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A Quick Guide to the Discogs App’s Latest Update

discogs app sign in screen

The latest version of our app is available for both iOS and Android! Download or update now to enjoy the upgraded service and functionality of Discogs on the go. The new features an improved log-in process and an added level of security. iOS: Version 2.4.2 Android: Version 2.19 What exactly is new? Smoother Login Process […]

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Clearer Shipping Rates Make for Better Shopping on Discogs

shipping policies world map discogs

No one loves an unexpected cost, least of all when you’re excited about clicking “Add to Cart” on a record you can’t live without only to be hit with an unforeseen shipping fee. That’s why we’re making shipping rates much more visible and accessible in the Discogs Marketplace. Now you can easily see all the […]

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The Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold in the Discogs Marketplace for April 2020

Running through the Top 30 list of the most expensive sold on Discogs this month, everything looks in order. We’ve got regulars like The Beatles, Burzum, Pink Floyd — wait a second. Where is the iconic prism cover from The Dark Side Of The Moon? What we are seeing at No. 25 instead is a simple, monochromatic […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Shipping Policies (With Video)

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the benefits of having your Shipping Policies correctly set up. One of the best things about Shipping Policies is the convenience and time you’ll save on adding shipping prices to every order. One seller we spoke to was delighted to wake up to find orders having […]

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Database Review: Which Countries And Formats Are Dominating Discogs In 2020

So far, 2020, while a bummer in many regards, is shaping up pretty well when it comes to the archiving of music releases. As we’ve shared previously, submissions are up significantly on previous years, as well as edits, images added, YouTube clips added, and general improvements to the database by the diligent community of contributors.  […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace for March 2020


Our most expensive record of March had me baffled at first glance. A colored vinyl reissue of an album released within the past decade, by one of the biggest artists the world has ever seen. That copy sold in March went for $5K. Prices are now at around $20,000. So what makes this David Bowie […]

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The Key To Music Discovery Is Discogs Collections & Filters

Ever wanted to know what the most popular Hip Hop Soundtracks on CD from 1998 are? Or the most beloved Alternative Rock records out of the US in the 2000s? We can tell you these, and as many other hair-splittingly detailed variations you wish. Or I could show you. It’s easier than you might think […]

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How To Put Your Discogs Collection To Work For You

Nothing’s quite as satisfying as adding your new music purchase to your Collection on Discogs. Sure, that’s just, like my opinion, man, but considering y’all have done it over 400,000,000 times, I’m pretty confident stating it as a fact. If you’re stopping after adding releases to your Collection, you’re missing half of all the good […]

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New Release Submissions Drop Following Supply Chain Disruptions

So far the 2000s edition of the roaring 20s has been anything but. The effects of the pandemic have been wide-reaching, touching nearly everything you can think of. The music world is no exception. For the past few years, the Discogs Database has indicated a steady increase in the volume of new releases put out […]

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Shipping Policy Improvements To Save You Time On Set Up & Maintenance

Shipping Policies are now applied to all orders, including those auto-generated through actions like merging orders, and accepting offers.  If you’ve already got your shipping policies locked in (too soon?) and airtight, you may have noticed that some orders pose exceptions. Up until now, orders generated through a merge and offers accepted required shipping to […]

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