API v2.0 Improvements

Hey developers! Remember when we launched the Discogs API and you were like “this is really great, now I can programmatically read data from the Discogs database!”

Yes, those were good times. And, sure, reading is great — but writing is even better. Today, we’re proud to announce the second half of the API.

Your applications can now authenticate on behalf of a Discogs user with OAuth — a way of securely allowing users to give applications access to their account without giving up their password. Using the new endpoints and HTTP methods like POST, PUT, and DELETE, you can:

  • read user profiles
  • manage your collections and wantlists, including folders and notes
  • rate releases
  • manage your seller inventory
  • and even create new listings on the marketplace.

We’ve also reworked our existing endpoints:

  • URLs use plural nouns and IDs rather than names where possible
  • Responses contain URLs to other related API endpoints
  • Many collections of objects (e.g. artist’s releases) now support pagination
  • New database search endpoint supports more powerful filtering and returns more structured data (instead of “hey, here’s a huge blob of text!”)

But don’t feel overwhelmed: we’re also releasing some comprehensive new documentation, and we’ll keep answering your questions in the API Forums.

We’ll also be at Music Hack Day in Boston, a weekend-long hackathon focused on music-themed projects. We’ll be giving a workshop and offering a $500 prize for best use of the Discogs API.

Finally, a reminder: the old API v1 methods are due to be shut off on December 15th, so if you’ve got an application that still uses them, you should switch over as soon as you can. Plus, look at all the enticing new stuff in v2.

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