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Most Wanted & Collected Posters of 2018, & Database Trends

Posterogs is our newest, but fast growing database with over 500% growth in 2018. Turns out people who are into physical music formats are also pretty keen on gig posters. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or made edits to Posterogs. We appreciate you making 2018 a great year for the Bookogs database. What’s […]

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Gearogs Database Trends, Most Wanted & Most Collected Gear of 2018

Gearogs blog header with Roland TR-909

Gearogs database grew about 12% over the past year. That doesn’t seem like much when comparing to Bookogs or Comicogs, but considering there’s a hell of a lot less items of audio gear than there are books and comics, it’s still pretty good. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or made edits to Gearogs. […]

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Raw Power in Raw Data: Linking Music Data Across Our Databases

Iggy Pop on the Raw Power album cover looking at data samples

One of the coolest and most unique things about Discogs is the sheer volume and power of music data that’s been diligently contributed by the community. Over the years, Discogs has become the place you go to find every physical release from pretty much every band and artist and all the data associated with those releases.  […]

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Where To Find Gig Posters Since GigPosters.com Disappeared

collage of gig posters and album promo posters

Gigposters.com was once a much loved site for music and gig poster fans all over the world. At its peak, its database was home to over 160,000 gig posters, and humming forums where you could interact directly with talented and well-known poster artists. Sadly, around 2016, mods deemed the site unsustainable due to hacker attacks […]

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Belt-Drive Or Direct-Drive Turntables: Which Is Better?

Pro-ject Elemental belt-drive turntable

The age old question that’s stumped philosophers, thinkers, and audiophiles for many a generation. Belt-drive or direct-drive turntables – which is better? Friends, I don’t have all the answers, but what I do have is the facts to empower you to make up your own mind. Belt-drive or direct-drive refers to the motor that powers […]

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The Best Halloween Records: Staff Picks

The Best Halloween records: Ghostbusters Original Soundtrack Album

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with a big party this year or just haunting your own house, nothing sets the tone like the perfect Halloween record. What makes the perfect Halloween record is a highly subjective and debatable topic. Some prefer spooky scores, others need some menacing lyrics, while some will settle for a few blood-curdling […]

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SPIN On The Sister-Sites: Submission Stats

Filmogs VHS collection

Discogs September Pledge Initiative is an annual submission drive to document and catalog as many music releases throughout month as possible, ultimately pushing towards Discogs goal to catalog every release in the world (you can read more about Discogs’ SPIN results here). This goal also extends to all of Discogs’ newer sister-sites: Bookogs, Gearogs, Comicogs, […]

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Banned Book Week: Revisit These Iconic Banned Books

Famous Banned Book: Brave New World

Banned Books Week was founded by the ALA (American Library Association) in 1982 in response to a sudden surge of challenges against books. It started as a way to highlight and protest book censorship and supporting the freedom to read. Every year, the OIF (Office of Intellectual Freedom) compiles the most challenged books to inform the […]

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Why A Real Collection Is Still Better Than All The Digital Content In The World

Giovanni's Collection

Living in the age of the internet is awesome. We have an endless supply of music, films, articles, ebooks, comic strips – whatever you heart could possibly desire, there it is at the click or tap of a screen. Having everything handed to us on a silver platter is so easy and convenient, but of […]

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Weird Formats: What Is UMD And Why Haven’t You Heard Of It?

Ghost In The Shell promo UMD

Happening upon a something in the database that’s familiar in title, yet foreign in format is still a great source of joy for many of us in the database communities. You get so used dropping the needle on a record, or a DVD into the drive, you kind of forget about the history and stories of […]

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