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How Quentin Tarantino Thinks About Music And Film

The day after his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiere, I spoke with Quentin Tarantino about his record collection, mixtapes, and his carefully-constructed and extremely fun soundtrack for OUATIH. But guess what? There’s more. A whole lot more. In part two of this conversation, Tarantino thinks out loud about music, film, and the intersection […]

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Quentin Tarantino Is As Proud Of His Soundtracks As He Is Of His Films

My phone rang the evening after the Los Angeles premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Tarantino himself was calling to talk about his latest album: a very special approach to the film’s soundtrack. But first, some context: Tarantino’s latest film is an ode to Los Angeles in 1969, when […]

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Timeless Tracks Of 1985: Feeling Those Stranger Things 3 Vibes

Stranger Things 3 Soundtrack

Once upon a time, going back to 1985 required a souped-up DeLorean and a bolt of lightning. This month, all you have to do is queue up the third season of Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning Stranger Things. This time, it’s summer in Hawkins, and the band of plucky kids from the series are dealing with more […]

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Crate Diggers NYC Profile: Panagiotis Boutsikakis

Panagiotis Boutsikakis at Crate Diggers NYC

On Saturday, July 27 Crate Diggers touches down in New York City at the PlayStation Theater. In the build up to the event, we’ll be speaking to some of the sellers you can find there – starting with Panagiotis Boutsikakis of Motion FM. How long have you lived in New York? I’ve been here for […]

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Totem Acoustic’s KIN Play Powered Speakers Present Big Sound And Value

Totem Acoustic KIN Play speaker

Sometimes I like to amuse myself — and I use that term lightly — by imagining various scenarios in which I find myself stuffed into a small living space, maybe a two-room apartment or tiny house, living like a recluse. Perhaps the economy has collapsed or everyone has abandoned me for having unpopular opinions, but […]

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New AT-LP120XUSB Has More Going For It Than Extra Letters

For a decade, the Audio-Technica LP120 has been among the world’s most popular entry-level turntables, enticing freshly-addicted vinyl users with its classic looks and appealing features. But it has been put to sleep — mercifully, some cranks would argue — and replaced by the AT-LP120XUSB. The new model is meant to be strictly for home […]

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Experience Unlimited Freed Themselves

Free Yourself by Experience Unlimited is the Record Of The Month at Vinyl Me, Please for a few more days. Get it now! Magical, mystical, Afrocentric, progressive — words that could be used to describe any number of musical compositions by Sun Ra or his cosmic brothers and sisters, from John to Alice Coltrane, early […]

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The Most Epic Marvel Music Moments

Fanboys and girls worldwide lost their minds as Avengers: Endgame arrived in theaters, wrapping up the most ambitious, sprawling, and successful storyline in movie history. That bastard Thanos was taken down, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe was changed forever. Over the course of the 22 movies that comprise the MCU, there has consistently been expert, […]

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We Gifted A Personalized Record. Here’s What We Learned

When a colleague leaves the company to pursue his vocation after so many years, you wish him the best on his new path. However, the bittersweet after-taste of knowing he won’t be there anymore to share new moments remains with you for a while. Mark left us a few weeks ago and we wanted to […]

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