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Notable Album Anniversaries in February 2020

According to the rules of resale, anything that is older than 20 years but less than 100 years is considered vintage. Who made these rules you ask? We have no clue, but we’re here to follow them. Below are some of the biggest vintage album anniversaries in February 2020, starting with 20 years and working […]

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The Discogs Community Hits A New Milestone: 12 Million Releases In The Database!


It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating reaching an impressive 11 million releases in the Discogs Database and here we are again. If we sound excited it’s because we are excited. After Discogs was founded in October 2000, it took 90 months to hit the first million releases in the Database. Nowadays, music in […]

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2019 Year In Review

In a year dominated by news of global worldwide protests, deep political chasms and 30-50 feral hogs, Discogs has seen relatively quiet success that reflects steady growth. We began the year with some big news from 2018, a single by The Sex Pistols became the most expensive 7” ever sold on Discogs. Later that month, […]

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The Highest Rated Releases of 2019

2019 is almost over. There are still a few days left for new albums to emerge, and though it might take a few weeks for all the new music to make its way into people’s collections, we thought it was high time we shared the Discogs Community’s favorite music of the year based on user […]
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Apple Music Is Now Integrated In The Discogs Apps

The day is here! We’re always trying to find ways in which our app can be more user-friendly and serve music fans better. As of today, the Discogs iOS and Android apps integrate Apple Music. Together with the streaming giant, we hope to provide our users with a service that will make your experience in […]

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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of October 2019


Hi everyone, it’s Javi here. My beloved colleague Diognes_The_Fox has authorized me to takeover the intro for this Top 50. But fear not, he’ll be back with all of you next month. I’ll start with the very obvious, Ghost made it into the top position again (and to the #4 spot with the very same […]

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2019 Summer Report & Music Highlights

Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are already missing the lackadaisical summer days of months past. Here at the Portland Discogs office, it feels like winter rolled in a couple of months early. The fall colors peaked weeks ago and leaves can be seen drifting down the dark streets, carried by gusty winds that […]

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Discogs Database Status and 2019 Submission Insights

We are near the end of the 2019 S.P.IN. submission drive. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Don’t forget to check out the total number of submissions, leaderboard, and recent submissions here. You can see the positive impact of S.P.IN. on driving more submissions below. However, there have been fewer submissions in 2019 compared to […]

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S.P.IN. 2019 Halfway Report

We are already halfway through the Discogs September Pledge Initative (S.P.IN.). After 15 days, we are about 40% of the way to the lofty goal of saving 150,000 releases in the Database. You can find the current submission tally, latest submissions, and the top 10 contributors for the month on the 2019 S.P.IN. leaderboard page. […]

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Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes Documentary

Blue Note has always been more than a record label. For 80 years it has been an ideal made reality and, at its peak, the incendiary center of the jazz universe. Sophie Huber’s new documentary, “Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes,” is a sharply-drawn distillation of the label’s impact and importance as it celebrates its […]

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