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What Is Half-Speed Mastering and Why Does It Matter?

bob marley artist feature

One of the more welcome aspects of vinyl’s return to prominence is increased consumer interest in how records are actually made. More than ever, vinyl fans are well-versed about the best pressings of any given album, the finest pressing plants, and even the most trusted engineers. But when a niche product turns into a money-maker, […]

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The Best Beginner Turntables for Any Budget

best beginner turntables header

There are few things more fun than buying a turntable, but if you’re new to vinyl, the purchase can also come with a lot of questions. Unless you’ve had quite a few years of experience under your belt or you obsessively research turntables just for fun, the list of features, terms, and options can seem […]

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Why You Should Listen to Bob Marley’s Exodus Through Your Headphones


If you don’t like Bob Marley, there’s something wrong with you deep down inside, maybe some sort of cantankerous crankiness. You should have that looked at. Meanwhile, we’re going to listen to Exodus by Bob Marley and the Wailers for the final installment of our series of stories about albums that sound great on headphones. […]

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Pylon Is Your Favorite Band That You’ve Never Heard

pylon band feature

It probably used to happen in every generation, when you were first getting into music culture — before Dr. Google could instantly have any and all information you wanted at your fingertips and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora were “suggesting” bands that you might be into. You thought that your favorite band or artist […]

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Why You Should Listen to Bernard Herrmann’s Taxi Driver Soundtrack Through Your Headphones

headphone experience bernard herrmann taxi driver soundtrack

Bernard Herrmann was not only a genius but a master of precognition. The late composer, most famous for being Alfred Hitchcock’s secret weapon on a slew of cinema’s most deadly film scores, wrote the music for Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver 45 years ago. He turned isolation, paranoia, fear, and violence into compelling music. In other […]

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10 of the Best Deep Cuts by The Eagles

eagles band

There are dozens of quotable lines in The Big Lebowski but none get quoted with the same sense of manic glee as The Dude’s take on the Eagles, or Eagles if you’re into the whole brevity thing. “I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man,” The Dude dramatically complains to a taxi driver seconds before he’s thrown […]

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Why You Should Listen to Robert Fripp’s Exposure Through Your Headphones

headphone experience robert fripp exposure

For many years, Robert Fripp has served as an introduction to rock’s more avant-garde side of the street. Back in the day, his work with King Crimson represented something decidedly more odd than a lot of other progressive rock that had leaked into the mainstream. I grew up listening to an older brother’s King Crimson […]

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Led Zeppelin III Has the Best Opening Track Ever

led zeppelin iii

When Led Zeppelin’s third album was released 50 years ago, it was greeted with a combination of enthusiasm and bewilderment. Why had the stacks of face-melting Marshalls been traded for a 12-string acoustic? Bandleader Jimmy Page was so infuriated by reviews of his folksy left turn that he refused to talk to the press for […]

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Why You Should Listen to FKA Twigs’ LP1 Through Your Headphones

fka twigs lp1 headphone experience

View LP1 on Discogs FKA Twigs arrived with a quiet jolt in 2012 with a self-released EP that didn’t sound quite like anything else. Her fusion of electronic music, R&B, choral music, trip hop, and avant-garde pop came awfully close to being that rarest of things: a new kind of music. At this point in […]

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The Best Albums of 2010


The year 2010 seems like a wonderful dream that never happened. A pandemic was actually ended, believe it or not. Americans finally could get cheap, decent healthcare with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. HIV was officially declared insignificant as a health risk. And the iPad debuted. Sure, a lot of terrible things also […]

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