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The Discogs Top 50 Best-Selling Albums – November 2016


November brought on many changes, both on and off of the Discogs marketplace, which has presented some interesting results in this month’s top 50 best-selling albums. The passing of Leonard Cohen spurred a bit of a revival in his music and album sales. We saw another Record Store Day Black Friday sale and its hodge-podge […]

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What? Muhammad Ali Made A Dental Hygiene Record?

Muhammad Ali

This is my 100th post! For this one, I wanted to talk about a record which has been very near and dear to my heart for many years. It was one of the ones that got me started on the path of terrible decisions many years ago. Ali And His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay […]

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My Top 10 Finds Of 2016

Top 10 finds of 2016

2016 blew. It really did. This list isn’t remotely comprehensive. It sort of is, but it’s really hard to pick just ten records that were worth noting. I should really take better notes in the future as well. If anything, making this list helped me realize that I need to keep less than I currently […]

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The Discogs Top 50 – October 2016

Bon Iver

Another fine day in education land. Stability holds in our marketplace for yet another month. The top five is exactly the same as last month, but there’s been some overall shift in the rest. While six entries are new to the Top 50, two of those are completely new. Future dad rock band Bon Iver’s […]

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Radio On Record: Transcription Discs

transcription discs

Before the internet, when radio was ruled supreme, programming came in a variety of formats. Many of you are familiar with standard promotional copies of standard releases. However, transcription discs are a bit deeper, more obscure and are definitely worth investigating. It should come as no surprise that not everything heard on radio was performed at the […]

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The Discogs Forums Are The Lifeblood Of The Community

The Discogs forums are the heart and soul of the Discogs community. You can discuss and learn more about the latest trends in music, which records are selling well (or not), get advice on how to list and price certain items for sale on Discogs and find out how best to contribute particularly challenging items to […]

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The Discogs Top 50 – September 2016

Top 50 September King Krimson

The coming of fall brought a whole lot of nothing different. While we see four new entries from Angel Olsen, Ghost, the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album and the reissue of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, the majority of the entries here have remained somewhat static in their presence in the charts. There is […]

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It Isn’t Vacation It’s A Test Of Skill (Part Two)

It Isn’t Vacation It’s A Test Of Skill (Part Two)

Sunday began early about five or six in the morning. Due to the events of the night before, my hearing became limited to the point of only hearing a narrow band of frequencies. I can’t even describe it. I was as scared and hungover. It was disorienting to say the least. Before I knew it […]

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The Discogs Top 50 – August 2016

Discogs Top 50 August 2016

August seems to mark the least diverse month in the Top 50 so far. We have a total of ten brand new contenders on the list. The top four are exactly the same as were were last month. The “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack is back. Things could be better. I predict that “Since I Left […]

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I Thought I Was Cool – A Contributor On Vacation

Writing is hard and I am a dork. Vacations are hard too. I’m not good at them. I spent my vacation time doing a lot of heavy lifting and sleeping on couches. I don’t think this is what normal people do. Should I be on some tropical beach somewhere drinking some kind of fruity drink with a […]

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