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10 Amazing Lesser-Known New Order Sleeves

  Record collecting can be as much about the artwork as it is about the music itself, and few bands have done cover art with as much style and class as New Order. But beyond the iconic New Order sleeves for releases like “Substance“—with its stark black-and-white text—and “Blue Monday,” which replicated the look and […]

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On The Record: King Tuff

Kyle Thomas – aka King Tuff – describes ‘The Other’ as “basically where songs come from, it’s the hidden world, it’s the mystery. It’s the invisible hand that guides you whenever you make something. It’s the thing I had to rediscover—the sort of voice I had to follow—to bring me back to making music again […]

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A Guide To The Rarest Jack White Releases

  By Third Man Records‘ Ben Blackwell Editor’s Note: Undoubtedly, Third Man Records’ Ben Blackwell has unique access to Jack White’s release history as a witness throughout the years and as he continues to carry the designation of The White Stripes official archivist. Some of these releases on this list are so rare that Mr. […]

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A Guide To The Rarest Radiohead Releases

By Adam Gold When it comes to B-sides and non-album nuggets, Radiohead’s odds-and-ends output is nearly as potent as its albums discography. With the band having compiled many of its studio outtakes and B-sides for double-disk special-edition reissues of all its LPs, from 1993’s Pablo Honey through 2007’s In Rainbows, there’s little left in the […]

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On The Record: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Portland’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra, born of the blogger and Bandcamp boom of the early ’10s, and creators of the spaciest lo-fi psych are coming in hot to 2018 with a new full-length entitled ‘Sex & Food.’ Judging by the first two singles ‘American Guilt’ and ‘Not In Love We’re Just High,’ UMO’s Ruban Nielson is […]

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The Best Movie Soundtracks Of The Decade In The Wake Of Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther

A good soundtrack does more than accompany the scene. It creates context, sets a mood, and builds the emotional universe wherein the characters and their problems exist. A proper soundtrack brings depth to the visuals, adds a new dimension, and even helps the audience relate to the fictional world. It brings the movie to life. […]

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On The Record: Channy Leaneagh of Poliça

The relationship between art and politics has birthed unbelievable cultural moments over the history of humankind. With the release of ‘Music For The Long Emergency,’ the Electro-Pop of Poliça and chamber collective Stargaze add their combined voices to the narrative that consumed politics in 2017… and beyond. In the midst of ‘Music For The Long […]

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Essential Wax with Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett in an Empty Red-Tiled Tub

Courtney Barnett burst into life for many of us on March 20, 2015, with the release of ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ by simply “daydreaming out loud” and unintentionally embracing an audience eager to daydream along with her. Then, late last year, in what seemed to be the most no-brainer […]

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Essential Wax with Wild Child

Wild Child did something pretty interesting in their home State of Texas ahead of the release of their new album ‘Expectations’ (OUT NOW!). They played Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio – nothing out of the ordinary hitting the home turf to drum up some excitement around a new record, right? But to have FOUR […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl: Jazz Records You Should Own

We’ve all been new to the world of vinyl at some point. Some of us jumped into record collecting because we long for a more profound experience than streaming and earbuds. Some because we believe vinyl is indeed the superior format. And some because of the pop culture shift of vinyl being cool. This list […]

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