API v2.0

Today we are rolling out an updated version of the Discogs API! Our original API was released in 2007 and we’ve seen many interesting applications come out of it. This new version lays the foundation for more enhancements like user login, managing your collection/wantlist/sales inventory, and other cool things we’ll be working on this year.

Some of the major changes:

  • The API uses a new url: api.discogs.com
  • An API key is no longer required
  • We have removed the 5,000 requests per day limit
  • We are offering an official Python API client. Check it out on github. Feel free to fork it and submit pull requests. You can help us improve it!
  • Responses are returned in JSON format now. You can still request XML if you prefer that.
  • JSONP support

We are phasing out the old API and it will be shut down on Dec 15, 2011. We will email all users with an API key asking them to migrate to the new version.

API requests are still throttled, but if you are interested in unrestricted access, we are developing a premium API, please get in touch.

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