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Light Of The Sun: Psychedelic Rock

There’s a lot of music out there. Some of it’s pretty good and some of it is pretty, well, not good. This really does not have anything to do with the magical and enchanting world of vinyl or the subject I’m trying to get at – psychedelic rock. I should throw in terms like, “the […]

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Doctored For Super Sound: SFX & Field Recordings

Other than being an ignored staple of most oddball sections in used record stores these days, sound effect records are a time capsule of the miscellaneous. Most of these vinyl records were created with the intention of being used in amateur or professional production. Generally, they were used as foley that represented the most popular […]

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A Fistful Of Soundtracks

I like movies sometimes. I think I like soundtracks better though. Some are just basically no different than compilations, but those with dialogue or music not featured otherwise in an artist’s discography are way more likely to be leaving with me from the record shop. This stack is a pretty much a loose handful of […]

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Of Jigs & Pogues: A Brief St. Patrick’s Day List

When preparing a post regarding St. Patrick’s Day, I wasn’t entirely sure where to begin or look through my own record collection for material to compile to share this week. Being closer to Boston geographically I have had access to and contributed a good deal of records on local labels like Rego and Copley. I […]

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Mistakes Were Made, Lessons Were Learned

Too many times I have found myself paying “collectable album” prices at a record convention whilst hopped up on cheap gas station coffee and a lack of sleep. My pockets empty and the vinyl storage boxes stack up as I pass out twenty dollar bills like business cards. Not even minutes after departing the cramped […]

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Don’t stress the crates yo.

I ultimately will fail at my task of cataloging every record. Simply put, they just made too many of the things. You could spend your entire life devoted to cataloging. I know a few people like this who are extremely powerful vaults of information, that have devoted their entire lives to a single region or […]

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Texas Part Two: Stock Covers Are, Like, Deep, Man.

If you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back. Listen to the static long enough, and you might hear voices or a song distantly in the background somewhere. Eventually patterns may manifest themselves, imagined or otherwise. Records are really no exception and yet the world of stock covers wasn’t something that caught […]

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Fox: I Am No Longer Allowed To Buy Records (Part I)

I am no longer allowed to buy records. As per intervention between several staff members and record store professionals, it has been determined that given the opportunity, I will buy the magic beans, 100% of the time. My purchasing habits have been witness in public to be confusing to onlookers and confounded record dealers accepting […]

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Records Don’t Understand Simple Concepts Like Moving

So, as some of you may have heard (probably very little), I and my 12,000 records have moved. Aside from the regular joys of moving like changing addresses and discovering nobody delivers pizza after 10PM at the new location, there is the simple issue of records. The first thing to do is to figure out […]

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Oddball Ephemeral Spoken Seven Inches

I don’t really have much of a greater educational agenda with this blog post aside from sharing one of my favorite types of record to collect: Oddball ephemeral spoken seven inch records. Backstage At “Call Me Madam” This promotional release in 1951 by RCA Victor is a field recording of the backstage performance of this […]

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