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Selection Section: Obscure Releases Picked By Dungen’s Reine Fiske

We’re reaching out to some of our favorite artists and musicians and asking them to share some of their most loved releases for our new series, Selection Section. This time we’re hearing from Reine Fiske of the Swedish psychedelic rock band, Dungen. Since forming in the early 00s, Dungen have produced an impressive 9 album-strong back catalog. In between […]

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Wrapped Up Like a Douche: Funny Misheard Lyrics

Misheard lyrics, or mondegreens (yes, there’s an actual word for them), are the source of much hilarity and embarrassment – depending on whether you’re the one who overhears or delivers the jumbled verse. We recently asked our Facebook followers for the best mistaken lyrics they’ve overheard. The response did not disappoint. There were the old favourites: […]

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Staff Picks: Most Anticipated New Albums of 2017

Group photo of disco band, Chic

2016 is done and dusted, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. If January is any indication, 2017 is going to be just as mental. New albums to the rescue! 2017 is set to be another great year for new album releases, with plenty of old favorites coming back into the fold. Who even cares if the […]

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Cassette Sales Continue to Grow… How?!

stack of second-hand cassette tapes

Could it be time to dust off your old tape deck? If these are words you thought you’d never hear, you’re not alone. But trends in cassette sales seem to be on the upswing. A recently published Nielsen music study showed that cassette sales were up 74% in 2016 compared to the previous year, with […]

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Forget Lathe; These Students Just Produced Their Own Laser Cut Record

grooves in acrylic laser cut record

If you’re into a bit of DIY music production, you might have tried lathe cutting, but have you thought about a 3D printed or laser cut record? A couple of interaction design students in Norway have done just that as part of their final project for a course on digital fabrication, technologies and processes. Ole-Birger Neergård […]

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