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Recent Releases – on each artist page

We just added a new feature that lets you see the latest releases from each artist. On any artist page, click “Recent Releases” on the upper right. For example: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Autechre/recent This page has options to control whether you want view Self-Released albums or All Releases (remixes, compilations, etc) as well as including that artist’s aliases […]

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New Discogs Home Page

We released an updated version of the Discogs home page today. The new and improved page now displays: – New Releases– Recently Added Videos– Latest Music Reviews– Recently Added Lists– Latest Additions to Discogs– Recent Edits An additional new feature is the ability to filter the page by genre. We hope you like the new […]

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Discogs Top 100 – Most Wanted Records

These lists are of the top 100 most wanted records on Discogs. We decided to compile the most wanted in two ways: The first, grouped by master releases. A master release consists of two or more versions of a release. The second, grouped by releases that do not belong to a master release. Top 100 […]

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New Database Feature – Barcodes And Other Identifiers

We have just turned on a new feature for the database, there is now specific fields for barcodes, matrix numbers, ASINs, and any other identifying code or number on the release: This should enhance the accuracy of the data, make it easier to find specific versions of a release, and make the data more useful […]

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Upcoming: Brief network outage

Greets, our ISP has notified us that they will be performing network upgrades on Dec 2, 2009. And we may experience up to 15 minutes of downtime between 12:05am and 2:00am PST. If you’re on GMT OR UTC that’s Dec 2, 2009 between 8:05am and 10:00am.

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New Inbox Message Expiration Policy

Beginning Dec 1st, 2009, system-generated messages in your Discogs Inbox will automatically expire after 60 days (they will be permanently removed). System-generated messages include: Messages from Discogs Marketplace order notification messages Notifications from our support system We are making this change to keep our database servers fast. User-to-user messages will stay in the system as […]

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Update to Reviews, including a new Discussion feature

We have updated the ‘Review’ feature on the release, artist, and label pages. It is now called ‘Reviews & Discussion’, so allows you to post comments as well as reviews.You’ll see the ‘Reviews & Discussion’ section at the bottom of any release, artist, or label page. Click the ‘Post Review or Comment’ button to open […]

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Guideline Updates

We have reached the conclusion of the planned ‘Guideline Review 2009’. The entire Database Guideline section was reviewed; we did some alterations to the layout and formatting, and incorporated a lot of the planned changes. Many of the changes were minor in nature, clarifying or bringing things into line rather than radical alteration, but the […]

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Site design change, including the new ‘Collection And Wantlist Notes’ feature

We have just turned on the previously announced changes to the website design, and added the new ‘Collection And Wantlist Notes’ feature. We hope you find these changes useful! Here is a run down of what has happened: Overview The big news for many will be the Collection And Wantlist Notes feature. This allows you […]

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Design Change Sneak Preview

Hey, all. We’ve been working on a update to the site design that we’re really excited about and wanted to share with you. Here’s a screenshot of the updated release page: Artist Page: Label Page: These changes will also include a new feature, allowing you to add personal notes on your collection and wantlist. Wantlists […]

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