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The Big, Friendly Sound Of Audio-Technica’s M50xBT

By Jeffrey Lee Puckett Headphones make me nervous. Whenever I wear an over-the-ear model in public, I feel like I’m being followed by a parade of murderous freaks and rabid bears, all of them just waiting until “Running On Empty” ends so they can cut me in half. But maybe that’s just me, because headphones […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For May 2019

Royksopp album, with artwork from Banksy

This could very well mark Banksy’s first appearance in the number one spot of our Top 30. For reference, this appearance isn’t a record recorded or released by the famous street artists. It’s features a cover spray painted by him. Back in 2002, Röyksopp pressed an ultra-limited edition of their double-LP Melody A.M., with just […]

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Important Information About US Sales Tax Changes For Discogs Sellers

Changes to sales tax laws

In June 2018, a US Supreme Court decision ruled that physical presence in a state was no longer required for a state to impose sales tax obligations on retailers. Simply put, if a company does business in a state via an online business, it can be required to collect taxes. With this ruling, Marketplace Facilitator […]

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10 Essential Ambient Albums

As a longtime nerd of electronic music in all of its forms, compiling a list of the ten best ambient albums is true torture. Please know that I feel appropriately ashamed for leaving out all the classics I inevitably must skip here. However, if this list helps those uninitiated down the path of chilled-out enlightenment, […]

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The Biggest Rock Operas Ever, In Light Of The Who’s Tommy Orchestral

Roger Daltrey Releases The Who Tommy Orchestral

The term “rock opera” applies to hundreds of albums. Off hand, you can probably name a handful of records that tell a unified story throughout their runtime. While most popular in the late ’60s and early ’70s, the framework has been used consistently since Simon The Simopath — considered by some as the first rock […]

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Top 100 Des Albums Les Plus Chers Vendus Sur Discogs: France

Most Expensive Records Sold In France

Étant nous-mêmes des collectionneurs, nous n’avons jamais hésité à débourser des sommes conséquentes pour nous procurer des disques rarissimes, des pressages qu’on pensait épuisés, ou autres. Nous étions curieux de voir si nos records personnels de prix pouvaient rivaliser avec ceux des vinyles vendus sur la Marketplace de Discogs depuis 2005. Pour ne pas faire […]

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Label Spotlight: Daupe!

Daupe! records

Daupe! is an independent label from the UK specializing in rare rap releases on vinyl. Since its inception, the label has been highly influential in the world of indie hiphop thanks to the quality, limited runs, presentation, and even the format of releases. Some of the records can fetch a pretty penny on Discogs, and […]

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Discogs’ Top 100 Most Expensive Records: United Kingdom

The Most Expensive Records Sold In The UK

As record collectors, we’ve ponied up for our fair share of in-demand records that were pressed in tragically low numbers. We wanted to see if anything we’ve purchased ranked amongst the most expensive records sold in the Discogs Marketplace since it began way back in 2005. Our criteria included albums that were actually sold and […]

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Top 100 Dischi più costosi venduti su Discogs: Italia

Most Expensive Records Sold In Italy

Essendo noi stessi collezionisti di dischi, abbiamo avuto la nostra buona dose di spese considerevoli, per dischi molto ricercati che sono stati stampati in un numero di copie eccessivamente basso. Eravamo curiosi di vedere se qualche nostro acquisto fosse classificato tra gli articoli più costosi venduti nel Marketplace di Discogs dal momento in cui è […]

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Discogs’ Top 100 Most Expensive Records: United States

Most Expensive Records Sold In The US

Being record collectors ourselves, we’ve paid our fair share of hefty sums for long-sought-after records that were pressed in shamefully low numbers. We were curious to see if anything we’ve purchased ranked amongst the highest-priced items that have sold in the Discogs Marketplace since it launched in 2005. For the sake of maintaining our relationships, […]

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