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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records of June 2017

Hello, this Top 50 best selling records is the back to school edition for school people going to school. Seeing these fancy records will fill you with the joy of your first dorm room. Get on it. It smells like chalk dust, and angst, and that green stuff janitors put down when someone pukes, and […]

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I Died Contributing VHS Tapes In A Sweltering Warehouse And Am Now A GHOST

Does the Discogs submission form still work if you’re also no longer living and are also clearly a ghost? Who knows. In our series centering on Fox subjecting himself to awful conditions in the name of data entry and Discogs submissions, we continue our story. How is it thursday. How did I do 105 subs […]

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More Data! Discogs Mid-Year Database Highlights Addendum

On the heels of our Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis and Database Highlights, I wanted to share some more tidbits that may be more interesting to the contributor crowd submitting to the Discogs database. Some of these range from pretty basic to esoteric. It’s my hope that you’ll find some of these to be as interesting as […]

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Forbidden Confession: Submitting VHS Tapes To Discogs Over Vinyl

About two weeks ago, I spent some vacation time following up a lead. It’s not uncommon for me to use vacation time for database contribution purposes. It’s definitely uncommon for me to not involve submitting records to the Discogs database. I was promised over a thousand music video VHS tapes out of a collection that […]

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Discogs’ Top 50 Best Selling Records Of May 2017

May 2017 marked an unfortunate turn of events in music history. We witness the passing of legendary alt-rock frontman Chris Cornell, blues rocker Gregg Allman, and electronic music pioneer Robert Miles. Their presence in the community was deeply felt, as evidenced by their respective fanbases’ need to reconnect with their music during their passing with each making a strong showing […]

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Favorite Studio One Tracks, According To Reggae Connoisseur, WeedMusic

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a list this week from none other than Discogs top Reggae contributor, WeedMusic. Since we’re partnering with Studio One for the reissue of Freddie McKay’s masterpiece album, ‘Picture On The Wall’, WeedMusic were the first I wanted to contact to help out with this celebration and to dig further into Studio […]

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Top 10 Rarest Reggae Record Sales Of All Time

We’re celebrating Studio One’s release of Freddie McKay’s ‘Picture On The Wall: Deluxe Edition’ with the top selling records on the site of all time under the Reggae genre banner. This Top 10 encompasses a few different styles with a lot of emphasis on earlier ones like Rocksteady and Ska. I’m not exactly a reggae expert, so […]

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Tapes Are Still Awful And You Should Continue To Ignore Them

cassette tapes

Science has proven most people have already bailed by now to go leave an angry comment. Go laugh at them for not reading the article. You could be making tapes and selling/gifting/trading them right now. Tapes are so cheap  C30s are about $0.90 each for a 25 pack shipped to your door. If you’re crafty […]

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Discogs’ Top 50 Best Selling Records Of April 2017

Record Store Day. When I pulled the best selling records of April list up, I assumed I was looking at the wrong query or I had got something horrifically wrong. Nope. RSD struck again this April. Fresh vinyl reissues are. Well needed. Stock injections help offset the demand for vinyl that was pressed during the dark […]

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Plunderphonics Producers: How Do You Organize Your Sample Records?

I need to know. The more records I have, the harder it is to get my thoughts together. It’s an issue that’s rooted in both physical organization and how I catalog notes in my collection on the site. This has been an ongoing project for years, longer than me being a member of this website. […]

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