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Shipping Policies Glossary

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting October 1, 2020. Here’s a glossary of commonly referenced terms to help solidify your understanding of Shipping Policies and everything related to it. Beneath the table, you’ll find further resources and guides for helping you set up your Shipping Policies. Looking for more info […]

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Dublab Brasil’s 10 Favorite Brazilian Albums From the Last Year

dublab brasil studio

In partnership with dublab Brasil, a non-profit online radio station with sister sites around the world, Discogs shining a light on new Brazilian records. The following albums have been chosen by a variety of people associate with the station. Among its collaborators, dublab Brasil has DJs, journalists, record collectors, and artists. We have invited them […]

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Discogs Webinar Series for Sellers: Get Up to Speed On Shipping Policies

Update: Registration for the webinars has been filled. This article has been updated with the most relevant information for attendees, as well as recordings for some of the webinars so everyone can access the information. Please note that some of the times have changed from the original version of this article. Discogs is happy to […]

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Ace Frehley’s Best Songs From His Solo Career

ace frehley artist

As a founding member of KISS, guitarist Ace Frehley holds a big place in the hearts of many rock fans. Beyond his music with that famous quartet, the six-string slinger and singer has built up a respectable body of solo work over the last 42 years. On his second covers album, Origins, Vol. 2, he […]

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10 Best Ozploitation Movie Soundtracks

stuntrock movie poster

We’re taking a journey into the sounds of Ozploitation. Ozploitation refers to the mainly low-budget and direct-to-video films to come out of Australia from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s. The main thing linking these films was the exploitation of aspects of Australian culture and stereotypes to attract viewers, both locally and abroad. This genre […]

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Producer Joe Harley and Engineer Kevin Gray Discuss Blue Note’s Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Series

tone poet series feature

Some of the greatest jazz of the 20th century was recorded in a Hackensack, New Jersey, living room by an optometrist who hated vinyl. Given vinyl is widely considered to be the ideal medium for jazz, that last detail is surprising. “As far as I’m concerned, good riddance. I’m glad to see the LP go,” […]

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Why You Should Listen to D’Angelo’s Voodoo Through Your Headphones

d'angelo voodoo headphone experience

There are several ways to define the headphone experience. Our first installment in this Discogs series of albums that sound great on headphones, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, is the pinnacle of a classic approach — let’s call it “stoner whoa” — where the studio is used to achieve an altered state […]

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Your Introduction to Hawaiian Music

hawaiian music ukulele

I was born into a home filled with the scent of hibiscus and plumeria blossoms, the strains of the steel guitar and the ʻukulele, and songs sung in a language I couldn’t even speak. Sofas and chairs were upholstered with Hawaiian-print fabrics, and those prints were not much different than the ones we wore. Our […]

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I Listened to the Whole Wish You Were Here Album for the First Time

pink floyd wish you were here

I woke up this morning to a burnt orange sky and thoughts of a slow apocalypse. What better time to listen to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here for the first time? This isn’t my Pink Floyd introduction. At seven years old, when I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, my mom sat me […]

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The Strange and Delicious Phenomenon of Cereal Box Records

cereal box records

Growing up, my parents never let us buy any “good” cereals. Of course, the definition of “good” for a kid was anything with sugar listed as one of the first ingredients — preferably number one — listed on the make-up of the breakfast treat. Sadly, our house was regulated to Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and, every […]

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