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Why You Should Listen to Bernard Herrmann’s Taxi Driver Soundtrack Through Your Headphones

headphone experience bernard herrmann taxi driver soundtrack

Bernard Herrmann was not only a genius but a master of precognition. The late composer, most famous for being Alfred Hitchcock’s secret weapon on a slew of cinema’s most deadly film scores, wrote the music for Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver 45 years ago. He turned isolation, paranoia, fear, and violence into compelling music. In other […]

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10 of the Best Deep Cuts by The Eagles

eagles band

There are dozens of quotable lines in The Big Lebowski but none get quoted with the same sense of manic glee as The Dude’s take on the Eagles, or Eagles if you’re into the whole brevity thing. “I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man,” The Dude dramatically complains to a taxi driver seconds before he’s thrown […]

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A Highly Personal Guide to Record Collecting for Beginners

record collecting personal guide

Everybody needs an online destination with nothing but good vibes. For some it might be a site with a repository of cute animal videos, others might gravitate to an archive of vintage photographs that offers a window into what appears to be a saner world. For me, it’s the Reddit group r/vinyl, which consists almost […]

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A Guide to the Modern Music of Indigenous Australia

vinyl record closeup blue pink

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following article contains images and voices of people who have died. The songs of a culture that spans back some 50,000 years or more. The passing on of ancient stories, narratives of modern struggles and protest, the sounds of joy and pain. This is the […]

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How Birmingham Shaped Black Sabbath and Heavy Metal

black sabbath paranoid feature

Right from the outset, Birmingham, England’s own Black Sabbath proved themselves to be a very special musical entity. While various groups had started laying down the foundations for hard rock and metal on both sides of the Atlantic, Sabbath are considered to be the first true heavy metal band, and their self-titled debut from 1970 […]

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100 Reasons We Love Yusef Lateef for His 100th Birthday

yusef lateef 100th birthday

Early in college, the alto saxophonist Darius Jones checked out a VHS of Cannonball Adderley from the library. As he watched the European concert, one of Adderley’s sidemen struck him as peculiar. “He was standing next to this other guy who looked like a professor or something,” Jones tells Discogs. “I had never seen a […]

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A Guide to the Replacements: One More Chance to Get It All Wrong

the replacements artist band

Rock would be no fun without its underdogs. In the 1970s, Badfinger wrote skyscraping hits with the Beatles in their corner until the bottom line caved in from under them. Meanwhile, across three brilliant yet brutally underselling albums, Big Star’s bushy-tailed power-pop hardened into beautiful surrender. Where some saw that band’s downfall as a cautionary […]

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What Do We Overlook About John Lennon on His 80th Birthday? Andy Partridge, Robyn Hitchcock and Simon Hilton Weigh In

john lennon through the years

John Lennon has been gone for nearly 40 years, and arguably, everybody on the planet has thought of him at least once. These days, Andy Partridge, who led the Beatles-warped rock band XTC, thinks of him regularly, but not in the way you’d expect. Thanks to Lennon’s nonsensical poems, the Beatle has burrowed into his […]

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Why You Should Listen to Robert Fripp’s Exposure Through Your Headphones

headphone experience robert fripp exposure

For many years, Robert Fripp has served as an introduction to rock’s more avant-garde side of the street. Back in the day, his work with King Crimson represented something decidedly more odd than a lot of other progressive rock that had leaked into the mainstream. I grew up listening to an older brother’s King Crimson […]

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Led Zeppelin III Has the Best Opening Track Ever

led zeppelin iii

When Led Zeppelin’s third album was released 50 years ago, it was greeted with a combination of enthusiasm and bewilderment. Why had the stacks of face-melting Marshalls been traded for a 12-string acoustic? Bandleader Jimmy Page was so infuriated by reviews of his folksy left turn that he refused to talk to the press for […]

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