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Record Store Day 2019 Releases To Watch Out For

Record Store Day 2019

With over 400 releases in the US alone, the lineup for Record Store Day 2019 is a bit unwieldy. Many of those releases are bloated box sets or entirely unnecessary major label reissues, but there are still plenty of gems in there. We’ve combed through as many as possible and picked a handful of records […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For February 2019

The Sonics

Who knows what bizarre adventures our Top 30 bring this month? Last time, we were mesmerized by the story behind that Burzum CD that sold for $1,500. Wild, isn’t it? Curiously enough, this month another record by him is the second most expensive item sold in the Discogs Marketplace. Paying $2,247.00 for a 12″ with […]

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Staff Picks: Best Music For A BBQ


Spring has sprung! A white fence under a blue sky full of flowers, a firefighter waving at us from his fire truck, kids crossing a sunny street, a man having a heart attack while he waters his garden, beetles fighting violently on the grass. No wait, that’s not even spring stuff anymore, that’s just a […]

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Discogs Top 100 Most Expensive Records

Being record collectors ourselves, we’ve paid our fair share of hefty sums for long-sought-after records that were pressed in shamefully low numbers. We were curious to see if anything we’ve purchased ranked amongst the highest-priced items that have sold in the Discogs Marketplace since it launched in 2005. In addition to the worldwide top 100, […]

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Updates To The Discogs Marketplace Sales & Transaction Policy

We Have Updated Our Marketplace Sales & Transaction Policy The goal of this update is to set our users up for success by spelling out what is required when placing an order, creating seller terms, and handling order disputes. The updated policy is effective as of today. However, we are allowing Discogs Sellers until the […]

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Discogs iOS App Featured In Europe

You may have seen the news firsthand, but if not we wanted to share. The Discogs iOS app was recently featured in the European iOS app store! We’re so proud that we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the recent updates released by our hard-working iOS developers. New Discogs iOS App Features […]

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Another Milestone For Discogs: 300 Million Releases In Collections!

Ceeeeeeeeelebrate good times, come on! Our apologies for singing this anthem by Kool & The Gang out loud in the middle of the office, but the Discogs Community has reached a new milestone! This time, we’re celebrating that 300 million releases have been added to Discogs collectors’ Collections. This is such a massive collective effort! […]

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Staff Picks: What’s The Most Miserably Sad Album Of All-Time?

Elliott Smith

The post-holiday blues are real and February, the month of love, is just around the corner. If after reading these statements you’re feeling as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as we are, then you’ll probably enjoy these staff picks. This time, we asked our staff to think about the saddest album ever. Be careful while checking this list because the […]

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New Rules (For Third-Party Distributors And Shippers) on Discogs

As of today, there will be some changes to our Sales & Transaction Policy regarding third-party distributors and shippers. As Discogs grows, the complexity of our Marketplace grows as well. These new rules will help us to guarantee the accuracy of the listings and avoid disappointment from the buyers. Before we run you through these […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For November 2018

It’s happening again! Just one year ago, we shared the news that a copy of Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen went for the outrageous amount of $14,690. At the time, it set a record for the most expensive single ever sold on Discogs. Fast forward to November 2018 and here we are with another […]

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