Apple Music Is Now Integrated In The Discogs Apps

The day is here! We’re always trying to find ways in which our app can be more user-friendly and serve music fans better. As of today, the Discogs iOS and Android apps integrate Apple Music. Together with the streaming giant, we hope to provide our users with a service that will make your experience in the Discogs app more complete. You might be left wondering, ‘What does that mean?’ Here’s what this new upgrade looks like:

Apple Music Play on every Master Release page

Up until now, the Discogs Community has been able to pair Youtube videos with Master Releases on Discogs. This has been great to offer visitors the opportunity to listen to music directly on our platform. To make things better, thanks to the Apple Music integration you’ll be able to listen to those releases directly on Discogs without waiting for a playlist to be added manually. We’ll make sure that the music linked to the releases is correct. Always.

Within the Discogs app, you’ll have two possibilities. If you are not subscribed to Apple Music, you’ll be able to listen to samples of the songs. If you’d prefer to fully explore the possibilities that this integration offers, you can subscribe to Apple Music and listen to entire tracks from the streaming platform while in the Discogs App. It’s as good as it sounds!


Please don’t stop the music!

One of the most annoying things about listening to music on your cellphone is when the music stops, suddenly and unexpectedly, when you continue browsing. This happens way too often and it’s extremely disruptive. If you agree with us on this one, know that we have your back. With this new integration, you’ll be able to browse through the app while still listening to the music you’re playing. This opens a whole new level of navigating Discogs, finding hidden gems, and answering messages in the app while enjoying the music you love. We’ll let you find out the best ways to make use of this new functionality. This feature is available for users with an Apple Music account, so that’s one more good reason to sign up today.

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  • Feb 12,2020 at 17:32

    A great decision. The music all works seamlessly. Apple is the number one music source and will only get stronger. It’s a no brainer to partner with them and this further enhances the app for music lovers. It is also killing the cd but it’s had it’s time. Vinyl or streaming are the two options for the future

  • Jan 19,2020 at 14:53

    Oh dear, just tried the app out and it’s okay, but the 5th album I selected was the La’s; what Apple Music plays is the Frozen Soundtrack… not idea why?, tried it again later after playing a couple of other albums and the same thing happens again. I know Lee Mavers is a legendary maveric, but I doubt he was responsible for the Frozen OST

  • Jan 18,2020 at 09:55

    Oh no…..

  • Jan 17,2020 at 15:26

    Why not spotify? let users make their own choice …

  • Jan 16,2020 at 23:07

    What a dumb idea. So instead of everyone being able to listen to complete songs via YouTube, only the smaller subset of people who pay for Apple Music can. Since Apple messes with the cover art and track versions I suspect many Discogs users don’t use this service.

  • Jan 16,2020 at 23:03

    And for those of us who will never own one of those Apple toys?

    Spotify, Youtube, any other non-proprietary music source?

  • Jan 16,2020 at 11:21

    Why not Spotify??

  • Jan 16,2020 at 08:07

    meh. so the trade off seems to be many things disappearing from the app, including the ‘link to discogs’, statistics (have/want/last sold), high resolution art work. Honestly I will probably use mobile version of the website more now…

  • Jan 16,2020 at 04:16

    I’ll use the new App with a fair degree of trepidation.
    When I moved from iTunes to get better sound on my computer, I discovered that Apple has mucked up heaps of metatags on my music files including album covers. I hope and trust this won’t happen with Discogs.

  • Jan 16,2020 at 01:25

    This is such a disappointing change.
    the new interface is clunky and you can’t copy and paste from your own noteS to another note, everything needs to be types.
    Additionally to get involved with the Evil Empire spells the end for the Discogs app
    so disappointed, gutted

  • Jan 16,2020 at 00:55

    This sucks. Bad news.

  • Jan 15,2020 at 23:03

    Spotify, please. I hate apple music

  • Jan 15,2020 at 22:54

    Apple anything is a bad idea! I want my YouTube back!

  • Jan 15,2020 at 20:31

    Will apple music be changing the album covers to whatever they choose? Like they keep doing to my music collection on my computer, if so, i’m not interested, it’s really annoying.

  • Jan 6,2020 at 22:01

    Just updated the app and I love the feature instantly.
    Great to listen through your collection. Thanks discogs!
    Too much to ask would probably be like:
    How do I make a playlist within my collection? or How do I shuffle through my collection?
    But…Great feature, love it!

  • Dec 23,2019 at 20:24

    When will this update be available? Currently, my version of the iOS doesn’t have this feature.

  • Dec 23,2019 at 03:20

    I hope this means that Apple Music can’t mess with any Discogs entries. My experience is that it wants to correct my tags, often trying to change a tune from the original LP to some stupid best of compilation. Apple Music screwed up too many tags on my tunes and I spent way too much time fixing things. I feel that anything having to do with Apple Music is a bad idea!!

  • Dec 19,2019 at 10:21

    I guess this will be exclusively for Apple Music, right? Think of the millions of Spotify users that are left out of this integration.

  • 4MC
    Dec 19,2019 at 01:06

    I posted this thread a while back, it got no traction. The new Music Youtube site would have been a great addition, since you can use it for free and save favorites etc. with an existing google-ID. Please consider using this…

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