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Automate Your Orders Using Non-Paying Buyer Cancellation Settings

Sellers, Save Money On Unpaid Orders by Enabling the Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation Setting! We know, we know. It sounds like one of those late-night infomercials, right? Use this miracle product and it will save you time and earn you money! But this is the real deal! Just a few clicks of your mouse and […]

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Supported Languages & Translating Discogs

Supported Languages & Translating Discogs Hi, from Discogs Community Success! If you’ve never interacted with us, we’re the team that’s there to help you make the most of your Discogs experience, from browsing to collecting to selling and more. We don’t often reach out proactively to speak to the community, but we’re always looking for […]

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Why 1991 Mattered: A Year In Music

There’s always a slight tinge of embarrassment when I tell people that the ‘90s is my favourite decade in music. It’s easy to remember how the ‘90s ended, what with boy bands, the rise of nu-metal, and the inexplicable popularity of Latin pop. But for me, it’s how the ‘90s started that makes it so […]

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A Fair To Remember

Record Planet record fair

For music lovers in the Netherlands, April 16 was a day we had circled on our calendars months out. Not only was it the 8th annual Record Store Day, but also the start of the massive two day record fair known as the Record Planet Mega Record & CD Fair. Lucky me, I was in […]

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