about this idea.. makes you think weather or not its actually worth doing ?

    If it aint broke…

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:50

    think we sellers are so free?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:30

    Furthermore, you cannot even properly read those video instructions, even if you wanted to do this bullshit. I am probably out of here…

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:28

    So we have been ‘used’ to build the database and now we are mistreated and being frustrated like this??? What a poor and offensive decision. Discogs really needs to reconsider…

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:19

    Not workable; you’re loosing me with this crazy system. Does anyone know another good platform ?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 00:58

    This is completely ridiculous. I would like to offer the buyer the option for tracked shipping if there they so desire there is no option for that in the policy editor. Other than that, priced do not go up lineary. Above 7 12 inch records it’s package, not a letter anymore. Which is more expensive. Also no option for that

  • Sep 18,2020 at 00:52

    this is just really dumb, it seems impossible to set up and for no reason, most people wait for an invoice and i’m happy to provide the correct invoice when sombody orders…what happens when the postal prices go up…i have to sit here and try to do this all over again – sorry discogs, you’ll lose me, like a lot of other sellers with this “idea” – it is not needed

  • Sep 18,2020 at 00:17

    I search some vinyl to buy everywhere , after i list them on Discogs , after sold it i do the packaging , after i have to wait so many time in front of my local post office to sent it , and now i have to waste my time to set up that ? ? ? our life is short & the time is prescious . . .

  • Sep 17,2020 at 21:31

    Agree withe the most. Too complicated, total waste of time. Probably have to remove all the expensive records from Discogs not to be cheated by conmen buyers, or have to set the prices so high that nobody buys nothing anymore. Based on these previous comments I assume that Discogs is loosing sellers.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 20:35

    This new policy doesn’t make sense. Even in Canada shipping the same package from one province to another within the same country, the price changes. How can you expect me to enter an amount for every possible destination and every possible shipping method and for any number of items. I’m not going to flat rate anything at risk of losing money on shipping and if I pad the rates to create some buffer then, I am not being competitive in most cases. You need to keep this optional otherwise, I won’t be selling on here any more

  • Sep 17,2020 at 16:37

    I don’t get the purpose for setting up a policy, which covers all formats. It appears senseless to me. Plus, I have tried for one hour or so setting it up, but changes weren’t accepted at all and/or a co-existence of a policy for all and particular formats is obviously not possible as well.

    Pretty shitty!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 16:36

    You had a good thing going then had to ruin it for yourselves and us. Who ever came up with this idea in the board room should go stand in the corner and sssshhh

  • Sep 17,2020 at 16:30

    Well this might work for countries in Europe or United States where the national post office really work, but in latin America things does not work like that. here we never know how much its gonna be the final price till we go to the office and the mesure or weight it.
    I decided to to use national post office anymore because during the covid i sent 3 records to europe one to spain one to france and Autria and all of them are lost more that 1,000 dollars in records and they are not responsable for that. Paypal took off my money and dunno if the buyers got the record. SUCKS

  • Sep 17,2020 at 16:18

    TL;DR Not worth the hassle. Its been a fun 10 years selling, but no more 10% for you Discogs.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:45

    This is ridiculously complicated, and I have been selling online for over 20 years. It will end up costing buyers more because I will have to estimate high, so I donlt lose money on postage !

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:01

    It’s really a bad development. In the Netherlands we have even different shippingrates within the EU. Should I separately enter all countries? And what if someone doesn’t want the jewelcases and therefore has a package that’s lighter? Of track & trace? Or registered? It’s all missing! Who thought this was a good idea???

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:21

    This is a complete balls-ache. I sell maybe one CD every few months. This is hassle I don’t need. It’s like my day-job (only more confusing).I ONLY sell CDs. WTF do need a policy for all formats? I think I may stop selling on here.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:48

    Crazy idea

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:47

    This new system is just a waste of time. I am not a professional seller, and I am honestly thinking to stop selling items. 100% crap

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:34

    To be honest I am not that computer friendly and I am confused as to what they are asking me to do?
    Got a rough gist but they are launching this at a time when the world’s postal service is in chaos, postage to the USA alone from the UK has gone up by a third, more countries are set to follow so postage prices are going to be all over the place for months to come so now seems like a good time to trawl through setting pricing policies when they are all about to change.
    This is a deal breaker and yes if someone sets up another site I would probably jump ship too, I don’t need a hassle this isn’t my full time job I have limited time to dedicate to this daily. I hope the powers at discogs do heed what seems to be a very unpopular policy they are trying to introduce.

  • Sep 5,2020 at 23:50

    if you choose to break down shipping options by weight, is it a PACKAGED weight I work with or is it a net weight?

  • Aug 30,2020 at 01:37

    Hi there,

    I have now set the shipping rates for both Priority and Registred mail (by weight), but when I look at the listed items, only Priority shipping option is showed! I cannot see, how the buyer can choose the Registred option.
    Can anyone help here?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Aug 19,2020 at 11:44

    Hi there i’m a new seller on Discogs, I have a lot of years selling on other online market places like Easy and Ebay. I’m having a hard time trying to create the shipping policies.
    On Easy we name them “shipping profiles” and you just create them and when you are uploading a new item to sell you can manually include the shipping price or you can choose from your shipping profiles.
    By unblocking the not desired countries I manage to create here in Discogs one for the rest of the world and save the changes, one for some of the European countries and save, another for a cheaper rate within Europe and one for The Netherlands where I live. I save all changes every time, but they don’t seem to stick, as I go to my inventory still not showing the shipping costs.
    Can someone be so kind to help me?
    Thanks in advance,
    Fran & ruidosyvegetales

  • Aug 6,2020 at 15:40

    Muy mal, deficitario y sin pensar en el vendedor, solo en facturar más por parte de discogs. No escuchan nada y el trato poco organico y personal. No me han perguntado si esto me beneficia, solo me dicen que me beneficia sin consultarme. Muy penoso.

  • Jun 11,2020 at 03:16

    Hi crazybeat.ch
    try to configure shipping method by weight

  • Jun 10,2020 at 12:29

    i wanted to start setting up the automatic shipping policies for my online store but already encountered problems because i chose to set up the pricing according to format. as i have both 7″, 12″/lp and also cd’s for sale and our postal system does not charge the same for a cd as for a 12″/lp format, i wanted to set up economy and priority shipping for each of these formats. i was not able to save my input, because i received an error message saying “You can’t have more than one “Priority” shipping method in the same policy”.

    if this is not possible, i don’t know how to proceed.

    can you help me how to do this or will you change the setup so that such differenciation in formats and prices will be possible?

    thanks & best regards,

    • Jun 15,2020 at 05:38

      Hi crazybeat.ch,
      Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you’ve had trouble setting up your Shipping Policies. I’ve sent you a direct message to help.

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