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10 Of The Most Popular Muscle Shoals Records From FAME Studios

By Morgan Enos Back in a tumultuous time in American history, a tiny Southern recording studio became a bastion of harmony. FAME Studios, aka “Florence Alabama Music Enterprises,” is still that unique space, from which disparate genres — soul, blues, country, R&B, and rock — have always shared a common thread. Founded in 1959 by […]

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Lifelong Janis Joplin Fan Gets Not-So-Cheap Thrills While Working On Reissue

By Mike Duquette Scott Merrell smiles as he reads the worn letter, sent to him at the age of 10 or 11, not long after he fell in love with the music of Big Brother and The Holding Company and their frontwoman, Janis Joplin. But the note, typed on CBS Records’ formal letterhead, doesn’t quite […]

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Believe In Mavis Staples

mavis staples self titled album for sale

By Andrew Winistorfer This article originally appeared in the Vinyl Me, Please magazine. For its December record of the month, VMP is reissuing Mavis Staples’ self-titled solo debut. You can sign up now. Here are brand-new digital notes for the record: There’s a moment, 2 minutes and 25 seconds into Mavis Staples’ version of Hal […]

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The Best Records of 2008

Best Records of 2008

Sure, 2008 was just 10 years ago, but it feels like another era entirely. Millennials were just emerging as a soon-to-be-maligned cohort. The Obama campaign — and eventual election — had a large chunk of the country hopeful of the future. The subprime crisis and recession had yet to hit in full force. Oh yeah, […]

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Remember My Name: A Guide To David Crosby

David Crosby

By Morgan Enos Last month, David Crosby released Here If You Listen, a collaborative new solo album with Becca Stevens, Michelle Phillips and Michael League. It will mark his fourth album in five years — an outrageous pace of activity, especially from a prestige artist who hadn’t previously put out much under his own name. The […]

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Five Of 2018’s Best Box Sets, All Ready For Your Wantlist

The holiday season is around the corner. You know what that means: It’s time to put up with Aunt Carol at dinner, hear Little Drummer Boy roughly five million times, read about Starbucks cups on Facebook (ugh, Aunt Carol!), and deal with all your friends’ ironic ugly sweaters. Most importantly though, it means stuffing your […]

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Most Expensive Items Sold in the Discogs Marketplace for February 2013

The most expensive item sold in February ($1,218) was a rare version of Led Zeppelin‘s fourth album with stickers applied post-release to cover up an Executive Producer credit given to Peter Grant. According to the Rare Record Collector blog, the stickers were added after Jimmy Page was (allegedly) furious over the presence of the aforementioned […]

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Most Expensive Items Sold in Discogs Marketplace for January 2013

We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 most expensive items sold in the Discogs Marketplace for January 2013. The most expensive item sold in January ($2,625) was a 4 CD set of Bob Dylan outtakes, recorded in 1962 & 1963, released as The 50th Anniversary Collection. Asked about the Bob Dylan release, a Sony […]

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Most Expensive Items Sold in Discogs Marketplace for December 2012

We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 most expensive items sold in the Discogs Marketplace for December 2012. The most expensive item sold this month was a Jazz record called Shades Of Blue by The Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet, which sold for $2,647. View the full list here.

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Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for November 2012

The most expensive item sold in November 2012 was Modern Art Trio by Modern Art Trio, released on Vinyl by Vedette Records, which sold for $1072.00. The previous high for this release was $1090.60. As of 1/3/13 this release has sold for $1090.60 on average with a median selling price of $1090.60. The lowest this […]

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