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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace for January 2020


Alright, quick show of hands whose answer to the January Blues is buying records? We can’t find fault with that, and I’m willing to bet moods were buoyed with January’s record finds. Classical music isn’t typically a big seller on Discogs – there are under a million classical releases in the Discogs Database (of over […]

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Crate Minds: Records Of Interest With Mirko Rotzsch At Inter Records

Crate Minds showcases some of the best sellers on Discogs. Here you’ll get to meet the people behind the crates (virtual and otherwise), insight into the life of a record seller on Discogs, how they got here, and learn tips on selling records from the best in the biz. To many of us, 2002 is […]

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Is It Safe To Buy Records Shipping From Regions Affected By The Coronavirus?

This post was updated on March 17 2020 to reflect the impact of the coronavirus extending well beyond China.  With so much still unknown about the new coronavirus, the question of whether it’s safe to order from and accept packages from affected regions is a perfectly valid one. Several reputable and trustworthy healthcare officials have issued […]

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Sellers, Don’t Miss Any Sales. Relist Your Reverb LP Inventory on Discogs

Reverb recently announced they’ll be shutting down Reverb LP at the end of February to focus on other priorities. Reverb LP has been a great addition to the vinyl collector community, and we were happy to partner with them to provide access to the Discogs database for source images and release metadata to enrich the […]

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Christmas Music Is Over (If You Want It)

It hasn’t been long enough since last Christmas to be ready to hear ‘Last Christmas‘ again.  Search the keyword ‘Christmas’ on Discogs and you’ll get over 100,000 results. Granted, that includes artists (it’s not their fault it’s their last name) and bands (that is their fault). Even when you narrow down those results to just […]

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Murder, Abduction, The Devil Himself: Twisted Tales From The Music World

With all the greats, myths sprout and grow around them, often becoming so entwined with the truth that the line between fact and fiction starts to blur. Some of these stories are so compelling and have become so pervasive they’re inseparable from the musicians themselves. Below you’ll find a good mix of you-couldn’t-make-this-shit-up stories, a […]

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Where Poetry and Music Meet: Songs Inspired By Poetry

It’s hard to deny the huge influence that poetry has on songwriting. In 2016, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Patti Smith has come to be known as the “punk poet laureate”. Performance poet, John Cooper Clarke was buoyed by […]

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Music Magazines Are Our Portal To The Past

Why read an album review when you can stream it on release day and make up your own mind? Why read an interview in a magazine when you can @ pretty much anyone and ask them anything — or just scroll through their Twitter feed? Why seek out a gig guide when you can click […]

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How Music Films & Biopics Are Affecting Music Sales

Music films seem inescapable at the moment. Granted, as a music fan, I deliberately put them in my line of vision, many of these films are geared towards fans and non-fans of the artist alike, or even of that particular music genre. Record execs are likely taking note of the incredible achievement of Queen biopic, […]

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The Best Books To Get Hooked On Music & Gig Posters

Thumbing through these books on gig posters requires restraint; you’ll probably want to tear out the pages to adorn your walls. These books on gig posters put together by historians, collectors, printers, and ardent fans are a celebration of music, art and physical media, as well as community and sense of collaboration, both in terms […]

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