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What Is a Master Tape, Anyway? Acoustic Sounds’ Chad Kassem Explains

master tape explained

You’ve probably noticed this phrase on releases by artists from the Crickets to the Beatles, from Sonny Red to Grant Green: “From the original master tapes.” Which sounds enticing, right? As a selling point, this telegraphs that the contents are organic, authentic, and analog. But this begs a simple question to which a surprising few […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Discogs

discogs online shopping

Selling records on Discogs may seem like a daunting task to a newcomer, but you can be well on your way after properly setting up your account and listings. Here are essential tips to keep your first few customers happy and coming back for more. Find the Correct Release If there’s a singular point of […]

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Dispelling Common Myths About Discogs Shipping Policies

shipping policies world map discogs

Shipping Policies bring a great deal more transparency to shopping on Discogs. Many buyers report that they don’t even look at listings without a shipping cost included. These days, it’s uncommon to place an order online without knowing the full cost of the order (including shipping and packaging material costs). While having shipping rates entered […]

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Thank You for 20 Years of Discogs

discogs 20th birthday feature

Discogs turned 20 years old on November 1, 2020. We’re looking back on two decades of music fandom. Thank you to all of the Discogs users for making this site what it is today. Thank You “On November 1, Discogs turns 20 years old. I started this as a hobby project to let people edit […]

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The Most-Collected Albums Featuring Hans Zimmer

hans zimmer soundtrack albums feature

Has there ever been a rock star of the film score world like Hans Zimmer? The German composer and producer crafted some of the most beloved soundtracks in Hollywood history. He’s got four Grammys, an Oscar (and 10 other nominations), a Stephen Hawking Medal, and a lifetime achievement award from the National Board of Review. […]

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Shipping Policies Video Tutorials for Sellers

Discogs shipping policies encourage higher sales and decreased cancelled orders

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers starting November 1, 2020. In an effort to give further guidance to setting up your Shipping Policies, we’ve put together a small series of short, concise video tutorials to help you through the process of setting up your Shipping Policies. Below you’ll find a quick guide to creating […]

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Common Mistakes in Shipping Policies and How to Fix Them

computer working woman

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers starting November 1, 2020. We understand the desire to get your Shipping Policies set up and all those green checkmarks applied quickly, but it’s worth taking a bit of extra time to make sure you’ve entered your shipping rates correctly. Typos and incorrect set-ups can be costly. We’re […]

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Why You Should Listen to Bob Marley’s Exodus Through Your Headphones


If you don’t like Bob Marley, there’s something wrong with you deep down inside, maybe some sort of cantankerous crankiness. You should have that looked at. Meanwhile, we’re going to listen to Exodus by Bob Marley and the Wailers for the final installment of our series of stories about albums that sound great on headphones. […]

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Pylon Is Your Favorite Band That You’ve Never Heard

pylon band feature

It probably used to happen in every generation, when you were first getting into music culture — before Dr. Google could instantly have any and all information you wanted at your fingertips and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora were “suggesting” bands that you might be into. You thought that your favorite band or artist […]

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Mort Garson’s New Reissues Show Off the Range of His Synth Legacy

mort garson patch cables

Sitting in Day Darmet’s living room is a pair of cherished keepsakes: the batons that her father, composer and musician Mort Garson, once wielded during his days as an arranger and conductor for recordings by pop artists like Doris Day, Liza Minnelli, and Rod McKuen. “One of the best times I used to have with […]

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