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This blog post starts from the very best place possible: the impossibility of writing a Christmas post without using every single cliché available to present it. So just cutting the fat and avoiding all of the references to “Last Christmas”, Love Actually, baby Jesus and Santa. Oh, and nasty sweets. Ugh, alright, tired already of trying to use those to make a palatable introduction.

Let’s start all over again. To celebrate Christmas, we all got 50 sweet bucks to spend on records. Being part of this amazing team is already the best, we know, but hey! Who can possibly say no to free records? So we asked our staff: what records are going to grace your Collection in Christmas 2018?

Here are the results:

The Beastie Boys just came out with a book (get it, it’s great) and I always knew Run DMC were super influential then realized I didn’t have this album and felt ashamed. :) Neil Peart of Rush is not only an amazing drummer, he also loves motorcycling, and beyond writing their lyrics is also a fantastic author. Being a fan for other reasons, I thought I should take a deeper dive into their music. I’ve always loved acid jazz and Barrio Jazz Gang was a recent find of mine, just couldn’t pass it up. Yup, I like Skacore. :)


I really wanted to be able to put the needle down on a record and have ‘NY State of Mind‘ start blasting on the speakers throughout our house. And ‘Cherry Tree‘ has always been one of my favorite EPs. I already own a bunch of The National but that was a missing piece.


Both of these records have been sitting in my Wantlist for a while, but they’re generally only available in Europe, so I’ve been avoiding shipping costs. Now they’re mine! Thanks, Discogs! :D


Been wanting to pick this up ever since I discovered Dorisburg through his excellent “Time Stretch Totem” release. “Trust” is all killer, no filler! Normally, I’d wait for Aniara to do a repress but I’ve read that’s unlikely due to unlicensed samples.

Matt Salcido

This has been in my Wantlist for a while now. I’m a big nerd for this artist and I’ve been trying to collect all his vinyl. Thanks!


Oops! I might have gone a bit over my budget, but all these records have meant a lot to me in four different moments of my life. And I just couldn’t say no to any of them once they were in my shopping cart. I guess that’s the magic of Discogs, isn’t it?


This record got me through my first Chicago winter. ‘I Want Wind To Blow’ will always hold a special place in my heart. So happy to finally have this on vinyl!


Um, it was $50, so I didn’t spend it on just one record. I spent it on a lot of records. I got some Salt-N-Pepa singles, some Outkast, Destiny’s Child and a couple of CocoRosie records. The CocoRosie records were my biggest spend, but I couldn’t let all that weirdness slip through my fingers!


I found ‘Tadaima‘ during a 1AM Yellow Magic Orchestra Youtube binge (Yano toured with them and Ryuichi Sakamoto is listed as a co-producer). Totally off-the-wall synth-pop that sounds a bit like YMO and a bit like Kate Bush which is right up my alley. Against All Logic popped up before I could finish my purchase so I had to grab that too!


One of my favorite listening-while-working records.

Jason Hawkins

Fantastic soundtrack on 7″. B side is definitely my favorite with 2 uptempo funky tunes by MPB masters Banda Black Rio. Tudo bem!


I don’t really buy Christmas albums, but am happy to make an exception for Chris Isaak. I just love the man’s voice, music and sense of humor. Many of his records are not available on vinyl so I added a few more of his CDs to my order to get the most of the shipping costs!


No surprises, just a great Soul record that I have never ever seen in the wild, and is rarely on the site in good nick, so I saw one that claims to be mint and had to snap it up!


A couple of years ago, I realized that the album version is on 45. (there are some bootleg remix 45s as well) Finally, I added it to my collection! Europian pressing only!!!


As a Bon Iver fan I needed to get this record and am happy that I scored a limited edition!


I love this record for a cold winter night and a glass of whiskey. This specific pressing by Classic Records is certainly the best looking and sounding one and only adds to the warmth of the music.


One of my friends introduced me to Gabor‘s work, and I think it’s a great example of French Minimal music, interesting, familiar, yet original. – I don’t think the second one needs introducing or justification, just had to have it, otherwise nobody would ever let me live it down.


I have a sentimental spot for this record. Super somber, but absolutely hypnotizing. The perfect 90’s release.


A great record by my one of my favorite artist. It’s been on my wantlist for almost 5 years at this point so I’m very happy to be able to get this.


My all-time favorite African artist, Cheikh Lo – a missing LP on my Wantlist. Be sure to check out his masterpiece debut album, Né La Thiass – recently released for the first time on vinyl.


They are the best NW band you never heard of. I’m slowly re-collecting their entire catalog.

Jason Hugues

Faye Wong covers Cocteau Twins on this record, as well as “Dreams” by The Cranberries.

Aaron Liu

They definitely brightened up my trip to Russia and year of 2018. I just feel pure joy by listening to their songs and seeing Sergey perform, full of energy and great music.


Somewhat hilariously titled Rhode Island college psych private that’s been on my Wantlist for a while on name alone.


I’ve had this album on my mind for a while. Excited to hear the outtakes.

Matt L

Hard to find in the wild, one copy sitting at VG+ shipping from US that I NEED TO HAVE.


Something new, something old, and something to help me away the cold of winter.


The Mariah album was one of the first vinyl records that was played in the office when I started working at Discogs. The Korean one I decided on a whim from the same seller. I really like old Korean disco/trot style music. It reminds me of my childhood. And since I’m just starting my vinyl collection, I was really excited to find these two on Discogs to start seriously collecting.


I am trying to collect the LP of one of my fav bands, but they are all expensive. This is the second.


Back-filling the collection with music loaded with happy memories!


This is an amazing ambient album that I’ve never been able to find in the wild. Will be listening to this all winter.


One of my favorite tunes on here. Will sound even better on vinyl.


These releases cheer me up! Well, not only me but also my dad. He really likes them, so they are also Christmas presents for him.


Have been wanting to get my hands on this masterpiece for a long time now! ‘Beat laments the world’ is just incredible!


I’ve purposely held off on my purchase because I was waiting for this album to be released on vinyl! Snagged it up this morning. One of my favorite albums of the year. Thanks, Discogs!


Some of my fav albums from 10 years ago so had to grab them!


Being new to collecting vinyl, this was a chance to grab a couple classics I’ll enjoy for years to come as well as an album I’ve been really digging the last few months. Thanks Discogs!!


This was a nostalgic choice on my part. This album came out the year I graduated high school and one of my favorite Bad Religion albums. It was a personal anthem as I transitioned that year from the East Coast to the West. Thanks, Discogs!


Heard this at the office once and really dug it, but was surprised by the cost! Now I didn’t have to worry about that any more :) Thanks Discogs!

David Bell

Love me some 90’s (even though most of these were released after 2000) :)


Both of these albums are SUPER nostalgic and listening to them gives me hardcore warm and fuzzies <3~

David Sutton

I mean how often does a great book have an amazing soundtrack?. I’ve had the LP for years but couldn’t resist the bells and whistles of this boxset, it’s so pretty!


Recommended to me by Hiro a few months back. Happy to’ve finally ordered a copy!!


Paul’s Boutique – One of my all-time faves. Have owned in many formats over the years, but needed this vinyl reissue.
Spiderland – Classic, also didn’t have on vinyl.
Con Todo El Mundo – been streaming & loving this all year. Saw them live last month – needed to own.


Because I have had them in my wantlist forever!


A few years ago a good friend closed his last DJ set before moving abroad with this tune, what a way to say goodbye, I’ve been humming it ever since. The rhythmic gymnastics, the time-stretched jungle diva vocals and the 4/4 breakdown in the middle make up an overlooked jungle gem from Jonny L.


The Space Jazz Mix on Jazz Carnival is just one of those tracks I’ve always wanted. A simple, bass-heavy steamroller you could put on repeat forever. The Sprinkles plate I had in my wantlist, so I picked it up to keep the shipping per plate low. But I’ve also always love the track Hobo Train, different recordings of which appear on a few other releases. This is my fave rendition. Just simple body shuffling stuff from another place.


Went down a major Ecuadorian music rabbit hole this year and came out of it needing this record.


I’ve been obsessively listening to this album for a while now. I’m stoked to finally get my hands on it!


Spaces is a classic and I already have it in various digital forms, but wanted to grab the vinyl We Out Here is a compilation out of the UK from which I’ve only heard a couple songs, but both are very ear-catching and the rest of the compilation has received rave reviews; excited to give it a listen.


Found this in the wild while in Italy. I’m slowly amassing a solid collection of by favorite The Cure albums.


Christmas gift for my nephew.


This one has been in wantlist for ages. It’s the 3rd and last volume of compilations promoting Yugoslavian synth scene from mid-80.


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