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Brooklyn Record Store, The Mixtape Shop Is Reviving The Neighborhood

I visited New York last week for the first time in 3 years and was lucky enough to spend some time in the newly-opened Brooklyn record store The Mixtape Shop. Whilst I was there, we hosted a Discogs meet-up where I was able to meet some users, play some records and talk to our community. […]

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Discovering More Melbourne Record Stores: Vinyl Space

Melbourne Record Stores: Vinyl Space

While I was browsing the internet today, I read that in Australia this year, for Christmas gift sales, vinyl is becoming a more popular choice for gifts. Some good news for the old and new record stores in Melbourne! Merry Christmas to the lucky people that get vinyl for Christmas this year!! Carrying on from our blog […]

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Discovering New Record Stores In Melbourne

Record Stores in Melbourne

Growing up in Melbourne, I was very familiar with the local record stores, all which I used to visit and they helped me discover a lot of new music. Considering this, it was a little surprising when I recently visited my home city for the first time in a few years to discover so many new record stores! Definitely […]

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On Demand Vinyl: Qrates


The long lead time for vinyl pressing, due to the number of pressing plants vs. the demand for vinyl, is something we’ve been hearing more and more about from labels and others involved in the music industry. We’ve also been hearing about the cost/risk involved to press vinyl and get it distributed. These are a few of […]

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Festivales De Música Españoles (Spanish Music Festivals)

Music Festival

We may be half-way through summer, and Spain has already had some amazingly successful 2016 summer festivals like Bilbao BBK, Sonar & Primavera Sound, but there are plenty more to come. Today we’re bringing you a list of 7 Spanish music festivals that are coming up over the next few months: a great way to […]

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Record Shops In Barcelona – Vinil Vintage & 10000 Records

Record Shopping In Barcelona

This week in our Barcelona record store blog post, we have decided to bring you two stores – because they are related, literally related by blood… Two brothers, two stores in Barcelona: Vinil Vintage & 10000 Records. 10000 Records was opened in 2010 in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni by Rubén Franch and 3 years […]

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Record Shops In Barcelona – Subwax Bcn

It took us a while to find this record store in the beautiful beachside area La Barceloneta, but once we found it, we were very happy with what we had discovered! Subwax Bcn is our next store on the list for featured record shops in Barcelona. Subwax Bcn is unique compared to the other record stores we visited […]

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Record Shops in Barcelona – BCStore

Record Shops in Barcelona – BCStore

Our third record store blog post from Barcelona and one of my personal favourites, BCStore; the indie rock and hardcore punk store and music label. Growing up I passed through a few different music phases, in particular the hardcore punk and indie music, so, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to step foot into […]

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Record Shops in Barcelona – Wah Wah Discos

Wah Wah

Time for another record store feature. This time we’re digging deep into our time at Wah Wah Discos. A favourite store visit of ours from our recent Discogs visit to Barcelona. Prior to my visit to Barcelona, I put the feelers out to a few friends and locals who had previously had the pleasure of a […]

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Record Shops in Barcelona – Discos Paradiso

Discos Paradiso

Recently, we visited Barcelona, Spain and attended the FiraDisc Record Fair. We also visited some of the local record shops to talk to the people working there, take photos and of course do some digging. We have decided to turn it into a series of blog posts. The first shop we would like to feature from Barcelona […]

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