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How to Add Friends on the Discogs iOS App

Are friends electric? The question posed by Gary Numan and company in 1979 has undoubtedly taken on a new meaning in 2021. Your friends may or may not be electric, but I’m willing to bet right now many of your friendships are somewhat electronic in nature, maintained via text, social media, and email. And now you can add the Discogs iOS app to that list!

With the Friends functionality on the Discogs iOS app, you can:

  • See new music that your Friends add to their Collections and Wantlists, as well as their additions to the Discogs Database.
  • Discover new music through trusted connections’ reviews and activity on Discogs.
  • Add your favorite Discogs stores as Friends to keep their profiles more accessible.

Download or update now to enjoy the upgraded service and functionality of Discogs on-the-go (even if you’re not on-the-go right now).

:apple-icon: iOS: Version 2.8.0

How to Add Friends on the Discogs iOS App

If only making friends in real life was as easy as it is to add them on the iOS app. First, you’ll need to know the Discogs username of the person or store you’d like to add as a Friend. Type that into the search bar at the top of the screen. Find the person’s avatar under the Users section of search results and tap their avatar to go to their profile page. At the top-right of the screen, just below the cart and your profile settings, you’ll see “+ Friend.” Tap this to add the person as a Friend.

how to add friend

You can also add users from the Friend page by clicking the blue “+” at the top-right above Recent Activity. Enter the user’s name, then tap “Add.”

To remove a Friend, simply tap the same button again. If the user is already in your Friends list, this button will say “Remove.”

How to View Friends and Activity

Once you’ve got one or more Friends added, you can view them in the Friends section of My Discogs, beneath your Collection and Wantlist sections.

Tap “See All” to view your full Friends list. You can also tab over to see all your Friends’ recent activity and what they’ve been getting up to on Discogs (as long as their settings are public). If you have more than 25 Friends in your list, you’ll see the activity of the first 25 Friends you added (this is due to a technical restriction between the site and the app).

Not a Fan of iOS?

Not a problem — this feature is also available on the Android app. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app downloaded to your phone to access all the latest features.

Although you might be relegated to the couch (insert various furniture here depending on time of day), it doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your Friends and make new ones. Try it out on iOS or Android and let us know what you think.

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