Discogs Android App: It’s finally here!

The Official Discogs App for Android is now available in the Play Store!


Discogs launched our first official app for iOS several months ago, and ever since all we’ve been hearing is…



Initial Excitement

A select group of Discogs community members have been beta testing the Android app, and here’s the buzz so far:

“Everything seems pretty outstanding and solid with the app.”

“Easy to use, fast and nice design.”

“App is the best out there and is handy for searching my collection.”

Our community beta testers have also offered considerable feedback and we have been staying busy keeping up with API and Android app fixes and improvements.

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We are excited to be partnering with Andreas Dahl, the talented developer that created Discographer.  Andreas has been an active Discogs user for over 6 years and he started working on Discographer around a year ago.

Several Discogs developers and employees started using Discographer right away and noticed how great Andreas was with engaging with the Discogs community and listening to their feedback. He was always quick to respond to questions and feature request in the forum and continued to update the app with new and exciting features.

When we started to get serious about creating an official Discogs app for Android, it only seemed natural to support and continue to grow an app that was already popular with the Discogs community. We are excited to not only work with Andreas, but make sure he receives the support he needs to continue to grow the app.

Discogs App Collection

Andreas had this to say about working on the Official Discogs App for Android:

I’m very happy to be partnering with Discogs to make the official app, and my focus going forward will be completely on the official app. As for the differences (between Discographer and the Official Discogs App), there’s not too many feature differences (yet!), but there’s actually a ton of changes that aren’t directly visible. There’s been a lot of work going on to make it better and more stable, and that work will continue in the future. Similarly to how I always worked with Discographer, I consider the app to always be evolving and improving, and I will keep working on making this app as good as possible, and a lot of it will be based on the feedback we get from you, our users. Being able to directly partner with Discogs will mean that there’s a lot more possibilities to further improve the app, and we’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned already.

Android app

We will continue to take community guidance as we grow the Official Discogs App.  We hope you all love the Android app, but of course our app is still a work in progress, so if you want to request a feature or specific integration, please fill out The Official Discogs App for Android Survey.  If you have questions or notice a bug,  just chime in on the Android App Forum.

Featured Features

You can’t do everything within the app that you can do on the main website, but many of your favorite features are included, along with some new features that are unique to the app!

Future Reflections

So, what new features will be included in upcoming versions of the Discogs app?  

Well, that’s partially up to you!  We will review every single survey response we receive, so your thoughts will be heard.  But here are some ideas we have been daydreaming about:

  • Discogs inbox improvements
  • Search by image (if the release is missing a barcode, just snap an image of the cover)
  • Fully integrated marketplace checkout experience
  • Improved VinylHub integration (track your favorite record shops)
  • Wantlist push notifications


We are very much looking forward to making this app as good as possible for you, so thank you for everyone that has beta tested the app so far, and thanks for your continued enthusiasm!


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