Another Milestone For Discogs: 300 Million Releases In Collections!

Ceeeeeeeeelebrate good times, come on! Our apologies for singing this anthem by Kool & The Gang out loud in the middle of the office, but the Discogs Community has reached a new milestone! This time, we’re celebrating that 300 million releases have been added to Discogs collectors’ Collections. This is such a massive collective effort! Nothing surprising though, since we all know that for the Discogs Community the sky is the limit.

Alright, back to our seats now. As you already know, at Discogs data is some sort of pagan deity that we venerate. And whoa! This amount of releases added to Collections is an all-you-can-eat buffet of information. And of course, we’d love to share all of this information and our analysis of where Discogs has come from, where it is right now, and what is in store for the site.

We’ll start with the obvious: the Collection feature has become a must for music collectors worldwide. More and more users have cataloged their music collections using Discogs. In only two years, the number of unique people using the feature per month has doubled from 125,000 to 250,000. If we look specifically at the number of releases collected per month we can also see huge growth. Back in 2014, 2 million releases were being added to Collections each month. Our recent data indicate that the Discogs Community is currently adding 6 million releases each month.

In fact, this trend reaches all the way back to the beginning of Discogs:

  • The first million releases added to Collections were added by 2,575 unique Discogs users.
  • The most recent million releases added to Collections were added by 85,505 unique users!

Growth of Discogs Collection Feature

As you can see, the growth of Collections usage has been exponential, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Releases Collected Per Month by Discogs users

Unique Discogs Collectors Per Month

We also thought it would be interesting to see what people were collecting when Discogs started, and compare it to now, by looking at all the releases in the first and last million added to Collections.

Distribution of Releases by Genre

Focusing on the genres, Discogs started as a website focused on electronic music back in 2000. Back then 87% of all releases added to Collections were Electronic. We’ve come a long way since then, and currently, as you can see in this table, Rock has taken over as the most collected genre on Discogs, making up 46% of recent Collection volume. Just by comparing those two segments, we can see how literally every other genre has experienced significant growth over the years. This is just a simple visualization of how Discogs went from the website for electronic music to the website for music collectors.

Change in collected genres on Discogs over time

The Discogs Community speaks more about formats than doctors probably recommend. And that’s alright, paying attention to the formats is when the biggest surprise of this whole report appears. Basically, between the first million releases added to Discogs users’ Collections and the last one, nothing much has changed! Hard to believe, but check it out yourself:

Distribution of Releases by Format

Discogs User Collections by Format Change Over Time

Distribution of Releases’ Country of Origin

If we focus on the countries from where the releases come from, we can also see how the Discogs Community has expanded worldwide over the years and, therefore, the Database nowadays is at its most diverse ever. This trend of geographical diversification will likely continue as we increase the number of languages Discogs is translated into. Here you can see the distribution by Collections by release country:
* Europe isn’t a country, but a lot of releases in the Database include it as their country of release.

Releases in Discogs User Collections by Country of Release

Discogs Collectors by Country

And last but not least, we definitely wanted to dedicate some time to the ones making all of this happen, and that’s each and every one of you! Our Community keeps growing year after year and is also becoming more international and heterogeneous than ever. As you can see in the table below, we have welcomed many new users from countries that weren’t active at the beginning. Thanks for making Discogs the most comprehensive and complete music database on Earth!

Change in Discogs Users Collection Volume by Country


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