The Best Albums Celebrating Anniversaries in January 2021

There are a few things that will make you feel old. Dropping a pop-culture reference that a younger generation doesn’t understand. Enjoying the taste of brussel sprouts. The birthday of your child. The birthday of your adult child. The anniversary of a beloved record.

Just like your adult children celebrating birthdays, your favorite albums celebrate anniversaries. Below is a list of the best music releases with a milestone anniversary coming up in January 2021.

We’ve broken up the albums by year. For example, records released in 1971 will be turning 50 years old in January.

The year 1976 boasts the most popular albums among all the releases celebrating an anniversary. Bob Dylan’s Desire is the most-collected (meaning it appears in the most Discogs users’ Collections) and David Bowie’s Station to Station is the most-wanted (it’s on the most users’ Wantlists). Both records are turning 45 years old at the top of 2021.

You’ll notice that the list below resembles a chart. That’s because we’ve also determined how “desirable” each release is by pulling the Wantlist and Collection quantity and using that data to create a want/have ratio. (It’s the same math we used to find the best albums of 2020.) Gang Starr’s Step in the Arena, which is turning 30 years old, is the most desirable album celebrating an anniversary in January 2021.

Albums Turning 50 in January 2021

Albums Turning 45 in January 2021

Albums Turning 40 in January 2021

Albums Turning 35 in January 2021

Albums Turning 30 in January 2021

Albums Turning 25 in January 2021

Albums Turning 20 in January 2021

Albums Turning 15 in January 2021

Albums Turning 10 in January 2021

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