Discogs Presents: ADE Hangover Record Fair 2019

This October was our third collaborative Record Fair with the mighty Amsterdam Dance Event and Into The Woods, which saw over one thousand attendees pass through NDSM-werf to dig & dance!

Alongside the cross-section of fantastic records & sellers, this year’s event had a slightly different “spin”- we asked each DJ to play their set from records they’d bought from the event, whilst host Aron Friedman interviewed them throughout their set about what those records meant to each DJ! We also had a TV behind the DJ booth, displaying each record’s Discogs page whilst it was being spun!

Watch Each DJ’s Highlights

Joost Van Bellen 

David Junk

Dave Clark


Tijana T

We want to extend a huge thank you to every Record Seller who represented, every DJ who played for us and most importantly every one of you who passed through, making the event so memorable! Some of our favourite photos are below, and if you missed the event, you can find links to each seller’s shops at the bottom!


Record Sellers who were with us:

Sarton Records Amsterdam
Tech Records
Sounds LP
Count Vinyl
Hauz Of Wax
Deep Trax Records
Vinyl Vibe
Green Vinyl
Concerto Records
Seawolf Records

Browse some of our sellers’ digital crates above, with news inbound on our future events (hopefully coming to a town near you) dropping shortly!

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