AKA version 2 / Display name

I have just been chatting at length with Kevin about this… we are planning to do an AKA version 2 based on some of the solutions that have been put forward, and will fold the existing AKA version 1 into this. This will hopefully happen in July or maybe a little later. Up until then, we will be operating the existing AKA function as it stands, as just an editor function that is tightly controlled.

This is the proposal for AKA version 2:

* New ‘AKA’ field in submission form to enter name ‘as is’ on the release

  • Existing or ‘proper’ artist name HAS to be entered as is done presently as well (AKA cannot exist on it’s own).

  • Names will be displayed together on the release, with the ‘proper’ name in a small font, italics or whatever other display format.

  • No new artist page will be created for AKA name, AKA name will be tied to the ‘proper’ artist name as in psychonausea’s example (or something similar) – (e.g. http://www.discogs.com/artist/MAW?noredirect=1 would turn into something like http://www.discogs.com/artist/Masters+At+Work|MAW. Therefore no MAW (76) problems

  • AKA names will be listed on the ‘proper’ artists page, and Kevin will work out how to make them function like the existing AKA’s.

* Existing AKA’s will be scripted and ‘folded’ into this new system, we would loose the current AKA pages altogether

I hope this is going to be a long term solution that everyone can agree to use, please let us know if you have any objections to this! If it works out like I hope, we would allow any name in this new AKA field, as it would be tied to a ‘proper’ artist name, so rules would be minimal.

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