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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of September 2018

I’m proud to announce a new age of individualism! After some internal discussion, I’ve decided to make some changes to how the top 50 is tabulated. This should hopefully be seen by you as a significant improvement in most regards. When I initially wrote the tabulation script, I decided to aim as closely to established […]
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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of August 2018

Aretha Franklin Dead at 76

After her passing in mid-August, it should come as no surprise that soul legend Aretha Franklin dominated the top 50 best sellers for that month. Still though, she had a whopping eight records on the chart, with three in the top 10. All the LPs but one fell in the classic period between 1967 and […]

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Cassettes Suck Vol. 2: Y’all Win, Cassettes Don’t Suck

By Brent Greissle, Discogs’ Discography Specialist Back by popular demand, I’ve been coerced into returning to my most talked about blog post, the time I shouted “Cassettes Suck” from behind a megaphone into a crowd and was met with righteous indignation. As predicted, a fair percent of readers never bothered to read beyond the title […]

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Huge Haul: 4,500 7″ Vinyl Records For Contribution (And Growing!)

Of course, most people don’t have a few thousand Releases to submit, but if you have anything at all not yet on Discogs then September is the time to get it in. For this year’s SPIN Campaign we’re trying to reach 150,000 Submissions in September, and to get as many new Asian, Latin American, Shellac, Cassette […]

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How Contributing To The Database Can Benefit You In Ways You May Not Suspect

People think I’m strange. I’m at least convinced of it. To some, I am a weirdo who has a passion for data entry for the sake of data entry. If I was entering things like medical records or working on a closed database that nobody would see, I would agree. Given the interconnectivity of our […]

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The Database May Be Ten Million Submissions Deep, But There Is So Much More

On June 27 this year Discogs hit a historic milestone: 10 million Releases in the Database. With that many Releases we know the Database is complete and comprehensive in some areas, but there is still so much more to do. With the help of the Database Community we’ve identified that the 5 biggest gaps on Discogs […]

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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of June 2018

Best Selling Records of June 2018

We have a new number one for the month of June! Pap Emeritus and his playfully demonic Swedish provocateurs Ghost unseated Dark Side… with their fourth LP, which hit at the beginning of June. This is the first time since October 2017 that a Pink Floyd record wasn’t at number one! German DJ Skee Mask […]

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Flop It Like It’s Hot: Floppy Disk Sales Are Heating Up In 2018

Floppy Disks

Having lived through the 90’s, I regret to inform you all that floppy disks are coming back. I wouldn’t so much call this a comeback. I would call it a micro-novelty among people who have forgotten the horrors of using them. That or people too young to have experienced needing to use them in any […]

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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of May 2018


One month past record store day and life is mostly back to normal, with a few lingering hangers-on. New releases by Beach House and Nu Guinea made waves and broke into the top lists, let’s see if they stay there. There’s always a chance that an injection of new releases may bring up the market […]

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Discogs Top 20 Most Wanted Cassettes Of All Time

Taking a break from records for a little bit to post about another format! Tapes are back, sorta! It’s no surprise that given the cost of making new records these days that cassettes would rear their head again for independent musicians. Here we have the most wanted cassettes in the database today. Some of these […]
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