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Why Do Music Books Matter, And What Do They Have To Do With Discogs?

Submit music books to the Bookogs database

Music is an experience. It’s a vehicle to another dimension. It pokes and pulls at you right in the feelings. Why would you read about music, when you can listen to it? In his 33⅓ book on Big Star’s Radio City, Bruce Eaton posits that the scarcity of information surrounding the band actually helped him […]

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Discogs Integrates More Music Data, Including Music Books, Posters and Films

Music lovers don’t just listen to the music — we live it. We obsessively read about it, absorb facts about it in documentaries, watch all the biopics (even the ones that suck), plaster our walls with posters of our favorite bands. Why not have all that stuff we love about music collected all in one […]

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Fictional Bands From Movies That Are Better Than Your Favorite Band

Best Bands From Movies

It’s a bold move, crafting a fictional band for a movie. You’re no longer bringing just characters and a plot to life, but also the unique dynamic of a band. And on top of that you’ve got to make music that isn’t terrible! Many have a hard enough time achieving just one of these things, […]

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My Kingdom For A Song: Shakespeare Goes Pop

As the UK is celebrating one of their most famous exports in March, we thought it was time to take a closer look at the pervasive influence of the Bard on popular music. There’s no shortage of references – from lines lifted directly from plays and sonnets, to plotlines reworked and updated for a modern […]

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Where Poetry and Music Meet: Songs Inspired By Poetry

It’s hard to deny the huge influence that poetry has on songwriting. In 2016, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Patti Smith has come to be known as the “punk poet laureate”. Performance poet, John Cooper Clarke was buoyed by […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day: Top 10 Best Selling Female Artists on Discogs

Celebrating International Women's Day with Patti Smith's album, Horses

In celebration of International Woman’s Day, we decided to do a top 10 list of most collected records from solo female musicians. Digging through the most collected records on Discogs looking for female artists is quite a depressing exercise. With the exception of Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac and Nico with The Velvet […]

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Worried About Disc Rot? Here’s How To Look After Your CDs

close up CD

Disc rot affects CDs, DVDs or LaserDiscs in different ways depending on how they’re manufactured and structured. Generally speaking, disc rot occurs due to chemical reactions with the reflective layer of the disc, ultraviolet light damage, scratches that expose the delicate and corrosive layer to environmental factors, or the deterioration of manufacturing materials. CDs are […]

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The Most Collected & Most Wanted Collectibles of 2018

Remember the start of 2018? So bright and full of optimism. We were going to start exercising, call our mothers more, maybe not blow our whole paycheck on records (ahem). Well, not all of those happened. But to be fair, have your tried running? It’s terrible. We’ll stick with building databases. New on the ‘Ogs […]

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Most Wanted & Collected Film Releases of 2018 & Database Trends

Filmogs is our second biggest database with about 28,000 films, and 34,000 film releases on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, LaserDisc, UMD, VCD, and more. We started the year with just under 17,000, and we’ll be finishing strong at around 34,000, so 100% growth in the database. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or made edits […]

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Most Wanted & Collected Books of 2018 & Database Trends

Bookogs is still our biggest database, at just under 75,000 books cataloged. We started out the year at just over 39,000 and were hoping to double in 2018. We didn’t quite make it, but (at time of publishing) we’re fairly close at 73,456 – and there’s still a bit of time to get those numbers […]

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