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The 35 Saddest Albums Of All Time


I recently decided to ask all of my colleagues at Discogs which album they considered the saddest of all-time. We had tapped into the deep music knowledge of Discogs staff in that past for the best music for a BBQ and the best Halloween records, so why not explore sad records too? What surprised and […]

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Press It Again, Sam! 2: 10 More Artists That Need To Be Reissued

Around a month ago I decided to be sneaky as hell and get the Discogs Community to provide us with albums in serious need of a reissue. Guess what… it’s happening again! Muuuuuaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! After publishing the previous blog post, a lot of you flogged the comments sections of our social media accounts and the Discogs […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For September 2019


It is happening again. Yes, the same number 1 as two months ago, but for $2,078 more. And without much use of my psychic powers, I can foresee this happening more times in the future since this item doesn’t seem to stop growing in value. I was looking for emotional shelter in our number 2 […]

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That Dark Box Set Of Desire: 15 Box Sets The Discogs Community Dream About

As a website, Discogs is designed to cover the needs of many different kinds of users. For some of you, just checking the website now and then while looking for information is enough. For others, being able to track your Collection is what makes Discogs a valuable asset. Some of you are Sellers, and a […]

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A Little Throwback To From The Archive 2019


The first thing that comes to mind once you cross the doors of the humongous Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) is that you might need a lifetime to go through all the archive. Thanks to a new edition of From The Archive, we had the opportunity to […]

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10 Rare And Expensive Records Found On The Discogs Marketplace


Discogs serves different purposes for different users. As much as you probably already know this is true, sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the versatile nature of the Discogs Database and Marketplace. Yes, Discogs can be the perfect place to check information about your favorite artists, use it for university research, buy records at […]

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Press It Again, Sam! 15 Albums That Need To Be Reissued


There is one thing he can’t buy… a dinosaur! – Homer Simpson It might be true that the “Simpsons did it first” meme applies to almost every single thing that has happened in the 21st century. In Season 3 of The Simpsons, infamous TV presenter Kent Brockman couldn’t buy a dinosaur with all the money […]

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Ten Influential Bands From Australia

How much do you know about Australia? No need to answer this question if you are Australian, but normally, for the rest of you, the answer tends to land in a strong “not so much”. And you’re not the one to blame. Generally speaking, in all non-English speaking countries, culture coming from English-speaking countries is […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For August 2019


When I think of August, all that comes to mind is slacking off around a swimming pool and eating loads of ice cream. But I haven’t really had an August like that for a million years. And it seems like a lot of you haven’t had one like that either in 2019. August is a […]

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Interview With Jenn D’Eugenio, Founder Of Women In Vinyl

Instagram can be a dreadful and hopeless place oftentimes. Mindlessly scrolling through other people’s holidays, inspirational quotes, and whatever-challenge-is-trending-right-now posts can turn a normal, sane human being into a sociopath. Trust us on that one. But sometimes, somehow, a quick visit to this social network can spark joy in our hearts. This is exactly what […]

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