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Scanning Techniques Part I: Small Items

scanning records

Welcome to yet another blog post on the subject of things I am frequently asked about! Today we’ll be working with scanning labels, CD’s and other smaller items (IE, anything that’s not an LP jacket) when adding or updating an item in the database. The first thing you’ll need, aside from something to scan is […]

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Copy To Draft And You: Partners In Freedom

I created an updated version of this which combined the master release process as well, which is available here. Today I’d like to discuss a great timesaver that will allow you to use existing releases as templates to allow you to quickly generate variations of releases that are currently in the database! Say you have the CD/Tape/8-Track/MP3/Wire […]

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How To: Add A Release To A Master Release

. I made a new post that covers this with more recent images and more information! Check it out! I figured I’d start a How To for one of the questions I get asked the most: how to add an existing release to a master release. Suppose you’ve added your release to the website. It […]

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New Community Support! Meet Brent!

Some of you may know me as Diognes_The_Fox I’ve worked with many of you in the past and now am pleased to announce that I’ve transcended into a staff member. As a community support member, I look forward to working with many of you directly to help improve the website and your experience with it. […]

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