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S.P.IN. 2019 Halfway Report

We are already halfway through the Discogs September Pledge Initative (S.P.IN.). After 15 days, we are about 40% of the way to the lofty goal of saving 150,000 releases in the Database. You can find the current submission tally, latest submissions, and the top 10 contributors for the month on the 2019 S.P.IN. leaderboard page. […]

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Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes Documentary

Blue Note has always been more than a record label. For 80 years it has been an ideal made reality and, at its peak, the incendiary center of the jazz universe. Sophie Huber’s new documentary, “Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes,” is a sharply-drawn distillation of the label’s impact and importance as it celebrates its […]

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A Crate Digger’s Guide To Edinburgh Record Shops

The Scottish capital is simply stunning, from medieval lanes to mountainous surrounds shadowed by the beautiful Edinburgh Castle. Beneath Edinburgh’s historically drenched touristic wow-factor lies a diggers treasure trove, with a plethora of record shops scattered across the city that will keep all types of collectors busy. Last week we went on an Irn-Bru powered […]

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In Conversation With Danny Krivit

Danny Krivit

Ahead of Danny Krivit’s all vinyl 7-Inch 45 set and mini record fair in Brooklyn on September 12, we sat down with the seminal New York DJ to talk about growing up with Nile Rodgers, the legacy of the Loft and picture cover obsessions. “I’m sorry,” says Danny Krivit laughing as he pulls out box […]

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Help Discogs Preserve Music History

September at Discogs means S.P.IN, the September Pledge INitiative: our annual drive to fill Discogs with Releases not yet in the Database. This year, we are attempting to add 150,000 new Releases to the Database. The Discogs mission is to make the world’s biggest and most comprehensive music database: a site with discographies of all […]

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The New Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Hits The Sweet Spot

The new Pro-Ject T1 series of turntables is the Austrian company’s latest addition to its budget line, which is filled with turntables $500 and below. But the three T1 models are Pro-Ject’s purest expressions of an entry-level product, designed to appeal to vinyl fans who like to keep things cheap and simple. We’re taking a […]

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Seven Tips For New Record Sellers On Discogs

Are you new to Discogs? Perhaps you are thinking about selling some records, CDs or cassettes on the world’s largest physical music marketplace. There are millions of completed orders each year on Discogs from sellers around the world. We’ve reached out to some of the most prolific sellers to learn about how they successfully use […]

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Music Sales in 2019: Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis & Database Highlights

Fall is right around the corner and soon enough, we’ll be popping champagne bottles to celebrate the coming of 2020. As we near the edge of 2019, it is time to reveal the data we’ve been collecting from the Discogs Database and Marketplace for a look at this year’s music sales. Every year, we compare […]

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Mastering & Engineering: Interview with Frederic Stader

While at a record fair in Cologne late last year, we met Frederic Stader, a Mastering and Vinyl Cutting Engineer from Germany who had worked on one of the best selling releases on Discogs in 2017, a reissue of Through The Looking Glass by Midori Takada. After talking to Frederic we were left with a […]

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Top 100 Most Expensive CDs Sold On Discogs

CDs are the second most-purchased and most-submitted format behind vinyl records on Discogs. About 21% of all purchases in 2018 consisted of a CD, whether it be part of a boxset or an individual disc. Total CD sales on Discogs grew by about 20% over 2017 and continue to do so into this year. Similar […]

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