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Amy Lee Shares Her Coolest Records on Vinyl

Classically trained pianist. Mezzo-soprano singer. Songwriter. Rock star. All of these describe Amy Lee.

Amy Lee is best known as the co-founder and lead singer of Evanescence, although she is a also frequent collaborator with everyone from Korn to the Muppets. She’s created a film soundtrack with Dave Eggar as well as a children’s album, the latter of which was recorded with many of her family members.

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Photo courtesy of BMG

Evanescence’s most recent album — and their first in 10 years — drops on March 26. The Bitter Truth explores, well, the bitter truths of modern life.

Ahead of the release, Amy Lee shared the coolest albums she owns on vinyl, which include some Discogs favorites; you’ll see several of these titles in our regular roundups of the most-expensive or best-selling records. However, her final pick below is a true gem that is only owned by five Discogs users, as of publication. Do you have any of these in your collection?

Joni Mitchell’s folk-rock masterpiece is hailed as one of the best albums of all time. While it charted in Canada and the United Kingdom, its influence has been felt more strongly over the 50 years since its release.

This version is actually a vinyl reissue of Miss Etta James, originally released in 1961. You’ll find a variety of covers and titles for this compilation; depending on the release, you might also see a different tracklist.

The most well-known Janis Joplin album is arguably Pearl, but Kozmic Blues is her debut solo work and the only one released while she was still alive (she passed away three months before Pearl dropped).

You’ll find this prog-rock classic in many people’s record collections. In fact, it has been the most-collected album on Discogs since 2010.

“My favorite record as a little kid. Particularly the B-side, Sparky’s magic piano!. This is super old. 1949, I believe,” says Amy Lee.

Feature image courtesy of Amy Lee. Published in partnership with BMG.

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