How to Add a Release to Discogs

How to Add a Release to Discogs

Before you can sell an album or add it o your Collection, it must be in the Discogs Database. So what if you can’t find the Release on Discogs?

Congrats, you have a rare Release in your hands! There are nearly 13 million items in the Database, so most popular albums are already documented. However, occasionally you’ll run across a record that had a limited run or is so new it isn’t yet documented on Discogs. When that happens, you can help preserve this piece of music history by submitting the information to Discogs! Here’s how to add a Release.

Step 1: Search Discogs

Before adding a Release, be sure to thoroughly search the Database.
Search For Your Release

Is the item totally new to Discogs? Move on to Step 2 if you are sure you have a unique Release.

Is a different version of the item already on Discogs? For example, do you have the UK pressing, but you can only find the Japan pressing on Discogs? That means you can skip some data entry by using the Copy to Draft feature:

From the different version’s Release page, click Edit Release. Next, click Copy to Draft. Now, rather than entering all the Release data, you will only need to edit the data to reflect what is unique about your version.

Step 2: Enter the Data

The very first rule in our Database Guidelines states that “You must have the exact release in your possession when you make a release submission.”

Once you have your release in front of you, navigate to the Add Release Form:
Add Release Form

Complete the required fields. It might help to read through our quick-start guide for new contributors.

Although adding images is optional, it’s highly recommended. You should take your own pictures and follow our image recommendations in the Database Guidelines.

Step 3: Double-Check

Double-check all the data you’ve entered, especially the linked Artist and Label pages.

Next, click the Preview/Submit button. Be sure to read through and fix any errors or warnings. Then, submit the release!

Once submitted to the Database, the Release is immediately visible to other music fans around the world. add it to the correct Master Release (to group all the different versions together).

If you need help or want some feedback from other contributors, start a thread in the Submission Help Forum.

How to Add an Artist or Label to Discogs

Artist and Label pages are automatically created when you add a Release that identifies previously undocumented artists or labels.

Once the Artist or Label page is created, you can then navigate to the new Artist or Label page and click the Edit Artist or Edit Label link to add images and more information. Be sure to follow guidelines for updating an Artist page and updating a Label page.

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